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This Is the Police This Is the Police is a strategy/adventure game set in a city spiraling the drain. Assume the role of gritty Police Chief Jack Boyd and dive into a deep story of crime and intrigue. Will Jack reach his retirement with a nice stack of bills, or will he end up broken ... or worse?

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2563
Genre Simulation, Virtual, Virtual Life, Career
Company / Developer
EuroVideo Medien , THQ Nordic / Weappy Studio

This Is the Police reviews ( 7 )

wafle, Aug 3, 2016

You know you have to play a game when the identity politics police doesn't want you too. From the game devs: “This Is the Police is not a political game, but a human one,” says Yanovich. “We do not believe that the problems discussed in the game are political in nature.” And yet.... identity politics critics: official review contains trigger warnings. "Freeburg may be a generic Western city, but not all of humankind lives in generic Western cities. I have no idea what a game called This Is the Police would look like if it was made in Singapore or Iran, but I suspect that it would be very different. This game probably wouldn’t be made in Canada either, at least not in its current form—the sheer proliferation of derogatory language and identity-based violence would be unthinkable in today’s climate, and for good reason. " -KS " This Is The Police is simultaneously a rich video game and a poor depiction of its subject matter. Whether the game's creators welcome it or not, at times like these, when police officers in the US are under intense scrutiny, This Is the Police's representation of their work bears similarly close examination. By that measure it falls short of relevance and borders on removed." IBT "Despite having only previewed This Is The Police at PAX East just a few months ago, so much has happened in the US and the rest of the world in that time. It’s something that’s impossible to ignore when examining a game where you play as the Chief of Police in a city full of racial, gender, and sexual prejudice -- where you make decisions every day that affect citizens of a fictional city." Destru "And worst of all, you’re all but forced to partake in some decisions that have morally repugnant real-world implications, especially while police brutality and government surveillance are directly in today’s spotlight."WGTC "Los episodios de violencia racial en Estados Unidos se suceden y es por ello que puede que sea un momento delicado para lanzar un juego como el que hoy os traemos." IGN esp

deathmachinept, Aug 6, 2016

Don't read or take for granted the score of the payed reviewers are giving, some reviewers are so **** that they take offense for having in this game a Feminists Movement that make illegal protests and where you can suppress them by force or crimes that are committed by criminals that use ideologies to justify their crimes just like in real life. Pros and Game information This game does not spare any side from LGBT, Black Movement, racism, homophobia, profiling, rape, mafia, pedophiles, women that are serial killers, corrupt police, corporations paying policeman, church asking for police favors, pornography, conspiracy.. It is as police officer and detective that you see the worst in society which this game shows. The game is set around the early 80's but has some modern issues that we face today, for an indie game it has a significant number of choices and approaches. The main objective is to earn half a million in 180 days, the time when you will be forced to retire from the police force, it's much easier to earn that money with illegal or less moral choices but it can be done avoiding the most serious stuff, the game will take you around ~30h to complete. For me the game is on the level of "this war of mine" it has an interesting art style that goes well with the game but focus much more on story with a dialogue like a noir detective film with some dark humor but it's always believable and realistic. It has really good voice again especially the character you play with, I think he is voice by the Duke Nuken guy but his voice here is a perfect fit. Cons & Wishes The only misses I can point out are small like when you choose a snitch he gets kill randomly and his skill and rank seems not matter, some decisions seem to have no consequence in the game for example I order one of my policemen to be ambush by the mafia I then took down the mafia and it's boss, I'm pretty sure in the real world he would have release evidence that showed that I payed to kill my own officer as well reselling narcotics or guns taken by the police from committed crimes. I also wish you had more information about your police officers something you unlock or earn by events or by having them work with you for more time and some of the events associate with them were less random. In some cases the game has very few feedback on what particular perks do or their effects. Also sometimes the art style is so simplistic that you it's difficult to understand what the frames mean which make find a sequence to solve the crime can be frustrating. I would also point out that if all crimes that are reported had a 911 audio clip associated with them from the witnesses would make it so much engaging and add much to the immersion of the player. Conclusion But these are minor issues on a indie game, that went to kickstarter raise what It need to complete the game around 30k and launch DRM-Free at an affordable price and it's more polish compared to Darkest Dungeon at release, it deserve a full 9 for all of this.

