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Thea: The Awakening Thea: The Awakening, a turn-based, rogue-like, strategic-survival game, set in a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy world, all inspired by Slavic Myth and Folklore and infused with rich story and a unique, card based minigame.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2101
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, 4X
Company / Developer
MuHa Games / MuHa Games

Thea: The Awakening reviews ( 7 )

Cablenexus, Nov 23, 2015

As an older gamer I see so many games already and so many mechanism past my screen that it's getting more and more difficult to be impressed by a new game. Heroes of Might and Magic III was one of the first games I played and really liked. It was a turn based game with a big map where you have to search for monsters and treasures on a fantasy setting. Since that moment I played that game it's my favorite genre. 20 years later many games tried to be successful in the genre. The disciples series for example and the Age of Wonders series managed to make a wonderful collection of games. I think I can name another 200 turn based strategy games I played afterwards and many of them did a really good job to copy many parts of those games mentioned and with different succes. What confuse me now is that everytime a new game release in the genre it have better graphics but the game mechanism is almost the same every time. It's like most devs are afraid to take a different path and try something new. So for me the genre is stale now and streamlining, tablet games and dumbed down versions of many games released now doesn't make this any better. So here start my review of Thea: The Awakening. While developed by a small 4 member dev team they managed to be original in almost every part of the genre and without any compromise. What you get here is a fully rendered random adventure map every time you play. With random resources, random monster lairs and loads of other adventure objects. You can customize the difficulty of how you want to play completely. Like the size of the map, the strength of the encounters and even if you want to play in iron mode you can if you want. You are a god and all gods in the game have a different skillset which unlocks while playing the game. You start with only two gods and when gathering XP you unlock more on the run. The god isn't controlled directly but give direction to your small village somewhere on the map. This village is your main base. From here you start to send expeditions out in the world to gather for resources and to unfold the many, excellent written, storylines in the game. Those resources you use for feed your people and fuel your crafting system. There are 4400 items in game now and the devs plan to extend this number with free only DLC.With those resources you can almost craft an infinite number of items like weapons, but also crafting tools and gathering tools. You can even find other creatures to support you in your quest to victory. Your task is to keep your villagers alive, equip them with the many items you find or craft, explore and survive the region. Difference between characters is not only because of gear, but because of a comprehensive skill list as well. More depth then many RPG games you find here while building your characters. Those skills comes in handy when you encounter the numerous quest stories on the map and in your home town. When an encounter happens the game change is what the devs call a mini card game, but believe me they are way to modest. This card game have depth, is complex but easy to understand. It looks simple at first, but because the different skills, weapon combinations every fight turns out in a different card game you can easily compare with the big names in the industry. You have a card draw, a reshuffle option and you have to play it out very tactical to survive with two random elements. The stats of the monsters are different every time and the initiative of the characters as well. If you want your characters not get involved in a fight most of the time you have another option to play the card game a different way. Like a sneak challenge or a tactic challenge. The difference is the loot is less but it prevent your characters from getting wounded. I have 23 hours in the game in 3 days and I'm still hooked to it. It's a fresh new welcome addition to the genre and I expect some big AAA companies are following this title closely at the moment. As I said the small dev team, non native English speakers managed to make modern and fresh fantasy storylines within a Slavic Mythology setting. The artwork is really beautiful. The interface is clean, all 4400 items in game have a different clean picture, the map is a hex based 3D landscape with 3D character models all DX11 proof. The card game is more old style like an original paper fantasy card game. The stories are all illustrated with beautiful paintings. Another thing I recognize is that in every different type of challenge or fight the background and sound effects change to the situation you are in. I see many games from tripe A companies that don't manage this very well and this is perfect for ambience and really makes you love this game. I rate this 10/10 without doubt and advice you to read some reviews of the game on the better non commercial gaming sites like Spacesector or eXplorminate. And excuse for my bad English for this long read I'm from Holland myself.

AardvarkPepper, Dec 27, 2015

Thea is a good game of itself. It's also quite unique. It's not "perfect", but the more I thought about giving the game only a 9 - Has complexity? Check. But is it overdone? No, it's presented relatively simply. Has unique art? Check. Is it a bit cheesy? Yes, perhaps in places. But it is undeniably good aesthetics. Sound? Check. Music, voiceovers, etc. Replayability? Check. Customizable difficulty settings (plural is correct; you can change any number of things that affect your final score multiplier). Throw in unique gameplay, a bit of humor, and this is not a game that deserves just a 9. Maybe a 9.9, but just "9" sells this game short. Definitely give this a try if you're interested in the genres at all.

