Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Crack/Patch

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 All-new Shot Confidence tracks your performance on every hole, round, and golf course. Based on key factors, including club selection, hole, lie, and more, dig into past performances with the Confidence Meter to identify strengths and weaknesses before every shot. The Most Golf Courses EverExperience the all-new FedExCup championship format by playing a dream round of golf at Westchester Country Club, TPC Boston, Cog Hill, and East Lake. Take On PGA And LPGA Tour ProsChallenge the greatest PGA Tour pros, including Tiger Woods, John Daly, and Vijay Singh, plus LPGA Tour pros such as Annika Sorenstam, Natalie Gulbis, Christie Kerr, and Morgan Pressel. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 658
Genre Sports, Traditional, Individual, Golf, Sim
Players 1-4
Company / Developer
EA Sports / EA Salt Lake

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 reviews ( 7 )

JasonH., Sep 12, 2007

If you don't compare it to previous versions, this is by far the best simulation golf game for the PC. Standalone this game gets a 10 no questions. If you already have 07, or 06 though, there may not be enough additions to warrant a new purchase.

JosephB., Sep 4, 2007

The game graphics are better than last years...but only a little...the new layout and screens is difficult at first and the fact you can't see how long your shot would be with the selected club and ball position makes being a 'HACK' even more difficult...the confidence piece might be cool when I get more skills but at the beginging is doesn't do much and the fancy targeting that I have seen plastered all over the news doesn't appear to be shipped in the Canadian version as I can see any reference or get it to work...Oh, well, TW08 is good all the same...

RobertW., Sep 3, 2007

As a long time buyer of TW games both PC and console versions I feel totally let down by the 08 PC veriosn as it contains NO course atchitect and No course utillity program and as always which is the norm no anti cheat functions. Otherwise much the same as 05, 06, and 07 versions with a new kiddy style user interface and on screen messages to annoy thooose who turned off the comentator but now you cant turn off these, you got us EA. Feeling totally let down.

David, Sep 11, 2007

I like golf, i like golf video-games and i can say that this PC version is really poor. Even worst than the Wii version. If you have the chance play it onn PS3 or XBax 360.

JimC, Oct 8, 2009

Bought TW 07 online and it crashed after about 4 games..and after a lot of back and forth with EA I gave up trying to fix it. So stupid me, I bought TW08...it hasnt crashed but I've had huge playable issues with it. The longer you use one player, the laggier it gets. Its not fun hanging over a sunk putt for 1 or 2 minutes. And it gets worse every time you use the same player Even if you change players and go back, it gets worse. And once more tech support failed to help..I got told its a play issue, even tho its pretty clear there is something wrong with the game engine. The more data you accumulate on a player, the worse it gets but they dont want to ackowledge that. cant say Im surprised we havent seen the 09 or 10 version online...

DanG., Nov 22, 2007

The reviewer with PC Gamer was too kind to award a score of 30. The worst golf sim I have ever played for the PC in 25 years. going all the way back to the original Links.. Maybe it is stronger on consoles, but obviously doesn't port over properly to the PC.

DougJ., Jan 18, 2008

Absolutly pathetic. It's the same game it was 5 years ago. No, change that, it's worse than it was 5 years ago. Liknks 2003 hasn't been produced in 5 years and it's still the best golf game on the market. With all the beautifull user designed courses, user created sound files, new user animations, as well as new user designed golf physicis Links 2003 is still the king of pc golf. And thats pretty sad considering it came out in 2002.