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Tidalis Tidalis is a block-based puzzle game with casual appeal, hardcore depth, and an addictive new "streams" mechanic. The game is brimming over with riffs and variants on that core mechanic with 20 game modes, dozens of special blocks and items, and 115 levels in the adventure mode alone. The basic rules of the game are this: blocks fall down into the board and have a color and an arrow direction. If a stack of blocks exceeds the height of the board, you lose. In order to clear blocks, you must right-click and drag paths through the arrows to set up chain reactions of like-colored blocks.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1303
Genre Miscellaneous, Puzzle, Stacking
Company / Developer
Arcen Games, LLC / Arcen Games, LLC

Tidalis reviews ( 3 )

BrianChase, Oct 6, 2012

Excellent puzzle game and I generally hate puzzle games. TONS of depth; more game modes than I care to count, a ~10 hour long campaign that challenges you at every turn by gradually increasing the difficulty, acclimating you to new modes and concepts while setting different victory conditions. If you bought this game because you're an AI War fan then you will not be disappointed (With Arcen you never will be) because this game does for puzzle games what AI War does for the RTS genre; it breaks every convention while adding a level of depth never before seen in this style of game.

GolovA, Aug 4, 2011

Decent game - but definitely not TETRIS!The major problem with this game is probably its pace - you simply end up frantically clicking all the squares to make a match just to beat the timer, and in such havoc - strategy loses its meaning.However, i spend about 10 hours enjoying the game.

Pomornik, Jan 15, 2012

Good, but asking price is a joke. If it wasn't for the large amount of levels in the storymode, and variety of game modes in general, i would say its a free online flash minigame at best. (bought on -85% sale)