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Titanfall 2 In single player, Titanfall 2 delivers a crafted experience that explores the unique bond between man and machine. Playable offline, the single player campaign in Titanfall 2 lets fans step out onto The Frontier as a Militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming an elite Pilot. Stranded behind enemy lines and facing overwhelming odds, players must team up with a veteran Titan to uphold a mission they were never meant to carry out. In multiplayer, Respawn is continuing to evolve their gameplay to provide a more robust experience that delivers expanded depth and variety that includes six new Titans, deeper Pilot abilities, more customization options, and a robust progression system that is sure to satisfy fans. [Electronic Arts]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7010
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Respawn Entertainment
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Titanfall 2 reviews ( 7 )

Vapourjim, Oct 28, 2016

Do not understand all these negative reviews. Can only believe it is some sort of troll. The single player campaign so far is fantastic, plays out well and really smooth. Great story line to make you feel engaged. The multiplayer is fast pace, well balanced maps. Really is a great game.

Diesel_6223, Oct 30, 2016

one of the best campaigns I've played in years, my only wish was that there was more of it. game play is smooth, fun and never boring. the platforming sections a great break from the intense combat. and so far multiplayer has tons to do with loads of different game types. game is a must have title this year.

ReDDoTNeckbeard, Oct 28, 2016

Great game, well balanced multiplayer with a fun and arcade-like formula. Think of call of duty play style with giant mechs involved. I am very happy that all the DLC is free and there is no season pass. On top of that, devs are aware that the game is on PC and provided it with great support and overall level of polish (i.e. 4k @ 60fps recommended hardware and many other bells and whistles).

Allions, Nov 19, 2016

Great game, i bought this after Battlefield 1, because my clan play that one and not this... but this is at least beautiful and good as Bf1 (even more in some ways). Great campaing and solid multiplayer gameplay! Thanks Respawn!

cjbesa22, Nov 26, 2016

Never played the 1st Titanfall. Very nice single player campaign even though is kinda short. Controls are super smooth and multiplayer is a lot of fun.

SuperkenGaming, Oct 30, 2016

Titanfall 2 Feeling a bit dated Titanfall 2 is the debut of this series to PlayStation and with this debut comes with an added 6 hour campaign??� And this campaign is far greater than I had any hopes of it being in some cases, while in others really letting me down... Starting with the good, the gameplay and story here does an awesome job of pulling you towards the credits.. Very early on you become the pilot of a titan named BT and as you play through the story you slowly create a bond with this machine that quickly feels like a living breathing creature??� The banter between you as the pilot and your titan during dialog choices was a highlight for me and had me cracking up as he??�s trying to understand human emotion, or comprehend expressions taking them literally??� The campaign has you switching back and forth between being on foot and being in your titan, And both are so fun and feel so great, but there??�s far more focus on being a grounded foot soldier than a titan pilot in this campaign??� Luckily, being on ground can be just as fun as piloting your titan.. wall running and shooting through enemies is a blast, and there are so many cool moments in the campaign that are genuine surprises, and really cool twists the gameplay, there is a decent mix of intrigue, first person shooter, and platforming elements here??� Mech fighting is even more fun, and as you progress through the story you unlock new loadouts for your titan all with their own shields, rockets, blasters, and core attacks, so you??�re guaranteed to find at least 1 you love that fits your playstyle... Titan combat can feel much more frustrating though as you don??�t have the luxury of health regenerating like you do while on foot.. You have to collect batteries around the combat area or from enemy titans... Which can lead to some pretty frustrating boss battles... but none that ever feel unfair??� Just take much more patience than the first person shooter, platforming sections of the game... Now onto the bad.. Gameplay is definitely king, but its 2016 and while Titanfall 2 is fun enough to be ultimately forgiven??� it??�s nowhere near ambitious enough to look or run the way it does??� I??�m not one to usually talk about graphics, but the textures in this game are noticeably awful??� The game really looks bad, its ugly throughout and isn??�t helped by the constant dull grey color pallet I thought we got past in 2010, clearly not.. Its back and honestly does take the enjoyment out of the overall experience??� It hardly lives up to the standard of FPS graphics of 5 years ago let alone today... I want to stop in a game, look around and be awed, here I stopped, looked around and wondered why this ps4 game looks like a mid-cycle ps3 game??� which brings me to the loads??� I can??�t remember the last time I saw a load screen between checkpoints in a modern game??�. Well they??�re here??�. And again I really don??�t understand why??� The game isn??�t pushing the limits on anything to warrant anything but seamless transitions I also ran into a game breaking bug in one of the final missions where a team mate fell through the map, and wouldn??�t come back even after reloading the checkpoint, causing me to have to restart the chapter from the very beginning to proceed??� Thankfully this wasn??�t too annoying and is the only bug I ran into??� And while multiplayer returns, this is my first time experiencing it, and honestly I wasn??�t all too blown away??� I had fun, but running around and getting kills to call in my titan around some basic and ugly grey maps wasn??�t all too exciting??� There are really no game modes here to make you think outside of the box and strategize like any great multiplayer would??� Its either get kills and bank.. Every mech or pilot for themselves... pilot vs pilot, titan vs titan and the typical capture and hold or capture the flag modes but with tanks.. Though I did personally enjoy titan vs titan the most, as I feel it comes closest to being anything but mindless??� Everything about multiplayer though for the most part feels average, and the battles between the titans isn??�t as epic as you would expect and it isn??�t as terrifying as you??�d expect seeing 1 as just a pilot??� All in all Titanfall 2 is still a fun game, but the overall package is just average??� Lacking a bit of polish and feeling like its already 5 years old... The star of the show here is hands down the single player and the greatly realized bond between man and titan. I give titanfall 2 a 7.5/10

H8terCritic, Dec 18, 2016

Unlike the last game this one has a campaign worth playing. I found it to be innovative and fun. The core of the game ;however is the Multiplayer which was rushed and under developed. The game like the last one is easy to moded. This allows players to have advantages over normal everyday players. Maps were poorly designed and have many places for players to get stuck. When your shooting a titan and and it turns to shoot you I found the character becomes frozen. Certain weapons are over powered with little recoil to the player using them. So if would only make sense to use those weapons all the time. Meaning why use the 15+ other weapons available when you can use this one shot kill weapon. This game was well programmed with errors let go because it met the minimum requirements.