The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf Crack + Activator

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf Following a bloody trail of murder and corruption, Bigby Wolf faces a powerful enemy: a dark force that has been feeding on the desperation of Fabletown’s seedy underbelly. But when hidden truths are revealed, you must decide exactly what justice means in the gripping season finale of The Wolf Among Us.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4168
Genre Fantasy, Action Adventure, Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Telltale Games / Telltale Games
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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf reviews ( 7 )

ksenomorf, Jul 8, 2014

teltale you are awesome. This is better than the first season TWD. I ask you to continue this story through dlts or 2 seasons. What about the episode is the best that did Teltatle. Great ending, great stories. Thanks for all the emotions that you gave us!

adhamhany, Jul 21, 2014

This is, beyond a doubt, the best episode of the entire series. The many mysteries of the murder case are discovered, with a very interesting cliffhanger in the end. The spooky atmosphere is more present than the previous installments, particularly leading to the fight between Bigby Wolf and Bloody Mary. And that fight between them is truly exciting. There's more action in this part than the previous four. The directing of the fight and chase scenes is brilliant, as well as the voice acting, which really gave a great level of depth to the characters. And all thanks to Bill Willingham for the Fable comics and these characters and this world he built. All these things, along with the beautiful visuals and coloring, and the terrific soundtrack, have helped to create a gaming experience that i enjoyed more than any other in a very long time. Fantastic job, Telltale Games.

BanksyIsKing, Sep 4, 2014

Telltale games does it again! amazing game full of twists and turns, the decisions sadly make minimal impact on the game, however every decision will change a fables view on you. Feels almost like Infamous, you can go 2 roads good or the big bad wolf. Needless to say i was a pretty good guy

Kenmei, Jul 9, 2014

This was a very enjoyable experience that had a great Story and characters. While the game had a few technical problems towards the end of it, I feel like everything here was very well done. The multiple endings and the way the story branches out was wonderful and well worth playing the game over again to see what happens. Telltale does a very good job in creating a wonderful story and it has made me interested in the universe itself. Love the game and the story. They just need to fix some of the bugs in the later episodes.

LTR, Jul 14, 2014

A great end to a great game series. The story is fantastic, the characters are very interesting and this has one of the best and interesting endings of all time.

VincentHaleon, Feb 2, 2015

For those of you who are still torn between TWAU and TWD on which is better, lemme state this: 3 things make a good game, STORYLINE, CHARACTERS and GAMEPLAY. Graphics is also important but not always. 1. Storyline: The Wolf Among Us' la noire aura makes it's storyline much more mature and unpredictable. It had a far better start than The Walking Dead but a much weaker (but also interesting) end when compared to TWD. The bonus for the Wolf Among Us is the Walking Dead is already on tv and some of the choices are already predictable. But as always the end matters more than beginning. Winner: The Walking Dead 2. Gameplay: The Wolf Among Us' action-oriented gameplay is much more satisfying than that which resides in The Walking Dead. Granted, the walking dead's storyline doesn't leave much room for action but still they shudda placed more of it (like in season 2) Winner: The Wolf Among Us 3. Characters: This is the deciding factor. Both games are almost identical in this aspect. The only difference is TWD characters die to easily within a 5 episode period. Meaning there isn't enough time to develop the characters. While this adds more gloss to its storyline, it depreciates it's character-involvement. Lee and Clementine are the ultimate anchors, and boy did they keep TWD atop, btu the same could be said about Bigby and Snow. The difference is, TWAU has so many compelling characters to back up it's two main protagonists(eg bloody mary, tweedle dee and dumb, mr toad and his son, colin) whereas TWD's two main characters are left in the cold. Winner: The Wolf Among Us. The Wolf Among just edges The Walking Dead, but only just. I can see why critics would place TWD of higher regard than TWAU, because most emphasis today is placed on meaningless action in games from players, a critic would be soooooo happy to see a game giving it's main focus to it's storyline and difficult choices. But whilst the Walking Dead deals with Life an Death, Black and White, The Wolf Among Us delves in those shades of grey, making it a much more compelling show

ThestompingLand, Jul 9, 2014

I don't like this game; no where does it compare to twd s1. All these users are saying "it's better than twd" no it's not, for several reasons. This episode had the murderer reveled and the way they did it was incredibly boring I was expecting you to find the murderer through clues but you don't. Any deaths are honestly too easy. I recommend twau to those who like Noir games but to anyone else.... Its kind of a hit and miss for me.