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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Massive armies will clash. Forests and cities will burn. Tremendous magical forces will level entire fortresses in the blink of an eye. Four completely unique races are vying for control of the mythical world of Darien, each representing one of the four elements -- Earth and Air, Fire and Water. In Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, you'll take the role of one of the four immortal monarch of these nations at war. You'll rally your legions -- swordsmen, archers and knights on horseback -- under your flag. Wizards, beasts and even flame-spewing demons will will heed your every command, waging war on an epic field of battle. The game's stunning 3D terrain of forests, magic-laden ruins and expansive oceans provide a landscape of war fraught with danger, magic and ambush. [Cavedog Entertainment]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1378
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
GT Interactive / Cavedog Entertainment
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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms reviews ( 3 )

CipE, Jun 4, 2015

A solid RTS with 5 factions and immense unit diversity. However the most fun I've had in ages was re-playing the missions as an RPG. There are a few maps where you cannot build structures, so playing tactically is must. This is encouraged since units gain experience and some leveled units are sufficiently durable and versatile to tackle a variety of challenges, for example "Shielded" Knights [and Sky Knights, which are more mobile], in relatively small numbers (3-5) can dominate many battle fields in SP campaigns. And then come the missions where you get to build Gold/Black/Blue dragons which are messengers of death with wings and with each kill are becoming better at dispensing retribution.

flimda, Jan 1, 2012

One of the most challenging and captivating RTS games of the last two decades. It is truly an underrated masterpiece that will never be forgotten by it's fan base. The replayability of a game that is now 12 years old and was largely overlooked at the time of release must always be questioned. But when I play this game now it truly is as wonderful and gripping as when I first played it as a wide eyed boy. It is such a shame Cavedog shut down shortly after making this masterpiece as a game as unique and inspiring as this has been sorely missed in the RTS genre. It truly is magnificent and I cannot express my happiness that I found this game all those years ago. This game stands head and shoulders above all other games in my eyes and if there was one game I could play eternally it would be this one.

Beaver, Sep 19, 2006

This game can be played over again and again. It is great for a lan party with a half a dozen friends. You have to use your mind to accomplish victory... for some people that might be too much. This game is magnificent in its game play i encouraged people to search out this game to have some good fun with useing their mind.