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Total War: Attila Set against backdrop of starvation, disease and war, a new power is rising in the East. With a million horsemen supporting him, the ultimate warrior king approaches, and he's got Rome in his sites. Total War: ATTILA thrusts players back to 395 AD world. A time of apocalyptic turmoil at the very dawn of the Dark Ages.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5118
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General, Historic
Company / Developer
Sega / Creative Assembly

Total War: Attila reviews ( 7 )

Karomsir28, Feb 17, 2015

Attila is awesome. I couldn't stop giggling while I lost my first battle it was amazing fire arrows raining people dieing in the ditches while Norsemen chopped at each other in a boat battle. The burning buildings in the sight of the setting sun and the general carnage are an amazing up from rome two. Its makes rome look like sims, and the whole coloring is like those visceral nineties medieval movies with spit and blood. Sadly you'll have to wait for the blood dlc because ratings and what not, but it already is brutal. As for the campaign it hasn't been out that long but already I can see a lot of quality changes. neighbours readily do diplomacy with you and attack you in the back and they generally use every option thats aviable to the player. Other random points: Boat battles are fun finally really fun. Your troops will fight to the end if they get a moments rest after each time they break thus making the roman chess board formations useful. This is same for your enemies need to finish them utterly or they'll come back suddenly. Towers are strong now. Game is generally harder than rome 2, think shogun 2. Battles do not feel like a chore as I had to use more tactics in just my first few than in half a campaign for rome. also you won't really have time to use battle animations, but I'm sure that some people will come and say how easy it is for them and unlike "random other rts from the rose tinted past". This is not a dlc or expansion this is a standalone TW game that happens to be in Europe. Them battles are the most cinematic I've seen from a TW game yet. Also I dont understand why 39 people (at the moment of writing this pulled the score down when I haven't read a single negative review from those who played it... This is my first ever review I felt motivated to write, go figure... :D

sebseb, Feb 17, 2015

One of the best total war games, includes good old and new mechanics, and way more optimized at launch than Rome 2, Still haven't found any bugs yet. Recommended for Total War fans.

AggonyDuck, Feb 17, 2015

Compared to Rome 2, Attila is in many ways what its predecessor should have been. It is polished, with well-crafted campaign and battle mechanics. The unit and building design is complex, requiring careful planning both in army and building construction. The game has a central theme of decline and destruction, which is supported by the game mechanics and the art design that allow the game to mirror a world in a state of disheaval. The music in the game is also atmospheric and the battle maps look like they belong to a living world. The game is complex, but the UI copes with added complexity well and the game manages to cram a lot of information to the screen that was previously completely inaccessible. In all ways the single player is superb, offering probably the best campaigns in a Total War to date. Depending on your faction, the experience will vary wildly. However what drags the score down for me is that multiplayer has yet again been overlooked in terms features. The battles are great, but the MP infrastructure is unchanged from Rome 2 and that is a great shame.

DukeJon, Feb 17, 2015

Although lacking any genuine innovation for the Total War series, this game is essentially Rome 2 done right. The apocalyptic, frantic and atmosphere of the game, particularly on the strategy map, makes for a compelling experience. The AI is markedly stronger than Rome 2 and the effects and music are very well done. Overall this is a strong effort. What we need from the next Total War game from the Creative Assembly is the addition of more innovative features.

Tubey, Apr 20, 2015

Picked it up on sale after being disappointed (to say the least) with Rome 2. Thankfully. this isn't a broken mess like its' predecessor was - but it also lacks the spark of imagination that the series sorely needs as a whole. Don't get me wrong, a lot of this game can be applauded, as it has got rid of a lot of the flaws of Rome 2 and went back to basics, making it almost as good as Shogun 2... but it just feels a bit lacking to me in innovation. It also feels that the difficulty has been artificially inflated - it's hard for the sake of being hard, rather than hard through any particular challenging strategy in the game. There's little to no "charm" in the title - whereas in the older Total War titles you could play your own story out, with your generals in the game feeling like they have a life and tale of their own... In Attila, there's none of that. It feels you're playing a well-tuned but soulless game that has become a by the numbers AAA strategy title that mimics what it did well in the past, rather than enhance those features. You won't regret buying this as such if you're new to the series, but if you're an old hand you'll be hankering for Shogun 2 within a week.

Mad_RC, Mar 15, 2017

Eto ebanaya konveyernaya parasha! Kogda Sega uzhe perestanet` ubivat` Total war? Igrat` v etu huynu ne interesno, ved` vse raspilino na overdohuya DLC! Pust` sega soset i ne ubivaet CA i total war, suka bleat`!!!!

nandmaster, Jul 11, 2015

It still has turns... in XXI century... and those turns take about 1,2-3 minutes on high end pc. If you are to lazy to make real time pausable game (like europa universalis or battles in your own game) then least you could do is to pre-process turns when human player plays and then only change those affected by human plaher actions (about 95% ai actions are not affected) unreadable map, terrible ai both on battlefield and on global map. bad upgrade system for military units. You will complete whole game with basic ones. Bad system for civil unrest and so on and so on.