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Thief Garrett, the Master Thief, steps out of the shadows into the City. In this treacherous place, where the Baron’s Watch spreads a rising tide of fear and oppression, his skills are the only things he can trust. Even the most cautious citizens and their best- guarded possessions are not safe from his reach. As an uprising emerges, Garrett finds himself entangled in growing layers of conflict. Lead by Orion, the voice of the people, the tyrannized citizens will do everything they can to claim back the City from the Baron’s grasp. The revolution is inevitable. If Garrett doesn’t get involved, the streets will run red with blood and the City will tear itself apart.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 12863
Genre Fantasy, Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Nixxes Software

Thief reviews ( 7 )

srfelipe, Feb 25, 2014

Is the first Thief I played, I played for almost 2 hours and loved the atmosphere, the gameplay, everything is perfect . You can choose the difficulty , I chose normal and it's still a little hard to steal things without being noticed, you have to think before what you're doing and keep an eye on the movement of soldiers. The graphics are not spectacular, but they are beautiful. I ran the game with everything max, filters, etc, at 1920x1080 and rolled flat, the FPS ranged between 50 and 60. It took me almost 2 hours to get past the first mission , exploring every corner to steal as much as possible and trying not to be detected, which made me take more. About the negative reviews, including the "big sites", I was not disappointed to read before playing, and now I played I'm not unrepentant, as I said, I loved the game and I recommend for you that enjoy a good first-person stealth game. Ignore the reviews, play and give your own conclusion. That's it.

Razorfiend, Mar 21, 2014

I played all the previous Thief and has long awaited this game. I´m happy to see a good story and nice smooth controls and very atmospheric. Pros: Great stealth system, excellent sandboxing (you can go nearly everywhere all the time only unlocking new areas through accepting missions and story) Massive amount of things to loot Mystic, and the Glyphs are there though I´d like so see more of the "old school" Great graphics and story. Cons: Clumsy close combat (pressing R makes an attack) Too short :) I´m unsure how to gather 30000 gold in the game to purchase the most expensive trinket.

EvGe22, Mar 2, 2014

I haven't a been a Thief fan, but after I've played this reboot I became one. The stealth is perfect, A.I. is not as dumb as different game magazines say. It's far more clever. The only game drawback is engine and graphics. It's just a usual UE3, but it's a bit unoptimised and laggy. This is the only bad thing I noticed playing it. So, if you like stealth games, this one is "must have", imo.

astarael415, Mar 10, 2014

Please give this game a chance! I love it and am currently binging on it. I have to be half way through, and while there are a few glaring issues (cut scenes and the like) the game play itself has been very rewarding. I have played all of the thief games and this is my favorite. I like the additional tools and perks, and the story may be a little blase', but I honestly love the game play. Maybe I'm and idiot but several missions stumped me the focus power felt balance, not over-powered. Sure the game is pretty linear, but since when has that been unacceptable. Occasionally, something things are a little clunky, but it doesn't overshadow anything. The bonus objectives each mission dish out extra gold (for you costly upgrades) giving each level a unique blend of both combat and stealth choices. Sure, there are not factions in this game and less paranormal/metaphysical paraphernalia so the storyline is blander. As far the AI/guards, well I would say they meet expectations. They are unobservant, but several times they kicked my ass, they aren't no pushovers! Don't get me wrong, this Thief is a horse of a different color but I like it! The elements they added and the elements they took away may have made the game more one-dimensional, but it also it a lot less tedious. I feel like a bad ass ninja when I play this game that has it's fair share or rewarding challenges. Seriously, poo poo on the naysayers. Apparently not releasing a remastered HD version of the previous thief games was a huge mistake, because that is what they wanted to play.

bboydp, Feb 26, 2014

Score: 5 This game is mediocre. Example: The game is like a quickly thrown together movie title game, they are basic, nothing really new or exciting, simply the same game we have all played before, but now with different colors. Conclusion: Save your money for when it drops to $10 or $15, because that is about all its worth. More and more of these big time companies are just trying to make a dime, instead they should try to make a game, then they would make more money. I have come to a point, that I will now wait for scores as to whether or not to buy a game, instead of buying a game and watching my hard earned cash go to waste, oh well, live and learn.

JimCorbett, Mar 24, 2015

Totally generic and uninspired. It tries to copy so many other games that it completely fails to make its own identity. The setting interested me and, initially during the prologue, the looting interested me. That's it. Everything else was a disappointment. There's absolutely no reason to play this travesty when you can get Dishonored instead.

crayno66, Oct 18, 2014

So here I am, playing thief because I loved the previous titles and although I'm fairly disappointed by the action elements in it (When did Thief become a platform game?) I was enjoying the game.... Until I hit an actual boss fight (Yes in Thief!, next boss fight in Civilizations, Settlers or the Sims?) where you're not able to save at all. Considering I turned on a lot of options off to come closer to the real thief experience I find it impossible to continue the game. So after 7 chapters playing I found out that I should have kept those options on because Thief has turned into an action game with un-savable boss fights. Now I understand all those negative reviews.......R.I.P Thief franchise