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Titan Souls Between our world and the world beyond lie the Titan Souls, the spiritual source and sum of all living things. Now scattered among the fallout and guarded by the idle titans tasked with their care, a singular hero armed with a solitary arrow is once more bringing together shards of the Titan Soul in a mission for truth and power.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2006
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / Acid Nerve

Titan Souls reviews ( 6 )

vrildox, Apr 15, 2015

Shadow of the Colossus + Fez + Link to the Past + Dark Souls + Journey = Titan Souls. I know that sounds like a mix of a bunch of perfect games and that's because it is.

Jamproc, Apr 14, 2015

This is quite possibly the Best Single Player Game Ever created. There is no **** No Trash enemies, no wasted time. It has a wonderful soundtrack and incredible game mechanics and it has a beautiful art style. From the beginning it doesn't choke out your interest with a fake garbage story and soulless characters. You control a kid with one arrow and you simply fight Titans. Avoid their attacks and kill them by attacking their weak point. This is a challenging game. If you have respect for games like Super Meat Boy and Hotline Miami, then you must play this game. It is incredible. 10/10

Crappy, Jul 29, 2015

I came into Titan Souls with little knowledge of the game itself, beyond hearing it was pretty hard, and I’d watched a brief YouTube video that, if I’d paid more attention, would have demonstrated I was setting myself up for a fall. As you might recall from my last review, Keebles, I struggle with too much of a challenge and lack the patience to keep one’s controller intact after many cheap deaths. However, I was taken in by the sweet pixelly graphics of Titan Souls. The game opens with your little guy wandering around in a temple area, with just his bow and single arrow to defend against some pretty nasty enemies. I initially started out using keyboard controls, but quickly found that to be both frustrating and physically painful, so I spent an extremely irritating amount of time figuring out which console gamepad I could use. After several failed attempts, I managed to get my PS4 controller working with Steam and away I went. The first enemy I fought was a bouncing blob with a heart inside. It was clear I needed to release the heart from the blob, and then shoot it, but of course, it wasn’t that easy. Each time you shot the blob, it divided (and became more aggressive), and so you then had to contend with multiple enemies. After several shots, you could end up with a large amount of small (and fast) bouncing blobs each leaving slime trails to trap you. If you were hit by a blob, you were instantly dead. I spent far too long yelling at my screen about this, and nearly got to the point of giving up, but I persevered and it eventually paid off. And I must say: the satisfaction you get from destroying your first enemy after dying so many times was so worth it. Feeling like I was getting the hang of it, I moved on to the next enemy, which was a brain inside a block of ice. Again, this was a very aggressive enemy (sensing a theme here). A flame would regularly spurt from the centre of the room, and due to playing many RPGs in my life, I instinctively knew that I needed to shoot my arrow through the flame to hit the enemy’s ice shield, thus leaving the brain unprotected. I took out this enemy in short order and derived great satisfaction from absorbing its soul. The final boss of the level was a stone golem with two very smashy fists. One fist would pursue you, while the other protected a jewel in the golem’s chest. Some fancy ducking and weaving is necessary before expertly (or luckily, in my case) timing your shot just as the fists swap places. For some reason I thought that was the end of the game and I was considering it a bit of a rip-off, until I realised that no, there are more levels to play – the game has a total of 20 bosses, in fact. The doors to the first level opened, and in I went, stepping on a floorplate, to be lifted to a new area – one with far more places to explore and pixelly scenery to admire, including a range of different environments (I explored a snow area with a stark beauty). Despite my frustration at the difficulty of Titan Souls, I do understand that’s a big part of its appeal to many gamers. After 80 minutes of gameplay, my death count was 62, so that’s probably a good indicator of what to expect. The game requires patience and practice, and if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded with a satisfying payoff. I would definitely insist you play with a gamepad because the keyboard controls are just not responsive and fine enough for some of the fast dodging and shooting you need to do. The gamepad gives you greater range of movement and your tendons will thank you later. The graphics are sweet and nostalgic, and the lilting piano score is subtle and ambient. Little touches like wind swirls, and trees swaying give a nice amount of movement to the scenery. Don’t forget to take a dip if you come across a body of water.

peterjson, Sep 7, 2015

Just another example of indie games polluting Steam with low amount of content. Yes, the graphics is nice and the boss fights are good, but there isn't much more to it. The game does deliver what it promises, but it isn't a complete game. It's a demo. Asking that much money for it is ridiculous. Hopefully if enough people ask for refund the developers would get to their senses and produce some actual content.

Laer, Mar 14, 2017

Un juego corto (muy corto), con un apartado artístico brutal, donde mirar cara a cara a bestias cada cual más diferente a la anterior. Sin duda el juego es sencillo, ruedas, corres, tirar una flecha mágica (tu única flecha) para intentar matar al enemigo de un golpe, y si no lo consigues la recoges nuevamente (andando sobre ella o "llamándola"), en enfrentamientos de "igual condición" ya que ambos morís de un golpe. Su mecánica es sencilla, y cumple. Lo mas bonito sin lugar a discusión es su apartado gráfico/artístico, es (bajo mi punto de vista) su gran reclamo, y no decepciona para nada. Respecto a la dificultad, salvo algún Titan especifico que me ha dado algún problema, el juego es bastante fácil. Los dos apartados donde creo que falla el juego son dos. El primero, y el más hablado por la mayoría de los análisis es la posición donde te deja el juego al morir frente a un Titan. El tener que recorrer ese tramo de camino cansa bastante, y si, aunque suelen ser cortos, repetirlos no es del agrado de nadie. El segundo fallo es la historia, no cuentan nada y tampoco generan ningún tipo de interés para intentar averiguar nada, ya que lo único que puedes encontrar es rebuscando algunos grabados donde especular sobre está. Me es complicado recomendar o no este juego, ya que estoy entre la espada y la pared. Por un lado veo algo interesante y bonito, pero por otro lado veo algo que podría ser mucho mas de lo que es, con una duración corta y pequeños fallos que que se juntan para dejar una mancha bastante visible. Mi recomendación es que os informéis bastante bien sobre este juego antes de adquirirlo, y sobre todo que si tenéis la oportunidad, una oferta no viene mal. La votación final es "no" por que yo mismo no lo recomendaría a un grupo de amigos, si no a personas en especifico que se que les podría interesar algo así.

Wozeo, Jan 23, 2017

Ce jeu est assez joli et est dur, ce qui peut être bien sauf que ici ce n'est pas le cas. En effet lorsqu'on meurt on ne respawn pas dans la salle du boss mais un peut plus loin, le trajet prend peut être 5 sec mais au bout de 10 morts il juste insupportable. Deuxièmement pour chaque boss il y a une certaine technique pour les tuer, sauf que je trouve très dur de trouver ces technique ce qui oblige à chercher sur internet ( vu qu'au début d'un boss vous aller mourir en 5 sec, après vous aller réussir à a peut près esquiver et ensuite vous chercher comment le tuer pour ensuite essayer de le tuer tout en vous tapant le trajet à chaque fois )