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The Walking Dead: 400 Days Join five new characters as they struggle to survive in The Walking Dead: 400 Days

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3321
Genre Action, Miscellaneous, Adventure, General, Compilation, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Telltale Games / Telltale Games

The Walking Dead: 400 Days reviews ( 7 )

Swordguy, Jul 3, 2013

An interesting bit of DLC. some of the choices you can make don't necessarily feel like choices at the time. the characters are all nicely fleshed out, and yet again the quality of voice acting and setting are top notch. I'm definitely eager to play Season 2.

markwhitton, Nov 20, 2013

400 Days is a nice little add-on to gear us up for Telltale’s season 2 of The Walking Dead and I’m hoping that the outcomes of this expansion do reflect how we start the next game… Overall though, Telltale has kept the quality super high… In fact I found the characters presented even more interesting than anyone from the original game… So, even though total gameplay is around an hour and a half at the most (which is 10-15 minutes per character story) it’s a simple reminder of how fantastic this game was at telling a story, putting you in control of a situation and making you think how you want to do things! It’s a great deal of fun, I can’t recommend this DLC enough and I’m frankly stoked for future instalments of ‘The Walking Dead’ from Telltale!

bubabub, Jul 3, 2013

I didn't have the same emotions as in the first 5 parts, maybe because I miss Clementine und Lee so much! But this episode is realy good and it comples to make real very,... very hard decisions. I was realy lost in the few moments, what I have to do! This part is not so gourgeus and not so long, but it's deserved to be played! I'm waiting impatiently for the next season!

Jwv, Jan 30, 2014

The Walking Dead: 400 Days was good, but I ask myself why - apart from an obvious economic motive - Telltale Games released this DLC, and it also doesn't seem to be material cut out of the original Season One. If I would rate the chapters, this is my opinion, beginning from the best: Vince, Wyatt, Russel, Bonnie and Shel. If I think about my choices here I can say that they are motivated by the depth of which I felt involved, both in my identification with the characters and impact on the chapter. Bonnie's and Shel's chapter illustrate my point. I rated this chapter relatively low because I didn't really feel connected with the characters because of the lack of character building (compare with Vince's episode). It's cool that Telltale delivers new content, but they try to compensate for the shortness of the chapters by incorporating at least one hard choice in them. At least, that's what they aimed to do. In Bonnie's and Shel's case, there sure were decision that would have had real emotional repercussions (for the player), but the potential strength of these decisions is minimized by the lack of character building and identification (especially in Shel's chapter). So Telltale has to choose between character building (which requires serene scenes) and some action too (to keep some players from getting bored), but I think they should have focused on character building (like with Vince) because the climax of the chapter (the most important part as you wish, and the part by which most of the players will rate the chapter in my opinion) depends upon character building and identification. I don't say the chapters are no good, because Telltale really deserved props for sucking the player in on such short notice, but some change of focus in certain chapter would have made it an overall better product, more worthy of the expensive price tag (now 5 EUR; January 2014). All in all, it would have been better if Telltale deleted 2 chapters and dug more into the other. Another thing now, what's great about these five different points of view is the diversity of situations and character types, something you didn't have in Season One. After finishing, what I also would like is some more insight in how the characters in the end decided to accept or decline a certain proposition, to better see where and how I impacted this. A positive note to end with: it's sweet to see controller support, and it really fits the game better than a mouse.

xZippy, Jul 30, 2013

A very entertaining and well written DLC, but because the stories are so short, you don't find yourself connecting to them like you did when you're playing as Lee Everett. The heavy choices you have to make are still there, but they don't carry as far like the first season. I say it's worth the $5, especially since the choices are planned to carry into Season 2.

fessisbest, Jul 3, 2013

With some cool gameplay elements but no attachment to any of the characters, 400 days just doesn't leave as much of an impact as the first season did. This leaves me optimistic for season 2.

Seryin, Mar 18, 2014

Bought this when it was released but have not had a chance to try it until recently. Now the game just hangs up at a black screen whenever I try to start an episode and it seems this is a common problem that has popped up since 400 days. I played the game with absolutely zero problems before installing 400 days, and now I can't even refresh on the base story so I can play the new season because 400 days broke the game.