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The Void Set in the Void a place where mortal's souls go before death - a middle earth of life and death. The player has a chance to survive the Void sparing their soul and even their life- the tool they have to do this is The Colour. The Colour is the only food for the dying souls in The Void, every soul feeds off it and every soul is desperately struggling for every drop they can find, as this is the only means to save their souls and return to mortal life. The player needs to use his wit and fast thinking to determine the colours needed to escape the realms of The Void. [Mamba Games]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1976
Genre Action Adventure, Adventure, General, Survival
Company / Developer
ND Games / Ice-Pick Lodge
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The Void reviews ( 7 )

AnonEMouse, Jan 13, 2010

A great achievement. The learning curve is steep, but once over that, you find a beautifully crafted world filled with epic monsters and innovative gameplay. Color being used as the universal resource is very interesting and forces the player to think in a new way. Attempting to play this like any other survival type game will get you killed. Repeatedly. Once past this however, the true depth of the game shows itself and it's very hard to put down. Buy it from steam when it goes on sale, and give it a chance. You will not be disappointed.

Bigbadwolfen, Dec 25, 2014

This game truly shows a purgatory, both for the main character and for the players. This is a mesmerizing game, a beautiful game, a hard game, an unforgiving game, a philosophical game, a charming game and I said earlier it is the essence of purgatory, there will be moment when you will feel like at heaven's gates and there are moments when you will feel like you are falling towards hell. When I first entered it, I was intrigued, after that I was captivated by it. In the start I failed at it miserably and I was annoyed, but slowly I learned, and the more I learned the more I loved it. This should be considered art, not just a game.

pagon007, Mar 14, 2014

Perfect game! But not everyone will be able to understand it as it is, in its form is more philosophy) sorry, that is not the full version in Steam. I do not advise people who only like shooters and murder

AcheronEHJ, Mar 24, 2014

You'll scratch your head the whole way through this game thinking "WTF", but it is worth the journey. Although there is gameplay, it is really much more of an artistic experience than a goal-oriented game. It boasts a gesture-based skill system, tons of skill unlocks, intense resource management, a dozen or so unique boss battles (which may not be intense gameplay, but are fascinating regardless), and a great deal of surreal, disturbing, and frequently unclad imagery. The endings (there are many to choose from) seem dissapointing and unfinished compared to the fullness of the rest of the game. Don't expect to feel satisfied when you reach one. But the journey getting there is a strange, twisted, and worthwhile roam. Set aside some time and give it a try if you're in the mood for some contemplative enjoyment. Oh, and be warned that you Will be reverting to earlier save files and/or restarting at some point, so just accept that this is par for the course. Although not rushed, the resource management is brutal, and you'll want to come back and try different things out at times just to see what else could have happened. Good luck!

MichaelJ., Jan 31, 2010

While it does have design problems from the lack of information to the player at the beginning. The atmosphere in this game is like no other from the character design of the brothers to the desolate beauty of the levels.

stern, Dec 8, 2013

The concept artist of this game deserves a nobel. Seriously. It's a beautiful game full of immersion and deep thinking. When I first entered Uta's room... God. It's hard to learn, you need to read some guides, but in the end it's an enjoyable experience, very far from what "indie games" pretend to be instead of the overpriced and incomplete sketchs they are. I look foward for other games of this company.

StevenR., Jan 30, 2010

This game had great potential. The graphics were great and the environments you move around in are really interesting. That being said, the game play sucks. I hear a lot of people say, "If you like a challenge, this game is for you." I say, "If an annoying game that you have to play 50 times over from the beginning just to get to the end is what you like, then this game is for you." There is something to be said for a games re-play value if you get something different out of it the times you replay it. This game is not like that. It will take you a few hours just to get used to it. Then you will have to restart because you are a dead end. And then, ten hours into it, when you think you get the hang of it, you'll realize that yet again something went wrong and you have to restart, from the beginning and have to the same things all over again, with the NPCs saying the exact same things over again. It isn't very innovative at all. It's a time / resource management game that has sharp game terminations. You have no physical body in the game, so you have to draw symbols ( "glyphs" ) with your precious recourses ( "Color" ) in order to interact with the world. That is. Nothing too amazing there. As a matter of fact it far too annoying an tedious for what it has to offer.