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Toki Tori The gameplay in Toki Tori is a blend of two genres. While it looks like a platform game, it's a puzzle game at heart. To progress through the game, the player must pick up each egg in a level using a set number of tools. Players will have to look and plan ahead carefully while using items such as the Telewarp, Freeze-o-Matic and InstantRock. Additional tools are gradually introduced as the player progresses through the game's 80+ levels covering four unique worlds. [Steam]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1584
Genre Miscellaneous, Puzzle, Action, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Two Tribes / Two Tribes
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Toki Tori reviews ( 7 )

Knotsie, Mar 22, 2012

When you first see this game, you might get the impression it's more of a child's game, but believe me, it's not! I got this game in a bundle with some other games and had low expectations of it, but actually it turned out to be the best game of the bundle where I already spent over 20 hours in. :) Toki Tori is actually a puzzle game. It's all based on a simple idea, you can walk around and climb ladders, there are x eggs in a room, you have limited items to use, and you got to get all the eggs with those items. Since the gameplay is smooth, with for example a rewind option for if you do something wrong and a fast walking toki (the chicken you control in the game, either by mouse or by keyboard, mouse works really well), it plays nice and is really addicting. The puzzles themselves are good too, they start rather easy, but get harder, yet it still satisfies when you find the solution for them. It satisfies even more when you break a level :) (have items left in a level) And more important, there are more than enough levels, there are almost 100 in the game already! And when you're done with those, which will take you some time since you can be stuck on the hardest levels for hours, there is an active steam community, where another bunch of levels are to download thanks to the level editor! All with all, this is a really fun puzzle game, which every puzzle fan should get, especially because of it's low price :)

jankojanko, Mar 21, 2011

Toki tori is a perfect game for kids 8 and up. It looks like a platform jumping game, but in reality the levels are neat puzzles. Some levels are quite hard, so you may need to help your kid, but overall it is refreshing to see a good logic game in a world full of dumb clickfests.

CannibalBob, Apr 12, 2012

What appealed to me the most in Toki Tori were the challenging and interesting puzzles - a good puzzle game is difficult to find these days! Each of the four worlds has a unique ability, keeping the game from going stale, while adding a sense of adventure. Don't be fooled by the bubbly music, colourful graphics and childish feel - the bonus/hard puzzles are tough and give a huge sense of satisfaction when a solution is found.Highly recommended for those patient puzzle lovers out there.

mrnice, Jul 21, 2012

Surprisingly mature and clever gameplay. The only children-directed aspect of this game is the presentation. It's because of that I recommend it especially to families and institutions. The gameplay is for mindful thinkers and tinkerers of all ages. Some levels are very difficult.

fartheststar, Dec 14, 2012

Pretty fun little game - but my interest is fading. I've played 15 hours on Steam where I purchased it on sale for $0.49, and it's well worth that. I like that it doesn't require rapid reflexes to solve most puzzles. It really is mostly a puzzle game - where you have to plan out all your steps and resource use in advance. Lots of trial and error with a helpful "rewind" button for when you mess up. One of the harder levels I couldn't do because of timing (ex: I knew what to do, but couldn't execute fast enough - I'm on a keyboard and mouse) - but 95% of the time actions are not dependent on quick timing. I'm on the "Bubbles" levels now and am probably close to quiting as they're pretty hard and getting to be more frustrating than fun (when you have to google regularly to find the solution it ceases to be fun imho). I still give this a 6 as I enjoyed it alot up to now. Definitely worth it on sale, and enjoyed the early worlds alot. Some of the "Hard" levels will be exactly that - and don't be surprised if you get to the point like me where the difficulty outreaches your interest. The first 3 worlds are a definite 7, but I ground to a halt at the Bubbles level and not sure I'll finish - so lowering score to 6.

JimCorbett, Jan 14, 2013

Pretty bland and boring, honestly. The puzzles get ridiculous in a hurry, and require you to use the given tools in the precise manner the developers intended, effectively eliminating any possibility of player creativity. The worst part of the game, however, is the color scheme. When you play for 30 minutes or more and then quit the game, you will immediately notice a strange impression it has left in your eyes with its bright, neon colors as you seemingly view the world with a yellowish-green pair of glasses.

Dori, Jul 14, 2013

I tried the demo, and first three lvls were confusing but I could pass them. Next lvl was imposible, the demo game doesn't even say what to do and more important:how. If you want to sell a product you must make it funny and not hard and brainbraking,