Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent Crack/Patch

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent Veteran agent Sam Fisher is back. But he's never faced an enemy like this before. To stop a devastating terrorist attack, he must infiltrate a vicious terrorist group and destroy it from within. For the first time ever, experience the relentless tension and gut-wrenching dilemmas of life as a double agent. As you infiltrate a terrorist organization in its American headquarters, you must carefully weigh the consequences of your actions. Kill too many criminals and you'll blow your cover. Hesitate too long and millions will die. Do whatever it takes to complete your mission, but get out alive. Dual objectives to fulfill: NSA government agents and terrorists will each want you to accomplish opposing tasks at the same time. Discover the tension of being a double agent: Use actual tactics employed by today’s real-life double agents to sabotage the terrorists' plans. Explore a branching storyline with multiple endings: Your choices have an impact on how the story and game play unfolds. Missions from all over the world, from Asia to Africa to the heart of the US. Experience extreme situations: underwater or in a sandstorm, hiding behind the dust or smoke – and even skydiving. Master the latest weapons and gadgets used by NSA government agents in addition to black-market terrorist weapons. [Ubisoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2588
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, General
Players 6 Online
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Shanghai

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent reviews ( 7 )

AnonymousMC, Feb 22, 2007

Well, this game is flippin' awesome!! But, I read the reviews above and everyone is complaining about the P.C version!!! EVERYONE knows that if you're going to get games with top-of-the-line graphics, you have to get it for a console, unless you have an extremely good video card! I'd say you're free to your opinion, but you don't need to complain if you have a console where you can truly enjoy the game. These people are basing their ratings on how the game RUNS, not how it actually PLAYS. I suggest you put the proper rating for the playing, and then write about how it runs.

Macmillan, Jul 10, 2011

first thing this game runs great on my system.the only thin i gave it 8 because it is so silent.i mean no talking guards,no interrogation.and night vision is a bit blurry and i also dnt like thermal vision.overall it is good.

CynicMimic, Mar 25, 2018

There's way too much reliance on the story, the most glaring symptom of this being the fact that it makes you come back to the same boring map on four separate occasions to complete a laundry list of busywork objectives. The story itself veers in the opposite direction from the promising lighter tone that Chaos Theory had started to establish, making everything much too grim and serious, and permanently damaging Sam as a character. Conviction was criticised for its tonal shift, but people forget that Double Agent set the series in motion down that path, it's just more subtle here. The game is noticeably simplified and dumbed-down from Chaos Theory. There's no sound meter anymore, and your visibility level is no longer a scale, but instead only three set points, which could be described as "invisible", "visible", and "noticed" (getting shot at). In most levels you don't have anywhere near as many options on how to proceed through the map as you do in Chaos Theory, which was one of the best things about it, so there's a severe devolution in the level design too. The way you navigate through your weapon selection, read information on computers and crack safes is extremely clunky. I'm sure it all works fine on a game pad, but I'm playing on PC, so it should be assumed I won't be using one. It's also buggy, with problems involving parts of the environment disappearing at certain positions or camera angles, and I had several CTDs. It's noticeably unpolished in general, and for some reason the PC version doesn't look as good visually as the X360 and PS3 versions. The majority of the game takes place in broad daylight, tending the game more towards action than the stealthy darkness that was characteristic of the series up until this point. The accuracy and stability of shooting is much better, so the game really can just be played as an action game, and sometimes the level design encourages you to do so. When you *are* creeping around in darkness, the darkness itself is less defined; so not only is it very difficult to know where exactly you'll be able to hide from your enemies, but it also means that most of the time you'll be crouching in full visibility but the game will consider you fully hidden. It's confusing, looks silly, and makes *everything* about trial-and-error rather than strategy. It's almost impossible to go pure stealth and avoid everyone, because the game just isn't designed that way. If you want to have anything close to an enjoyable time with this game, the best you can hope for is to quietly kill or incapacitate a lot of enemies in your path, as the game never affords you enough options to realistically remain hidden all the time. To the game's credit, the Shanghai level and the Cruise Ship level are actually quite good, for the most part. Both are interesting and memorable (although the latter is another bright level), and while they still don't play like classic Splinter Cell, it nonetheless seems like things are improving for a while... But then it all culminates in the last mission, which is the worst of them all. Painfully dull and frustrating to play through, very bright, tortuously long, and encourages combat throughout. If the rest of the game didn't put a sour taste in your mouth, the last few hours of it certainly will.

GregD., Jan 11, 2007

They broke the game! I loved the first and second splinter cells, never played the third, and I returned with high hopes to the fourth in the series only to be very disappointed. The controls are clumsy and very clearly based on a weak console port. The menu-mouse has a ridiculously high sensitivity that isn't adjustable (the sensitivity setting only affects the mouse in the game engine.) The game forces you to watch an idiotic 20 second cutscene every time you go to the main menu, loading games doesn't work if you aren't dead, and it doesn't even quit properly! It ignores ALT-F4, doesn't Alt-Tab, and it takes up 10GB of hard drive space to screw all this up. Save your cash, this game'll be worth the price of entry when it hits $20.

CraigG., Dec 22, 2006

Really buggy. Have had to stop playing as it crashes constantly. This is on a modern computer, no strange hardware, fresh install of xp with all the patches. My computer easily exceeds recommended configuration. Shelved it while I wait for them to fix it. Very disappointed in the commercial reviews. Even when they mention the bugs and crashing, many of them still scored it high.

Kazuma92, Oct 9, 2013

Worst Splinter Cell ever. Waste of money.. i'm sad, because i loved all of the other SC games. Hundreds of glitches, thousands of bugs, level errors, crashes, long load screens... Wasted time. And i dont have time for fun.

KDep, Nov 28, 2006

Please watch out! This game does not support Shaders 2.0 (which is what about 70% of people have on their graphics cards). This game will NOT run on a 2.0 card. Only a certain number of cards exist that can play this game. Please check or download the demo before you buy!