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Tokyo Dark Legend tells of a door deep below Tokyo's sewers. All who enter are lost forever. Detective Ito's partner is missing. Explore Tokyo & uncover the darkness that lays beneath the streets in this Point & Click - meets Visual Novel - narrative adventure that questions the very core of Ito's sanity.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1214
Genre Adventure, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Square Enix, Cherrymochi
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Tokyo Dark reviews ( 2 )

quil, Sep 7, 2017

- Amazing soundtrack - Loved the writing, all characters had a distinct voice. Ito's monologues were powerful. - Story was really intriguing, I rarely replay games for multiple endings but I absolutely did for this one. - Beautiful background art and cool character designs. - Horror elements were fantastic, genuinely creepy. - Super fun to have so much choice in this game. Different dialogues appear for different choices you make throughout the entire game, not just one section. - Overall, a highly enjoyable experience that makes me want to get all the achievements, which to me is the sign of a fantastic game. Would definitely recommend if you are into horror/thriller stories in general!

deadfairness, Jan 31, 2018

- Terrible soundtack - Absolutely pointless writing, and there's no character voices. Only couple phrases in the beginning - Story hasn't a single clue, all endings stupid and horrible. - Backgrounds was like they're painted by an amateur, character designed in typical anime and there wasn't any specific lines. - Horror elements can scare only a child. Choices doesn't matter at all, and they're were on level of fallout 4 choices. - Overall, this game is may be quite interesting for people who tired of dating simulators, but still playing them. Not for people, who looking for something special.