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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter In 2013, the U.S. Army will implement the Integrated Warfighter System (IWS), evolving what we know as the modern soldier. IWS combines advanced weapon systems, satellite communication devices and enhanced survivability into one fully integrated combat system. The IWS program has been developed to meet these new threats head on. Now, it can be tested on the battlefield. Following an insurgence in the heart of Mexico City, the U.S. Army's most elite Special Forces team is deployed to the center of the conflict to regain control of the city. Greatly outnumbered but fully equipped with the IWS, this elite team is the first and last line of defense on the battlefield. They are the "Quiet" professionals. They are the Ghosts. Gain access to the future of military technology. Using a fully integrated combat system with cutting-edge weapons and revolutionary communication systems, gamers embody the soldier of the future. Based on actual U.S. Army research, the Ghosts give gamers a realistic view of how war will be fought in the next decade. Use the revolutionary Cross-Com, a communication device powered by satellite technology. Attached to the soldier's monocle, the Cross-Com provides full situational awareness and command of the battlefield. Command the Ghost squad and remote allied forces and drones, and direct artillery and air strikes. See what the squad sees and receive visual and auditory intel from allied forces and unmanned drones. [Ubisoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2081
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern
Players 32 Online
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / GRIN

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter reviews ( 7 )

MarkJones, Nov 1, 2008

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is my favorite FPS game. It uses current technological standards in storyline and weapons. It's the first FPS since Rainbow Six 3 to really let me peek out and see everything while not exposing my torso. It's clear weapon customization menu is beautifully simple, while Its the only game to really allow me to customize my weapon and have the customizations impact my success it different environmental conditions. GRAW for some people will be hard, but for seasoned veterans of PC combat simulations, it will be the best FPS game ever made after third-party map and weapon modifications like OGN's weapons mod, and Brettzies M4 mod are installed.

YEGORM., Dec 23, 2006

GRAW campaign (played at Hard): GRAW is the first REALLY worth tactical FPS as for me (oh, there were "Chrome" for years ago - but for different reasons). Thanx to it's breathetaking, almost realistic combat simulation, this game truely becomes an "Elite" - "not-for-all" gaming masterpiece. (If you prefer to play like Invulnerable Robocop - you are off) I agree - there are some serious weak points: The saving system (but this will definitely teach you to be careful and raise the cost of your "life" - like the "real" war - the mistakes are very "expensive") Useless "friends" (I've always tried to save them at the spawnpoint and used simple "move" commands. Also, I've turned off the enemy rhombus marks - this feature somewhat like cheating for me (i want simulator - not the "conquistador vs indians" story... The bottomline: I would say, that it is not "you testing this game" - this time the "game testing you" as a "smart player" and professional or "disciplined" gamer (Your "system" have to meet this game's "requirements"). And I really enjoyed the test - "it's been emotional" and absorbing... As for Multi-player: I was dreamed about sinking into GRAW multi-player fields... I thought: "Finally I've found an alternative for CS:S (which is become "a new Quake styled action" - running-jumping-shooting!..." Anticipated, I've downloaded and installed official patch (it was mp_map_pack_1.6)---> BUT, for some reasons, the game is not running with this patch installed (I live in Russia_Moscow, and using official copy of GRAW) is starting to have trubles with launching (giving the error message - "some kind of "ticket exception or smth. like that- so I've gived up - have no time to involve myself into long period of finding something that possibly doesnot exists" So GRAW-Multi is far away now from me.

DrCola, Jan 23, 2011

This game is amazing, it combines unique strategy with moderately stunning graphics, its way more tactical and customizable than any other FPS on the market, at first it can be a little furstrating, but once its picked up, you will have a blast, I highly recommend this game if you want moderately realistic, along with a believable storyline. The combat is very interesting, with all the different angles it is very versatile, and the world has diversity, I would highly say that this is superior to any call of duty game, be warned however, the multi player just plain sucks. in GRAW2 however, the multi player is WAY better. Very often you will be completely convinced that you are an elite unit of the united states government.Very fun.

