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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six The most revolutionary action/strategy game of its kind. Nothing comes closer to offering an exciting combination of strategy, team-building, realistic three-dimensional graphics and true-to-life special forces action. The ultimate goal is to save yourself and the world from deadly terrorists. You must successfully complete 17 unique missions. If you die, the game isn't over. The World is. [Red Storm Entertainment]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1492
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Red Storm Entertainment / Red Storm Entertainment

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six reviews ( 6 )

Delta_Assault, Sep 28, 2011

As much as Doom was my gateway into computer games and its rich potential, Rainbow Six and its sequel Rogue Spear were my meat and potatoes. Back when I actually had a subscription to a gaming magazine (God, those were the days...) this preview for a game based on a Tom Clancy novel immediately caught my attention. I had gotten plenty bored of Quake 2 and was restless for something different and unique. The ultra-realistic gameplay of Rainbow Six fit to a T. Still, my computer at that time was unable to meet the minimum requirements for R6, so it would take a couple months before I actually got into it. But get into it I did, with a passion that now seems somewhat inhuman. I lovingly outfitted each operative with different weapons, carefully mapped out their mission routes and held my breath as they soldiered out to take down the terrorists and rescue the hapless hostages. Of course, on more then one occasion the entire operation would turn into a fiasco with multiple casualties and hostages gunned down. Alas, back to the drawing board.But multiplayer was where Rainbow Six really shined. Freed of the cumbersome AI, it was amazing to encounter a situation where you could be taken out by the opposing team in just one or two bullets. The added lethality of the weapons and the reduced margin of error made for the most amazingly tense multiplayer matches ever. Rogue Spear, the sequel which I bought on opening day was much more of the same. I have to be honest, Rogue Spear multiplayer devoured my life throughout 4 years of high school and doubtless contributed to the fact that my GPA suffered and I never had a girlfriend. Oh well, it seemed worth it, that's just how obsessed I was with the game. Even outside the game itself, I posted frequently on RSE's (the maker of R6) forums and made quite a few memorable friends, who later formed their own personal forum at Rainbow Six is truly an immense chunk of my life and I have nothing but fond memories to look back on.

R6obsessed, Dec 10, 2015

If you are familiar with Siege and Vegas you must know that those games are a departure from the original formula of R6. Although I do enjoy the modern R6, my favorite remains with the older ones. Rainbow Six was known for 3 core things in an open-world map. -Planning -Pacing -Executing REAL DEAL TAC-SIM The FPS mechanics are slow and tense. It's exciting because you will die in one hit. Forcing you to really emphasize upon the unpredictable enemies, and the organization of your team. Planning and teamwork are extremely crucial, but the game does not setup these assets for you. Instead you have to plan everything on your own. PLAN OR DIE 90% of the time you'll be stuck on the drawing board. You'll be switching back-and-forth between planning and action. The trial-and-error, and the random deployment of the enemies, makes it a satisfying challenge once you get everything right. You setup your team and choose their equipment based on the situation. You manage your own snipers, demolitions experts, assault teams and reconnaissance teams You manage their orders in the field through a complex waypoint system. At first glance, the whole planning phase will look like a chore. The maps look outdated and blocky, but if you give it time and patience you'll learn to appreciate it all. TRUE OPEN-WORLD GAME the non-linearity of the planning phase, gives you endless options on how you want to approach missions. The options are vast , you control when your team shoots, breach, and speed of their movement. TEAMMATES ARE LIKE DRONES, BUT THEY GET THE JOB DONE Your AI mates are drones that follow you everywhere you go. They do everything you say specifically and chronologically execute the orders based on the way-points you setup. Sometimes they'll come to an ad-hoc and that's when you know you some re-planning needs to be done. For a game that's decades old the game-play already has more "replayability" than Most triple-A titles these days. It takes time to appreciate a game that's not straightforward and a tad complicated, but once you do, you'll find that R6 is really something special. If you're new to the series, this will give you an original perspective on the series. You can then understand why allot of fans aren't too happy on where the series are heading.

MadJaples, Oct 29, 2015

Rainbow Six was my introduction - and pretty much anyone else's for that matter - to squad based tactical shooters - it was damned hard though, when I was 19 I could JUST get my head around the controls and the call signs and the go commands and the waypoints - it was not, was definitely not - a typical shooter. It was complex, but fun, tough, but rewarding when you actually finally got past a level you found really tough to beat, you didn't need a fancy FMV sequence, you were happy enough to move on to the next level. I remember loving this game back in the day, even though I also remember it used to do my head in!

YessirKilla, Aug 29, 2015

Why did tactical shooters have to die and be forgotten? Why did Ubisoft make Red Storm Entertainment develop Far Cry 4 when they should've made a sequel to this masterpiece? This is quite literally as realistic as shooters will ever get. Commanding squads is something I just love to do.

Shadow1, Sep 2, 2016

Awesome shooter, first Rainbow Six Game and first Tom Clancy Game. Graphics in this game is not bad for 1998, gameplay is good, but in this game you must have a quick reaction, as in all Rainbow Six Game (Special in Siege). Rainbow Six is good game and one of the best games of 1998, best game of 1998 is Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast, but Rainbow Six very good too and deserve second position in top 10 games of 1998.

Broyax, Jan 20, 2017

Graphiquement c'était dégueulasse même pour l'époque et ça tournait pas bien. Et on ne voyait même pas son flingue, juste un réticule ridicule dont l'imprécision en mouvement était une plaisanterie de mauvais goût. Le fait que l'éditeur du plan d'attaque soit fourni avant chaque mission, un éditeur dont l'ergonomie était déjà d'un autre temps, ce fait là et cet éditeur là n'étaient que des pertes de temps dont on se foutait éperdument. Rainbow Six était affreux à regarder, affreux à jouer également et aussi chiant que les indigestes pavés