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Thumper Thumper is a rhythm violence game. It combines classic rhythm-action with breakneck speed and brutal physicality.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1216
Genre Action, Rhythm, Music
Company / Developer
drool Games , Drool / drool Games, Drool
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Thumper reviews ( 5 )

JLK88, Oct 23, 2016

Best rhythm game I've played in years. I love the aggressive nature of the game and the sense of speed obtained. Everything is harmonized into a picture perfect nightmare dreamland. Hoping for some DLC or a sequel in the future.

everin, Feb 6, 2017

TIER 1 + Coming from someone who never plays rhythm games, this is a deeply compelling and mind-blowing experience. No game has ever gotten me "in the zone" to the degree that this title has. + A good mixture of mechanics and a stupidly smooth difficulty curve that opens itself up to a high skill ceiling of mastery for those who want to pursue it. ? As difficulty ramps up, elements can feel unforgiving. Certain aspects are easier to handle in VR (obstacles hidden around bends inside tunnels), but might feel cheap on a flat screen. ? Some levels have a BEAUTIFUL attention to rhythm and music, but most of them feel more focused on simple reflexes and twitch skills with little effort given to musicality.

SuperkenGaming, Oct 15, 2016

Thumper A mix of frustrating and fun Thumper is a rhythm based game compatible with console, pc, as well as vr.. It starts out fairly simple.. tap x when a shiny part shows up.. and slowly the game adds more to the basics like sides to slide against and walls to crash through.. And thumper won’t let you leave an area until you get it down… Thumper consists of 9 levels with 15 – 30 sections in each level… You have to be able to pass through each section with an obstacle to move on, and you have to do it for real as the game allows 1 mess up per section… At first the game is thrilling.. It’s a blast dodging obstacles and adding beats to the music playing in the background… But every level adds a new gimmick and it ends up getting completely out of hand at times… Each level progressively gets harder as you go... and again youre allowed 1 mess up per section… So its not too much to ask of the player to get used to patterns and figure things out in each checkpoint… The issue comes down to the bosses… There are 2 bosses in each level that of course bring that levels gimmick to the table… The only problem is each boss has around 4 stages…. This doesn’t sound too bad, but unlike the rest of the game... the actual fun part of the game… the bosses have no checkpoints… In a game about rhythm…. This is a problem for numerous reasons… To beat the boss you literally have to complete each of the stages with complete perfection in terms of hitting each beat… with only 1 mess up allowed, with sometimes getting the opportunity to get that mess up back if you clear 1 stage sufficiently… But no checkpoints in each of these 4 stages is an issue because again.. This is a rhythm based game… Forcing me to go back to clear 3 stages perfectly after I’ve proven myself time after time only to get to the 4th stage and die to do it again kills the rhythm… You’re trying to figure out a pattern, and just as you’re about to get it, you have to deal with 3 other patterns that jumble the rhythm you had going on the stage of the boss you died at… Usually the stage that slams you with its gimmick, which some of them like the slam to break objects are complete garbage where timing feels more luck based This leads to the bosses feelings frustrating and not even the least bit fun…. I appreciate the fact that the limited lives teach you the game in the obstacle portion of the game... but boss battles should either have check points or work off of a collection meter rather than force perfection 4 times in a row… or perhaps be a score challenge impossible to fail with penalties rather than the punishment of a restart loop… Thumper is an intensely challenging game.. So much so that at the time of this review, only about 1 in every 200 people that play it, beat it if you’re a rhythm based master, this is the perfect game to test yourself with… As while yes the boss battles unfortunately left a sour taste in my mouth... The game play here and fast paced obstacle dodging is addicting and will definitely give you that one more try moment as your thumb begs for mercy… I give thumper an 8.0/10

Suplex, Dec 22, 2016

Rhythm with a violence is a nice description for this game. Frustrating sometimes, but nothing you can't handle. I love the aggressive nature of the game. Best played with with earphones.

Mandulum, Feb 9, 2018

Five Word Review: Neat rhythm game, rather repetitive. Favorite Thing: The combination of music and super fast gameplay make it pretty intense. Least Favorite Thing: It gets repetitive fast. I have no desire to continue playing. Date Stopped: 2018-01-12 Playtime: 4h Enjoyment: 5/10 (I enjoyed it more for the first few hours) Recommendation: It's a decent experience to start with so, tentatively, I recommend playing it.