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The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 - In Harm's Way Consequences.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3527
Genre General, Action, Adventure, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Telltale Games / Telltale Games
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The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 - In Harm's Way reviews ( 7 )

darkfire1321, May 13, 2014

Its great... a little more graphic in other choices, if you stay to see Bill (Carver) get killed it gets a little graphic. That's not a bad thing though, the world is in hell right now and if you plan to survive you need to make rash decisions and this game owns it. Its my favorite episode and I recommend you get both Season 1 and Season 2 of The Walking Dead.

Enforcer122, May 16, 2014

Another masterful episode by one of the best story tellers in the world, TellTale Games. From the start it had me emotionally involved, hating some, loving others. It also does a tremendous job of adding the characters from the DLC, but the pay off is great, adding yet another layer of depth to an already incredible game. The ending is also very good, leading well in to the next episode. A pleasure to spend time to play through. 10/10.

Frost_, May 14, 2014

wow just wow,im really really shocked with this episode,i liked the previous episodes but not as much as this one.I read some of the twitter comments for this episode but i think they're just exaggerating but after i played it,i was shocked too.this is easily one of the best episode of the walking dead game.

tranxhdr, Jun 4, 2014

Episode 3 is a much improvement over the last one. It seems more gritty and definitely more gory. Although the story for this episode seems a little rushed, it would've been nice for it to drag onto another episode. But the ending was a good lead into the next episode.

justachair, May 15, 2014

After the outstanding episode that was "A House Divided", it was obvious "In Harm's Way" would come a little short. Still, it is another solid episode in the series, although than from the three that had come up till now it is the weakest. It is not only short on meaningful decisions and consequences, but in the shocking moments that make The Walking Dead such a powerful experience. Still, TWD Season 2: Episode 3 "In Harm's Way" is brutal, wicked and just plain badass. The story follows Clementine and her group, now in the hands of Carver and its community. New characters come in, but the most special thing about this episode is how it deals with loyalty. Should you side this character, should you trust this character? The new characters don't have much of a role in Episode 3, but this episodes really questions how much you trust someone. The best part of Episode 3 is definitely the middle-end, where things start to go down south, and Clementine turns into a mercenary (There is no more innocent Clem in this episode, just merciless anti-heroine). "In Harm's Way", unfortunately, fails miserably at trying new gameplay elements. QTE's are starting to get either easy or boring, and the new Stealth mechanics are neither tense nor well-developed. There is almost no way to fail. The Walking Dead repeats the error the first season committed: It gives you way too many chances. The Walking Dead is shaping up. Episode 1 was good. Episode 2 was amazing. Episode 3 was good. As a whole, The Walking Dead is a great game. Let's hope episode 4 comes quick.

ausgebombt85, Aug 20, 2014

This was a better episode than the rest for this season - you have established a plot, but I don't see how it will last much. You had the characters running in circles and moving a story that doesn't seem to find its footing. We know its the apocalypse, we know there's good people and there's crappy people, we know it's a fight for survival, but still... I can't feel like there's no much point to this second season.

Kingofthering, Sep 11, 2014

The third episode of The Walking Dead's Season 2 is the most poorly written entry in the series by a country mile. Without spoiling anything, the episode centres around the group's captivity in Carver's settlement. I use the term very loosely, because they are fed, kept safe, and given a chance to enter back in to the group, and the only indication of Carver's supposed villainy (which we keep hearing about and are meant to believe, but never see) is the killing of a traitor and the savage beating of someone who was planning to destroy the settlement. In short, this episode was written with the intent that we would believe something that is not shown, implied, or satisfactorily demonstrated in any way, and believe it with conviction. Instead, the player is treated to an excruciating hour long cutscene in which they are forced to do things that make no sense, culminating in a remarkably stupid finale. Lousy from a gameplay and writing standpoint, this is easily the worst entry in the series so far.