Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai Crack With Keygen 2020

Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai This massive-scale, stand-alone expansion to Total War: SHOGUN 2 offers a completely new experience to players. Six new playable clans, including those supporting a modern imperial Japan such as the Satsuma and those allied with the old Shogun like the Nagaoka, are now available. Three great foreign powers must also be dealt with: America, Britain and France all have a vested interest in Japan’s future. How will you treat them? All this plays out across an expanded and improved campaign map, covering new island provinces in the far north and featuring all-new building and technology trees as well as brand new features such as railways and naval bombardments, seen for the first time in a Total War title.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3987
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic, General
Company / Developer
Sega / Creative Assembly
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Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai reviews ( 7 )

PanamanianDevil, Mar 23, 2012

This is by far the best Total War title to date. Multi-player runs perfect and the additional units add so much to the Shogun 2 title that it's made me want to start playing it again. The graphics and smoothness of the game are great. Fall of the Samurai is worth every penny.

imbrex, Apr 19, 2012

It is difficult to overstate how pleased I am with this expansion. The shogun/emperor divide even at the start adds some much needed diversity in units. Bombardment from navies is a great addition. The only complaint I could have is the scope still only encompasses Japan, albeit with some new territories. If you've ever enjoyed a total war game, this will undoubtedly provide you with many hours of entertainment,

MrBoBo1, Mar 25, 2012

Fantastic game. Excellent value for money. Proper pc game. Lots of depth, amazing graphics. Excellent multiplayer. Buy this and not some crappy console ported game. This is a proper pc game.

Nichtswisser, Apr 24, 2012

Apart from some stability issues (especially on HD 7xxx cards) and the bugged AA, it's a great add-on and definitely worth the money. For the low price it's a highly recommended buy.

Heben2, May 16, 2012

One of the greatest expansions of the Total War series, in my opinion. It fixes a lot of the 'faults' of Shogun 2 with the two different unit-compositions (modern vs traditional), which makes the armies feel diverse and interesting. Also brings up a lot of new tactics if you want to be successful (especially with the modern armies). The navy aspect has gotten a new and improved aspect with the bombardment. This is great as it makes navies important as never before. The navy battles are also improved compared to Shogun 2, but that might just be the guns.. There are now multiple ways to win the game, as everybody does not turn on you in the end (if you choose to support the common cause), but you can also go the total war-style (war with everyone) if you like. The expansion supports (multiplayer)battles with the original Shogun 2 armies and that is also great fun. I think they have balanced the games pretty well against each other. The only complaint I have is the tendency of the modern units to bug when they shuffle into lines after getting shot. This makes the unit unable to fire in the meantime and while under fire, even more troops will die which equals to even more shuffling.. Oh well, still love this expansion and you should go buy and game it!

TheGamer31, Aug 2, 2015

While it fairs far better than Empire and Napoleon a lot of the battles are rinsed and repeated if you play as an imperial faction. It can still be fun as the imperials though.

takashi, Aug 4, 2012

o jg e totalmente injuativo e lento simplismente e mais um jg inutil no mercado!!! o estilo do jg e totalmente idiota n a dinamica no jg de estrategia!!