Total War: Rome II - Caesar in Gaul Crack/Patch

Total War: Rome II - Caesar in Gaul

Download Total War: Rome II - Caesar in Gaul Crack/Patch

Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1598
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General, Historic
Company / Developer
Sega / Creative Assembly

Total War: Rome II - Caesar in Gaul reviews ( 7 )

scfs123, Jan 19, 2014

hey guys, So i gave this a 10 since its exactly similar to what the kingdoms expansions were to medieval 2. If you like the barbarian factions or rome crushing barbarians, its alot of fun, it fixes loads of issues you may have with the main game. If you own the main game you should really check it out, its only a few bucks and well worth the purchase.

eieio, Feb 17, 2014

I Like it allot. Its fun, It easier then the big maps, so you are able to complete the campaign faster. . .

Axeface, Jul 13, 2014

On legendary Caesar in Gaul offers a much more balanced campaign than Rome II's grand campaign. Problems that effect the grand campaign in a negative way, such as player income skyrocketting after around 100 turns leading to a boring and easy steamroll dont exist in CIG. Overall it is a much more challenging experience than the grand campaign - and I dont think that this is by design, but more a lucky coincidence due to the size of the map. It still of course suffers from the completely broken sieges that we all experience, but the campaign as a whole is a good one.

JimCorbett, Jan 22, 2015

A very small campaign for too high a price. It's basically more Rome II but just with the factions in and around Gaul. They added seasons which is nice. However, I didn't find it to be a very fun campaign. Because of the factions they start you at war with, you don't really have a choice in how to go about your campaign and it felt like i was forced down a linear path. Once I got so far then other factions would just declare war on me as soon as I destroyed a previous faction so I never got to personally choose what to do. Since your imperium rises very quickly, all the faction will hate you very early making any diplomatic opportunities few and far between.

MrJade, Jan 19, 2014

Caesar in Gaul is the first expansion for the Creative Assembly's Total War: Rome II, and the same quality that shown through in Rome II, shines through here. The expansion pack starts off and lets the player choose from 4 factions, the Romans, the Suebi (a Germanic tribe), the Gauls, and the Nervii (a mix of the Celtic factions and the Germanic factions). In this focused mini-campaign, the map stretches over all of Gaul, and includes some areas just adjacent to it. While significantly smaller in scope, the game does increase the overall feeling needing to expand, and quickly. Unfortunately, that is all the game does successfully. The new tech trees are rotten, combining the worst aspects of Empire: Total War and the base product Rome II. The new factions add no real content into the main Campaign (purchasing Caesar in Gaul unlocks four new factions for the main game). The real sticking point for many fans is that multiple turns per year, and changing seasons, are only added in the mini campaign. Couple this with the still poor optimization and AI, and this game fails nearly on every aspect. All in all, this was rushed out too early, and more time should have gone into a massive overhaul of the AI and optimization with the launch of this 15USD product. At the end of the day, it simply isn't worth your time or money.

Kela-Appi, Feb 12, 2014

Bought this when it came out. I didn't even try it back then. Now that I did, I wish I'd waited for a sale. Adding the seasons was a cool idea, but it should have been a part of the main game anyways. Not to mention, that these sort of smaller campaigns get boring pretty quickly. If you're not a fan of the Gauls, there is very little this DLC offers. Wait for a -75% sale or something like that and it might even amuse for a few moments.

orctown-troll, Jan 11, 2014

This DLC is WAY overpriced for what you get. Also the scenario is NOT very good. NOT well designed. NOT fun to play and NOT an enhancement of the core game. Its $15 for a piece of CRAP basically. There are better mods out there for free. Now CA can probably appreciate how flawed their entire approach to Rome II has been. If the engine design and the basic engine had been built properly an idea like this would have translated into a great mini campaign. As it is definitely WAIT till you can get this POS for about $1. Because that's all it's worth. I fell like a real moron for paying full price for this. Orctowngrot