Romanul, Nov 25, 2015

I usually don't write reviews, this might be the first one I do on Steam. What makes be "break the silence" is the pleasant and extraordinary surprise I had playing the game. I never heard of it until a couple of days ago(two days before release), I wasn't hyped and never heard about the company before. So imagine my surprise when I started playing the game: Fully random world each time you play, no handmade scenarios, no premade campaign. Sound scary no? On the contrary, they manage to pull it off. Each world is beautifully generated, no odd stating points or placement of terrain etc. Each game you play is unique. New lore: It's Slavic (or so they say) folklore. Is that enough to differentiate the game lore from the generic fantasy games out there? Yes it is. Just enough to keep you interested and too much that you have no idea what those creatures are and you have to either take notes or take random action against them. No legion of units to manage, each unit is one piece, it has more skills and abilities that any RPG I've played and when they die, it's forever and you really feel it. Not just because you cared for them but because it brutally handicaps you. You can't recruit units when you want to. If you're not careful and build enough of the right buildings you don't even have enough units to survive(gather resources and defend). All that micromanagement of units and building might sound scary but you only get one settlement in the game. That's right, you won't have a ton of cities, legions of units. No sir, one is all you get. The world (planet) is trying to kill you. Only once have I experienced this feeling and that was while playing Alpha Centauri (SMAC). A multitude of ways to defeat your enemies (aside from fighting). A unique card based combat system that is actually fun to play. Hundreds and events and quests that remind me of King of the Dragon Pass. All that originality for 15-20 euro. And coming from a small indies studio. My hat off to the devs. And a recommendation to anyone reading this to try the game. It's more than worth the price and time to learn the game (about one hour for me).

cottandy, Nov 8, 2016

This game is for the ones, who don't like sleeping at night. If you like it, you will spend many hours exploring a postapocalyptic world, based on slavic folklore. It's bot only a turn-based strategy, it's a fine mix of different genres. For example, these are micro-management, crafting, random events decision making and a little bit of other elements. And finally It has it's own original good storytelling, fine art and differs a little from every game, you've ever played before. While saving the world for the first time, you may find this game being beauty. And this process may continue for a very long time, which is good. But right after finishing the first story, the game loses its replayability, because you will have to do the exact same things over and over again in a new one.

FogCityRoller, Nov 27, 2015

This game is almost perfect. I think there are a couple of things that could have been done differently to make this game more visible to the gaming community, as well as presentable as a finished product. It seems like it was rushed and released a couple weeks too soon. Pros: -Devs active in the community and they release patches, hooray! -Art design is beautiful. -Underlying mythology (Slavic) seems new and unexplored in the realm of English video games. Education and gaming is the ultimate nerd boner. -Interface and game intricacies are delightfully complex. This is one of the few games I would say is not for a casual gamer. You will have to relearn everything if you put it down for a few days and pick it back up. -The card game is rad. -It's on sale on Steam right now. -No shortage of party customization. -Enough micro-managing to satisfy the compulsive micromanager in all of us, which I feel is necessary for a 4X game that requires this much attention to get a good grasp on the gameplay mechanics. It has an interface design that reminds me a lot of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, party maintenance of a classic RPG, overhead map interaction similar to a Civilization game, and a card game that is a more serious version of Gwent from The Witcher 3. Needless to say, this game has some absolutely delightful influences. Cons: -Came out a bit prematurely in mid-November when everyone was still creaming their jeans over Fallout 4 and Battlefront. It's hardly been noticed as a result and has enough areas requiring polish to where this wasn't necessary. -Endless supply of grammatical and punctuation errors. For a game with so much effort put into it, you do not want to see these so frequently. The fact that they put no spaces between exclamation marks and the next word is something I didn't even know would drive me up the wall eventually!Seriously. :P -Random starting gods. I wish it would let you choose the 1-2 gods you want to start with, and then unlock the rest later. I just hate being forced into playing a starting character that is not required by everyone and is simply random. -Fight strategies can become predictable with experience. This is probably the biggest downside so far, but very fixable. -Early bosses sometimes fall into the category of "cruel and unusual punishment". Kind of like getting hit the 10,000 needles attack in Final Fantasy when you haven't saved your game in the last four hours and having no warning whatsoever that this one battle is going to destroy an entire evening's worth of work. Yeah...those suck. :(

Allwanz0r, Mar 21, 2017

1. ''Ambushed by bandits'' 2. ''Starts flirting with the bandits'' 3. ''The female bandit leader falls for my dwarven warrior'' 4. ''They share a passionate moment in the forest'' 5. ''As soon as she is about to leave with her group, my dwarf runs up to her and starts to express his love'' 6. The other bandits give their shared blessing to the captain and she comes back with my group to our village. 10/10 Best love story ever and faith in the world of Thea restored

night4, Jul 7, 2016

Unoriginal ripoff of Civilizations with cumbersome complexity. I could deal with the complexity if the tutorial was halfway decent, but it's terrible. I've played free games on my phone that are more enjoyable.