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The Town of Light March 12 1938, RenГ©e, 16, was ripped out of her world, her only fault was that of not knowing her place in the world.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1314
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer

The Town of Light reviews ( 7 )

Wolf123, Feb 27, 2016

Had some friends recommend this to me. Bought it today and after a few hours totally amazed by what I see. Really worth checking out and worth it's price.

vudi41, Feb 27, 2016

Really an amazing game! I've just finished playing with my girlfriend and it was so emotional and heart-breaking. A dark and adult story, where the humanity and kindess of the main character shines trough the walls of the asylum. Beautiful atmosphere and stunning visuals. I recommend you to play it if you're into narrative and explorative game, really one of a kind!

Lahariel, Feb 29, 2016

A really emotional and powerful story, you will not regret the time spent on this dark and "terrible" journey into Volterra's asylum. I recommend to start and finish the game in one play-through.

Soshians, Oct 31, 2017

As a psychiatrist can i just say, that was one of the best psychiatric games I've played so far. The diagnoses and treatments look very real and the approach looks very coherent. Atmosphere I found very appropriate and impressive. A sad story, a bitter truth. I enjoyed a lot of that.

giannibaudo, Feb 27, 2016

You'll live every breathtaking, exciting moment, graphics are very accurate and realistic, the scene is undoubtedly set in a real asylum.. Money well spent, i recommend playing it.

Krzych, Dec 27, 2016

Very emotional, strong and moving story. The overall design is perfectly showing how horrifying the existence of people with such disorders have been back in times, all of this raw and ugly environment... The game does a great job of making you feel how terrible and hopeless it was and makes you feel scared, not by some stupid self-closing doors, pop-ins or other cheap horror things, but by making you think. From technical stand point you can see that the game is very basic in its build and presentation and that this is low budget title, but this not what it is about. Definitely recommended for someone looking for something more in games.

czt, Aug 6, 2017

"Full controller support" is just a lie if dinput controllers ignored. Handling them with unity is indeed possible, see Layers of Fear or Syberia 3 for example.