Gr4nt, Aug 4, 2016

Don't believe the Kotaku reviews. This game dabbles in some serious subject matter, but it gives you an option to either be a good or a bad person, along with very serious consequences for your actions later on in the game. It's not meant to stand on the side of social justice (i.e. Giving you the option to fire all black cops for a corrupt mayor), but it's up to you to do what you think is right (Be it morally right or wrong). The way the story is told screams Max Payne and is very effective, although I always expect the protagonist to say something like "I've got balls of steel" because it's the same voice actor as Duke Nukem. But the story is enough to send shivers down the spine at time, not to mention just some of the deprived things that you have to deal with playing the game. They exist mainly in text and frames, but those with imaginations who are easily disturbed will be. The simulation aspect is a little mindless at times, although there are times where you need to select a course of action for your officers as they're on duty to either defuse bomb threats, negotiate with people trying to jump off bridges, and allocate the correct resources to keep your officers alive. Also what's also included is an investigation ward of your police force. Occasionally, some kind of investigatable crime will pop up and you can send your investigators. Over time, they'll uncover what happened from the victim being alive to the victim being a corpse in the course of uncovering pictures of what could possible have happened. You, armed with the pictures and witness testimonies, have to correctly piece together the timeline of events, to which you can arrest the perp. You can also find after you arrest the person that they're in a gang and you can further investigate that. It's a welcome system that is a good distraction to the bump and grind of the base game. There's also a lot of replay value in the game: you can veer on a different path to play a corrupt cop and see if you can get though without getting legally chewed up and spit out, or ignore mafia presence and how long they'll go before they get impatient, but what's certain is there's different ways to roleplay in this game. There are definitely some gameplay flaws, like how cops have to come back to the police station across the city and cannot respond to a call a block away from their location and the fact the investigation frames can be a little confusing to understand what's going on. There's still some typos to offend grammar Nazis, but aside from that the game is pretty sweet.

Tatar, Apr 2, 2017

Very nice game with a lot brand new mechanics and most important with very interesting plot and characters. I was absolutely delighted being by a main protagonist - Chef of Police. His story, problems, his metamorphosis and most of all his dilemma was a story I participate like a best old fashion police story movie. Strategy part of the game when we have our police station and must send our crew to cases and other things is also very interesting but sometimes is to many random deaths of our crew. Graphics is specific but I like it, music is fantastic and voice acting good :) So if You like films like "L.A. Confidential" or want participate in very interesting plot so its game for You. So have a nice day :)

Dal_ReviewedDat, Aug 18, 2016

F**K THE POLICE!! Nah, don't this game's alright ... Pro's - > Really good script and voice acting > Love the art style and UI etc > Easy to start micro-management, feels rewarding when you bring a wayward cop out of the Dark side! > Original idea Cons > After day 60 it's pretty repetitive, the story is still there, but you feel the grind! > The Mayors office requests are ridiculous!! By day 4, when your still getting to grips with your new role and the game on the whole, you'll be asked to FIRE all your BLACK cops to HELP reduce racial tensions (which by today's standards is crazed, I think #BLM may be slightly pi55ed with the idea of not being represented at all in the force - I've had a google and I can't find any record of this ever happening - granted - it would probably have been brushed well under the carpet, but I just feel it's a really odd thing to add into a game. You then get punished for NOT doing what your told by the corrupt mayoral office. Overall, as an indie game, this is a great little buy, will burn at least 30 hrs + into it, but has it's flaws. The narrative is great, really good story and likeable characters. It will get repetitive, and feel more a grind in later stages. If you see this on a steam sale - go for it though!

narek1, Aug 22, 2016

there is nothing to say about this game, you just like it or you are not. Not everyone will like to sit down for 10+ hours and just click on the button on mouse, but if you can take not modern graphics, much reading, a similar stories, corny and tightened dialogues and mayor, with local celebrities, that are just just eating your brain with their stupid questions, than you will like this.

Tzukishiro, Aug 16, 2016

This game starts with a very interesting story and characters, the gameplay is simple but very fun, as you go along, the plot thickens, but then it's also when everything starts to go to **** In the end, notihng you do matters, you get a **** ending and you are out of the game, you can't continue to play unless you start from scratch. It doesn't matter how you played, how good you did or anything, you get thrown out and then you can uninstall or play again. I uninstalled. Apart from that, there are a lot of errors that made playing quite annoying, like typos on investigations,,, those BROKE the game, as it made it impossible to figure out the frames you had to put in unless you looked it up or played with all of the possible combinations. Some investigations just give you **** all info that are no help at all, but I guess that's realistic, so I'm not TOO mad about it. Another huge design flaw is the fact that the ACCEPT button is RED and REFUSE is BLUE... how does that make sense? I almost clicked the wrong button many times and I've seen some youtubers actually **** up a lot because of that, and it's obvious as to why, the colour code makes no sense. In the end, it's a fun game that lasts for a little while, but I'd say it's not worth the money nor time.