Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers Crack/Patch

Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers Tiny & Big, a comic styled jump and slice platformer, gives you the unique ability to shape a whole world at your will! You are Tiny, a nerdy inventor who tries to reclaim his most beloved possession: Grandpa's white, fine rib underpants! On his journey through a forsaken desert he will meet mysterious creatures, no clowns, a taxi robot and his arch enemy: Big!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2047
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Black Pants / Black Pants

Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers reviews ( 7 )

Nerdsinc, Jul 15, 2012

Fracking awesome game. One of the most inventive I've ever played. The pure fun you can have by just destroying the terrain is just.... OVER 9000! The difficulty scales pretty well too :D Tiny and Big could use a sandbox mode where you just place WHATEVER you want. That would make the game 10x awesomer :D

Sir_Swag117, Dec 17, 2015

Lovely lovely lovely lovely destruction. Destroying the terrain is something you're meant to do, which is so fun I spent most of my time dicking around, and when the main antagonist showed up and started throwing rocks, it bugged me because I wanted do dick around.

BonPhire, Aug 4, 2013

Very underrated and very fun game, great design, great soundtrack, great gameplay, any fan of 3D platformers will really enjoy their time with this game. One drawback though from making this game a 10 out of 10 would be how short the game is, to finish the game without getting all the collectables will take about only 4hours of gameplay. But a very fun 4hours, I’d also recommend picking up the soundtrack too if you’re into indi bands. 8/10

azgoodaz, Jun 6, 2015

You can push blocks, lazer blocks, and you can use the claw to move blocks. How can you not like this puzzle game? In Tiny and Big they have hidden little Easter eggs and also hidden areas you can go to (and get secret achievements) if you want to wonder off and not finish the mission/level as soon as possible. The game also has small side quest's in which you can collect all the mix tapes or collect all the "boring stones" in that mission/level you are playing on. If you have a laptop and the controls are a bit hard for you. You can always switch to a controller since the game supports it. Its a pretty decent game if you want to challenge your mind with the puzzles in the missions/levels.

doal, Jun 27, 2012

Don't be fooled. It is an action platformer in disguise of a sandbox puzzler. I spend majority of play time jumping, dodging, and aiming than thinking. And it

frast, Nov 6, 2012

Really interesting arcade game. Cool vibe and funny story. Interesting ideas. It is a pity that the graphics look so poorly and I wish that the game does not have more weapons / opportunities because after a short time, the possibility offered by the game just bored. For this game has some not elaborate and it can sometimes upset. It is a pity that such an idea has not been fully exploited. My Rating - 6/10

Whiskerbro, Jul 3, 2013

This game is like any other 3d puzzle platformer with all the fun sucked right out of it. The graphics are pretty cool, but that's not what most people play games for. The puzzles are repetitive and dull, and don't ever seem to use Tiny's arsenal to its full extent. The controls are awkward and almost broken, and it is riddled with glitches. I was bored most of the time.