JeffB., May 8, 2006

Only played Single Player so far. Love the graphics. Like that it "feels" like the original GR. Don't like that if the Capt dies, the mission is over. In the real world, ranking person in the squad would just take over. Also wish you could swap squad members like GR1. BUT, game play gives more lattitude than the typical "gun n' run" game, just like GR1. Definitely more "tactical" in nature, which we GR1 alumni LOVE. No comment multi-player as I've not had a chance to play it yet.

MikeL., Jun 26, 2006

The graphics are great and the destruction is very nice to behold. The difficulty level I feel is a little bit too high, especially considering the weak save system - and I'm no amateur gamer. There is not many weapons, though you can choose simple upgrades to put on them (grenade launcher, silencer, the like). You cannot use the weapons of fallen enemies, though you will pick up ammo, provided you are using the one weapon they supply ammo for. The AI can be a little clumsy, but overall it gets the job done. GRAW definitely isn't groundbreaking, but has been a nice, if somewhat frustrating, diversion. I recommend the buy if you have a gaming PC, patience, and determination to get through some very long missions. In the end it pays off.

RichC., Jul 1, 2006

I'm tired of single player games that try to be multiplayer. I don't like to have to control a squad or teammates to be successful. I really thought it may be like the Ghost Recon's of yesteryear, but I was wrong. Ghraphics are awesome, but there's more to a game that what you look at.

souperdooper, Nov 27, 2010

After having played the first Gost Recon I got stright thinto the advanced warfighter. I have no idea how someone can get such an excellent game and turn it into such a mess..Honestly, this is the worst game I have ever played... It looks great, the graphics are great but it annoys the hell out of you..Gameplay.Still after several hours of playing I cant get the keys in a configuration that is comfortable. In the first Ghost recon you could send the team exactly were you wanted to. You could tell to drop stance, lay on their knees or stand up. So you could protect them from their low IQ.In this one, you cant. they do whatever you do. So, they are exposed and die on you all the time. So you have to do everything and only use them as cover. Now how stupid is that???Weapons. You cant drop a weapon, you cant pick up ammo from other weapons even if they are of the same type, the rpgs you pick up show to have a missile on them but once you pick it up it says its empty, (bug), when you throw a grenade you can control the strength you throw it with and it leaves your hand as if you re using a grenade launcher.. etc etc..On the hardcore, they tried to make it extremely difficult but the wrong way.. Just as you get into the line of sight of the enemy you get instantly killed. just like that.. Sometimes you are being shot at but the radar doesnt show you were the shots is coming from!! Guys, please.. realise that in reality you have a much wider vision, and hearing and you can understand were the shots come from.. you have to complement for the tunnel vision of gaming somehow.. ok???the team.. on the hardcore, the "IQ" /abilities of the enemies goes up.. but your team is just as stupid and useless.. the are being shot at and all they do is shout : Im taking fire!!! Well yes you moron you are in a war what do you expect?? do sthing about it!!on Ghost recon 1, you could walk around the enemies and flank tyhem while sending your team the other way.. on this one, no. they had to touch cvause sthing was bothering with you having the ability to think.. So, the map, doesnt get wide enough for you to control the team and as a result if you move too far from the rest you cant seem them on the map. and if you try to move them blindly, they ll go stright into the line of fire and get instantly killed.. nice..If you wonder around now, and you get a bit off further away from where the game ecpects you to be, you get a guy on the screen yelling at you that you re leaving the battlefield and they ll shut you down.. and if you insists just a little more you die and start all over again.. nice hah??Overall this game is a disaster.. I really liked the first Ghost Recon.. so much so, that I ve been playing for more then 3 years.. On and off of course.. This one? I ll finish, but I dont think I ll ever install it again..there s no tactics, no gameplay, and no fun in it..