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Three Fourths Home A visual short story set in Nebraska, Three Fourths Home follows an extended exchange between Kelly and her family during a drive home through an intense thunderstorm.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1333
Genre Adventure, General, Text
Company / Developer
Digerati Distribution , [bracket]games / [bracket]games
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Three Fourths Home reviews ( 2 )

aditya1101, Oct 5, 2017

Cool idea and it's fairly well written, but overall it just doesn't have enough content to deserve a higher rating. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

fartheststar, Oct 1, 2014

Three fourths home is a story based game. It's storming, and you are driving your car through the Nebraska landscape on the way home while having a conversation on the cell phone w/ your parents and brother (conversation in text on the screen). As you drive through the storm you get to know the family's problems and perhaps identify w/ a young adult who's trying to strike out in life for the first time. Note, this is not a game as much as it is a multimedia presentation w/ a few user interface controls. It's a good story, the art design is nice, and the visuals and sounds create a nice atmosphere, but there's not a lot beyond that. If this story appeals to you go for it, but understand there's not really gameplay as much as reading the story and watching how the visuals interact w/ the story that's happening. It's targeted to a specific audience. I was curious about the title, and thought it was well done, but at the same time it won't leave me thinking about it after I've seen it. Overall a mixed review, but again if you're curious about it it's a good experience for what it is.