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The Witcher The Witcher combines spectacular and visually stunning action with deep and intriguing storyline. The game is set in a world created by best-selling Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The world shares many common features with other fantasy lands, but there are also some distinguishing elements setting it apart from others. The game features the player as a "Witcher", a warrior who has been trained to fight since childhood, subjected to mutations and trials that transformed him. He earns his living killing monsters and is a member of a brotherhood founded long ago to protect people from werewolves, the undead, and a host of other beasts. It's an action oriented, visually stunning, easy to use, single player RPG, with a deep and intriguing storyline. [CD Projekt]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 10536
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / CD Projekt Red Studio

The Witcher reviews ( 6 )

MarkO., Jan 29, 2010

One of the most captivating rpgs that I have ever played. Something that I truly appreciate about the game is that it is often difficult to predict future events. This game is not focused entirely on loot, skills (although there's a wide variety), and other distracting (though important, I know) features. The game is all about the story. The developers intentionally put less loot into the game so that the player would not be distracted by superficial materials. The main character, Gerault, instead, grapples with challenging decisions during the course of the game. In most games today, it is a matter of good vs. evil (take Oblivion, Mass Effect, or Dragon Age for example), in which good usually prevails in a concrete, simple fashion. But, here we have a game where the line between good and evil is difficult to draw and define. You really need to analyze the plot to get a sense of Gerault's purpose in the game and whether his actions are good or bad. You might think that the main character is this nice guy that sets out to destory some evil nemesis (sadly the plotline of most games today), but you're really dealing with a much more complicated plot (which makes it interesting of course). Gerault commits wrongdoings like gambling, drinking, adultery, and etc. which shows how he is flawed despite his heroic deeds (he is indeed a tragic figure). I also found the ending very profound and philosophical. Unlike most video games, you'll actually find some insights into the human character. You'll question whether it is right to interfere with nature, and ask whether it's right to live in an ideal world. The quality of the artistry, dialogue, music, and gameplay is also very good. Overall, good game. At least give it a try. It will stick with you, I promise.

Ingvarr, Nov 4, 2007

As I'm fan of Sapkovski I was waiting IT for 5 years. "Witcher" is one of the most atmospheric games I've ever played. Strongly recommended in huge doses with book. P.S. Console owners must cry.

BobP., Dec 25, 2007

Absolutely incredible RPG. Simply the best one I have seen since Darklands. The story is unparalleled, and the freedom is also pretty great. It does have its downsides, such as crashes every few hours and bugs related to the immense freedom you have (unfinishable quests if you do them in certain orders). With a game this complex and ambitious, you can expect that sort of stuff though. Loading times were completely fixed with the newest patch (1.2). The brilliant story and gameplay makes me ignore the bugs and crashes though. Definitely worth it.

JohnK., Dec 20, 2007

A fantastic RPG both for mature gamers more interested in uncovering a teriffic, well-paced story than power leveling and selling loot. Easily the best RPG of 07 and second overall only to Stalker.

DantheMan, Mar 18, 2011

The best true RPG to arrive on the scene since Baldur's Gate II. Not RPG +Action. Not RPG+Strategy. Not RPG + anything else. Just pure RPG. Yes, I concur that the load times are annoying. But if that's the worst you can say about a game take your marbles and go home. In every other respect The Witcher delivers. How good is this game. Let me explain. I play the World of Warcraft. I play it a lot. You could say I'm addicted to it, if you like. The Witcher is the only game that I stopped playing WoW for. Stopped cold. If the industry would come up with more games like this maybe I would come back to playing single player RPGs entirely. If you don't like this game then it's simply the case the RPG are not your style of game.

JH, Nov 5, 2007

Very good overall. I find it a bit difficult to call it a rpg, when you can't choose your character, but that doesn't affect my enjoyment. Beautiful graphics and surprisingly fast. Good combat system, though not without its problems. Tone and atmosphere interesting and consistent, though the English dialogue doesn't flow perfectly. Details mostly right: like Journal that really works as a knowledge building tool, without feeling like a spreadsheet.