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Thimbleweed Park Thimbleweed Park is the curious story of two washed up federal agents called in to investigate a dead body found in the river just outside of town, bloated and pixelated from a death come too soon.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2354
Genre Adventure, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Terrible Toybox / Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick
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Thimbleweed Park reviews ( 7 )

Fuz, Apr 14, 2017

To summarize Thimbleweed Park: It's basically sort of a sequel to Maniac Mansion. Puzzles are all well thought and logical; not too easy and not super frustrating. And you always have something to do or something to check, so getting stumped is rare. The story and its delivery are fantastic. The characters are tons of fun. The mistery/humor mix is spot on (well, I like Ron's kind of humor). The whole writing is superb - except for the *really* excessive metatext, self-referentiality and the breaking of the fourth wall. It's way too much. This is its worst flaw. And if something like this is the worst flaw... well... This game is EXACTLY what I wanted to play in an adventure game. Hope Ron (and the rest of his team) keeps making games like this. Absolutely fantastic.

Alexsis, Apr 11, 2017

This game may not look like much, but it hides a briliant experience underneath. They just don't make them like this anymore. So whether you're a newcomer to the Adventure game genre or a lover of old LucasArts games - don't let this game pass you by. Give it a try. I was skeptical at first myself, since I knew nothing of the game's Kickstarter or creators. A friend of mine generously gifted this game to me and I'm now etremely grateful to her. The humor in this game is unique and snarky. It's tale is dorky and bizare in all the right places. At the end, I was left with a sence of acomplishment and a burning desire for more. I highly recomend "Thimbleweed Park" to any and all players.

Titus, Apr 1, 2017

Disney, if you're there... please give Mr. Gilbert his baby back. Also This game is very good, exceeds expectations, plays on nostalgia but isn't just references and fan service. It's clearly made from a pure artistic vision. It makes you feel young again, which is a pretty cool thing.

EmuChicken, Jan 19, 2018

If you love the older point n click adventure titles (Zak McCracken, Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Indy etc), and don't understand how it got derailed with nonsensical puzzles- then get back on track with Thimbleweed Park! Nostalgia may take the reigns with TP's oldschool graphics, but it was more the writing, comic timing, puzzles, and setting that made me understood what I yearned for all these years. It had me hooked to the end. An only "flaw" I could think of, is that there was no need for so many playable characters. It seems that the team could've learnt a thing or two of how DOTT played out- eg. Ray and Reyes- there was no need for two separate playable characters - it may have been interesting if they'd have been a single entity (as a team), but I hardly ever used Ray, but used Reyes instead due to his oddly awesome voice. BUGS: There were occasional sound glitches for me on my PC setup (ASUS Xonar)- Voices would go quiet and then only come from my left speaker (varies) - but nothing that was game-breaking. Pros - Excellent pixel art, presentation, and setting - Colourful characters with unique personalities and backgrounds - The same team that built classics such as Zak and Maniac Mansion - Great hint helpline IN-GAME (so you won't be stumped for too long!) Cons - No need to use all of the characters Rating : 9/10

mrpinsky, May 2, 2017

+ excellent old-school LucasArts-style point & click adventure + wacky characters and events + the nostalgia + some fairly challenging puzzles in hard mode (i got stuck twice) + beautiful backgrounds and great music + funny - characters and story feel somewhat randomly stitched together and don't form a whole. The main (playable) characters barely interact. The ending was a big let down. - pixel art style is not "pixel-perfect", especially when scaling actors. It looks bad to mix different size pixels on screen. - a couple of times the game made it too easy (even in hard mode!) by telling me the solution to a puzzle before I had a chance to try for myself overall highly recommended! let's hope they make another.

kingplain, May 12, 2017

I grew up on Maniac Mansion. I’ve made pixel art versions of myself in Maniac Mansion style, my ringtone is the Edison Theme, I even tried to watch the TV show during the brief time it was on. I’m a big fan. I really enjoyed Thimbleweed. I thought it was great they threw back to Maniac Mansion, rather than some of the newer point/click games. I’ve read the team really tried to give us a rose-tinted experience of nostalgia rather than a direct copy of the style back then. Still, I found some things left in that bothered me. The first being the long unskippable dialogue. I remember back when audio/video on computers was new it was a delight to click on everything. Now, I’m like “get on with it!” Doesn’t help the voice acting is pretty bad (intentional?) or that the jokes are old (also intentional?). I turned on the voice only when Ransom was talking and then only because it’s hard to read a million “BLEEPS.” I don’t get the censorship. There’s already sex, drugs, theremin music, and murders. Another thing that bothered me was the occasional long convoluted walks around the background. The cemetery was the worst. This is probably another in-joke, taking a common complaint to absurd levels. That doesn’t make it enjoyable, though. “What fun! The developers are intentionally irritating me! Ha-ha. I see you through the 4th wall there!” Another example was the amount of hotel floors mixed with the super slow elevator. A virtual elevator would have thrilled me in the 80s, but here it’s tedious and really unnecessary. The amount of rooms used in the game only takes up a single floor. Could have made the hotel rooms on one floor and made the elevator only go to the penthouse, which would be instant after you solved the only puzzle in the elevator itself. The next annoying part: Specks of dust. They even say in the game the specks of dust are there to annoy OCD-like players. The joke could have made with just a single piece and it would have been mildly amusing. Instead it’s a blight, painting nearly every room with the throwaway joke. Imagine watching a funny movie you love but now someone says “that’s what she said” after every line. That’s kind of what it’s like. Even if you’re not of the “collect everything” variety, they still demand your attention and incrementally ruin the scenery. Super annoying. Really. The options need a “dust-off” setting, or something. See how my review is yellow instead of that pleasing green? That's me messing right back with the developers. While paying homage to Maniac Mansion, they left out some things, the most glaring of which is multiple endings. I really think that’s why Maniac Mansion was such a classic and something like Day of the Tentacle wasn’t. You could play Maniac Mansion multiple times, with entirely different styles, and get a new outcome. Thimbleweed really only has one solution, and I think that's a shame. Another thing dropped from Maniac Mansion is the deaths. In game they say deaths are just a cheap way to extend gameplay, but I think they were essential to the vibe of Maniac Mansion and could be considered “endings” themselves. I like the “wireframe” art style a little better than the real mode. I wish they would have ran with that art style instead. I don’t know. If you’re doing old school, do school. When Day of the Tentacle came out, I remember thinking the same thing. "Where's my MM graphics? What is this?" Ok, that sounds like a lot of complaining, don’t get me wrong, I love the game and hope they keep making them. I just thought that some of their ideas in this new indie config fell flat or could have done better to get my 10. Does Thimbleweed dethrone Maniac Mansion? No. Is it worth your time? Yup.

3dNa, Jan 27, 2018

I don't think someone who truly loves the point and click adventures of the 80's and 90's could like this game. It's ok to invoke fond memories of a fading genre, but if that's ALL we need, we can replay those games on emulation. This game lacks humor, mystery and likeable characters. When it thinks it made a funny, it repeats it like a broken record. I found myself rooting for characters simply BECAUSE the game made them so obviously unlikeable. It's frustrating, and exploring Thimbleweed seems completely devoid of fun for the player, like it is for the agents.