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Throne of Darkness In the ancient land of Yamato, an aging and power-hungry warlord, in his desire to live forever, has unleashed an unspeakable horror-the demon Zanshin and his horde of monsters and undead warriors. The land is soaked in the blood of your people, and the seven samurai in your party are Yamato's only hope. Use magic, weaponry, and wits to destroy Zanshin - before his darkness becomes complete. [Sierra Studios]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1212
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Sierra Entertainment / Click Entertainment

Throne of Darkness reviews ( 4 )

EdE., Mar 13, 2002

Intriguing spells, good concept and graphics but could use some tweaking in recovering health and Ki of characters. There is too much idle time waiting for them to heal. Should add some way to sell off unneeded items to help build gold reserves faster.

Skulb, Mar 23, 2015

Very underrated at the time and stands up even today as one of the best ARPGs ever released on the PC. The setting and atmosphere is truly unique and the game offers a tremendous challenge, and particularly the end boss who will wipe out your samurai permanently if he kills them. The design is very original too, which is both good and bad really. Some of the design decisions are somewhat weird and slow the game down a lot. Particularly this applies to the absence of a good way to replenish your chi. This leads to a lot of waiting, especially if you want your spell caster(s) to level up at the same speed as your other characters. And you really need him to if you want to use him. And you will because he becomes very powerful. Anyway, apart form this slightly tedious part of the game there is a novel and well implemented crafting system which never lets you have enough of anything really, except ingredients to use for it which can fill two full inventories after a while. But it means you have to make important decisions which is always good. If you can take the slightly dated graphics, which look pretty good still after 14 years, then Throne of Darkness is highly recommended. Make sure you can run it though. Compatibility issues abound with these old games.

Thazari, May 7, 2016

I greatly enjoyed this party-based action RPG, it has a nice loot system and the characters are nice and diverse. You can craft your own items with components you find which is really awesome, and the way the computer controls your other party members is decent. The game takes place in a dark version of samurai-ruled Japan with undead roaming the lands which feels fresh and unique. The only downside is the game isn't perfectly balanced and the skill trees do not make much sense.

Aeryx, Oct 14, 2013

A fighting lion by today's standards. It's up there with Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights and Diablo 2. The loot, characters, story and atmosphere were put together really well. Also, near the end you get to fight a boss that will PERMANENTLY delete your characters if they die against him in combat (what an insane idea by the devs). THAT blew me away! I cursed and I screamed! I repeated the game and I was FREAKIN MAD. Oh how I miss those days! We need more 'real-man' games like this! Kickstarter anybody?