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To the Moon Join Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts as they enter a patient named Johnny's mind on his death bed to grant his final request. Watch, interact, and change the past as Johnny's life unfolds before you and takes you on a magical journey inside one's head that asks the greatest question of all: "What if...?" If you had the chance to relive your life, would you change things? Would you try to achieve some grand goal? Could you find love? Fame? Fortune? Or would you realize that sometimes the past is meant to stay the same. Join Dr. Rosalene and Watts on their journey and travel To The Moon.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 10648
Genre Role-Playing, Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Freebird Games / Freebird Games

To the Moon reviews ( 7 )

werty8472, Nov 26, 2011

I was excited to see this game release from when I heard about it awhile ago. It borrows from the style of the 16-bit video game generation of yore, and shows the story of a man on his deathbed, who signs up for a program that can help him relive his life in order to achieve his wish.His wish? He wants to go to the moon.If you're anything like me, you're going through the first two hours of the game, basically at the brink of bawling like a baby (don't clump me in with those emo kids), with the last thing on your mind having anything to do with the moon. It's a complex story, and the culmination point of it seems farfetched until you let the entire story play before you, and you recognize the beauty of it all.Let me tell you something. Beauty is a perfect word to describe it. The storytelling is masterful, and complex, and charming. The characters are lovable. You play as the two scientists who assist the man in the pursuit of his dream, and often act as the comic relief for emotionally tense situations. Other times, they show as glimpses of characters who themselves have dark and secreted away emotions and struggles.The graphics show how aesthetic and detailed something can be when you focus that graphical attention on a style which is otherwise considered to be outdated. If you can masterfully produce something in 16-bit graphics, then you can see it as masterful as someone who built a complicated 3D system. The difference is that you have a much harder time showing a masterful presentation in 3D that ages well, since the medium is constantly being updated. The odd place of this current-day 16-bit presentation looks easily as masterful as the most detailed presentations of 16-bit classics.In short, I loved it.So, here's the part where I provide some criticism. The game looks very much like an old turn-based RPG classic. It plays like a point-and-click adventure, and much of the actual 'gameplay' is a set of sliding puzzles. The intent, it seems, is to focus much of the attention of the player to be on the story (which, as previously stated, is a strong point worthy of being pointed toward), but after all is said and done, one wonders about how necessary it was to have the title called a 'game'.Could the presentation have survived without the gameplay mechanics? The sliding puzzles, certainly, but one of the best things about a video game over, say, a book or a movie, is that you have the ability to interact with the world to get the most out of the storyline. There were a few things that I admired that could have only been done through use of gameplay- notes which get altered by untrustworthy narrators, and the like, but beyond that much of the exploration is required to progress the game, and the interactivity between the player and the environment is slim.In fact, the game 'reads' much like a visual novel. You do macguffins, and it makes story happen. But they jokingly acknowledged it several times, and clearly made an effort to keep it at a necessary minimum. To be fair, the turn-taking RPG itself stuff itself with macguffin'd tasks and elements. I dare you to tell me that the actual 'gameplay' in a Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior game is good. Enjoying the battle element out of a turn-taking RPG is like liking calculators and Excel spreadsheets for the thrilling gameplay. You do a thing, which makes you feel like you're progressing.But, gamewise, is there a better way to include gameplay into a title which wants to focus as much as possible onto the story? Because of the detective-like elements of gameplay, and the articulation of the scientists would be better utilized with some of the elements which made Phoenix Wright into a game. I mean, sure, I don't know anything more about law than I did when I started playing the games, but I sure as hell felt like a lawyer. Some of the clues to the mystery of the man you are helping might be better solved if a gameplay mechanic forced the player to draw some of the conclusions itself.The end of the game was a clear and complete story of the man whose life you explored. But what is opened to you is a very interesting world, prime with opportunity for further exploration. So long as the charm of the two scientists is not over-explored early on, I expect myself to be able to enjoy the sequels that the game's conclusion certainly seemed to be hinting at. Hopefully I can man the hell up before I play them.Extra Note: I want to give special commendation to the game To the Moon for including a character who has special needs successfully into the story. I won't be too specific, since every single thing about this game should be experienced through the game itself, but all I want to say is that it was amazing to get a realistic human characterization without getting the 'a very special episode' feeling. Bravo.

SpecX, May 23, 2013

In my life, I have never played such a game with a great story before. The game is four hours long and is cheap if you get it from Steam. The game has very simple controls and old school graphics.

dilshadali, Feb 1, 2014

If you want to play a game with good story, this is the game for u. this game will never let u get bored and this game never let you know what will happen next until u finish this game.

dokisame, Aug 1, 2013

To me, a game, a book, a piece of music, or a movie they are all the same. Although technically different, they are nevertheless products of the human creativity. We can create and enjoy it however we want it to be. If I were blind, a book to me is not much different from a song: they are just thoughts and emotions brought to the inside my mind. If I can play a game that its song is so beautiful and its story is fascinating, that it makes me a better person, despite the boring game-play, or a 90s-graphic, I would still give it a 10/10. That's what I think of To The Moon.

Xanifur, Jan 8, 2014

Wow, this is a stunningly beatuiful game. A definite tear jerker. It will have you laughing and crying. This is what storytelling is all about. A Definite must play if you like story based games. I played it in one sitting, and it was an amazing experience. Don't let the style hold you back, it is all about storytelling, and this game does it perfectly. The writing for the children is a bit off, but is still great. 9/10 Definite must play.

EnokiEmperor, May 28, 2013

I really enjoyed the story and fell in love with this game. I know it doesn't renovate gaming and at times can be cheesy. But that's what i liked about it. The graphics were Ok, maybe something like a anime graphic novel could have been really cool too. The music at times were sometimes intense but only added to the emotion the team was hoping for the user to feel during some of the story. The only thing i can knock if i had to are the controls. At times it was a little frustrating trying to move with the mouse. I ended up using the arrow keys to get around to finish the game. I hope to see more from this team both in narrative and music. Thanks Freebird -Eno-

GuntherUltrabol, Jul 2, 2016

Folks, this is not a game. This is a short story that could be told in a half hour were it not for the mundane, tedious tasks you are forced to perform before moving on. Imagine reading your favorite book but before turning each page you and to toss 5 pennies into a jar from accross the room? I voted 1. Because this is not a game. Not even close to a game. You can't affect the end, you don't develope your character. You actually at one point play a very poorly rendered version of whack-a-mole so that you can move to the next chapter/paragraph/whatever. By the the time the story ended i was so irritated by the tedium, there wasn't any hope for a sad ending. It was a HAPPY ending for me because it was FINALLY over.