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The Wonderful 101: Remastered A team of heroes from around the world must UNITE to protect the earth from vicious alien invaders! This band of 100 Wonderful Ones works together using their fantastic abilities to create a variety of forms. Whether it be a giant fist or a sharp blade, they'll use their wits and power toA team of heroes from around the world must UNITE to protect the earth from vicious alien invaders! This band of 100 Wonderful Ones works together using their fantastic abilities to create a variety of forms. Whether it be a giant fist or a sharp blade, they'll use their wits and power to overcome the enemy's pitfalls and perils! And the final member of this team of courageous heroes... is you.Features:* Over 100 unique and dazzling heroes, each with their own backstories and emblems!* Change weapons in a flash with the 'Unite Morph' system! Draw shapes to switch between swords, whips, hammers, and more to battle with strategy and flair!* Unite Morphs can be more than just weapons! Build hang gliders and bridges to cross chasms, and bounce and blast your way to great heights! Use your smarts as well as your strength to solve puzzles and persevere!* Don't forget - a hero's true calling is protection! Rescue the citizens you come across and your bravery will inspire them to UNITE UP! For a limited time, of course.* Your missions will take around the world! Through cities, across the ocean floor, deep in the jungle, and to a host of exciting locations!… Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 63
Genre Action, General
Players Up to 5
Company / Developer
PlatinumGames / PlatinumGames
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The Wonderful 101: Remastered reviews ( 5 )

SpeedPower465, Jul3, 2020

The Wonderful 101 is a masterpiece, with hours of pure action, challenge, fun and madness. The whole adventure is full of charm, detail and an incredible game feel. The game's main mechanics are incedibly original and really, really fun, easy to learn but hard to master. The levels are impressive, with a huge amount of different enemies to fight, each of them being it's own unique concept with it's own moveset and moves (some of them can do a LOT of attacks!). And the boss fights... are just incredible. Every single boss fight from this game is full of crazy action and over the top epicness, with unpredictable bosses that can use different attacks every time you play the battle. The Wonderful 101 gets better and better as long as you progress, with an excellent character development, orchestrated soundtrack, non-stoping action and a sense of epicness that you can't see in almost any game. And the hard mode? You'll love it.

whooeyz112, May 28, 2020

Fantastic game! The sp*rgs in the user review have no idea what they're talking about and don't know how to grasp the game's unbelievably fun mechanics! Go check out Mathewmatosis' fantastic videos about this game to truly help you understand how to enjoy the Wonderful 101!

Joker28CR, May 28, 2020

Apart from the fact it has a problem with the framerate (locked at 59fps with microstutter but totally solved by the Silent Patch easily), I've got 0 graphical or launch bugs, 4k and 60fps even on graphics like 1060 and the controls have been adapted smoothly. I havent had ANY problem by drawing with the R stick.This game is AWESOME! and different than any other game. It is unique, so you can hate or love it, but you cant deny the quality it has.I am able to understand the rage of Switch owners because that port has a bad performance, but hey, PC gamers have the best version of this game and it TOTALLY WORTH IT.I recomend it A LOT on PC

FranTV, May 27, 2020

Frames goes really well. I'm playing with a controller and did good, only the right stick doing as a touch made it a bit complicated. And what else can I say. Pretty funny game, the most important thing.

davygravy93, May 21, 2020

This game is pretty much Kamiya with no filter, which is both its most captivating quality and its detrimental flaw. The presentation is great, there is a clear emphasis on sentai heroics which at the games best parts made me smile with childlike wonder. I would recommend playing this just to see the ending which is one of the most insane amalgamation of set pieces I have ever seen in a video game, it reaches gurren legaan levels of absurdity and deserves to be commended for the sheer spectacle of it all. The problem is getting to that point is a slog through terrible controls, a wonky camera, and some baffling design decisions. Combat in 101 is centered around drawing symbols with the wonder liner to unite the wonderful 101 into weapons and defensive abilities. the problem is that the wonder liner is janky as hell, idk if this worked better on the Wii U but for me on a controller it just doesn't work half the time or forms into something I wasn't going for. Its incredibly frustrating because when the liner messes up a unite that can leave you open for an attack, when you take damage your team members are scattered which means you have to run around and collect them or your weapons wont be as powerful. There is also an abundance of terrible mini games(a Kamiya tradition) like forming into a glider to cross gaps or where the game tries to be a shootemup(worst parts of the game), They arent THAT bad but combined with the jank wonder liner and terrible camera it just becomes a recipe for annoyance. Speaking of the camera its awful, its pulled waaay to close to the heroes so there are tons of parts where projectiles will hit you from offscreen or platforming sections where you couldnt see what was coming and get punished for it anyway. I really wanted to like The Wonderful 101. The presentation and writing made me grin from ear to ear, but the controls and camera just hamper the experience to the point where its not even fun. There are so many issues in this game that just dont exist in platinums other titles so I cant in good faith recommend it at full price.