Total War: WARHAMMER Crack/Patch

Total War: WARHAMMER In an era of ceaseless conquest, a myriad warriors clash in epic battles as entire races wage war on one another, each led by a notorious hero seeking dominion over the world. All at your command. The courageous Karl Franz marshals the men of the Empire, looking to unite the fractured elector counts under a banner of strength against their common foes. Hungry for the vicious brutality of combat, the Greenskins flock to the tribe of Grimgor Ironhide; Orcs and Goblins alike filled with an insatiable thirst for carnage. High King Thorgrim helms the stoic Dwarfs forth from their mountain strongholds, marching to right the serious injustices wrought upon them over the millennia. Yet the motives of the Vampire Counts under Mannfred von Carstein are shrouded in murderous secrecy, his armies raised from the decrepit ranks of the dead. And while the Old World is torn by betrayal, war and the unleashing of unfathomable power, a rising threat still whispers in the winds from the north. The fabric of reality itself begins to rend and buckle.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6443
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Company / Developer
SegaSoft , Sega / Creative Assembly

Total War: WARHAMMER reviews ( 7 )

WickedRenard, Sep 25, 2016

One of the best, if not the best Total War so far, before anyone stop and say about shogun 2 and napoleon, please please play it first, and feel how nice and smoothly the units move, the cavalry got a great movement from previous games and in the strategic aspect the game got new mechanics introducing magic and flying units, also got the best from both, TW and Warhammer fantasy. a must have if you are an old timer in the series, love warhammer or TW or simply a strategy game fan

Silverbow, Aug 10, 2016

Best total war game in a long long while. Improved AI, none of the game breaking bugs that Rome II had. Graphics are the same as Rome II, but the fantasy setting makes it look amazing. Each faction feels so very different to the others, it really gives you a lot of replay value. Load times are the only thing I can complain about, so get an SSD.

daanelf, May 24, 2016

For anyone wondering if this will be another rtw2 kind of launch. No worries. This total war is stable and a very solid launch. Considering the staggering number of new unit types. Flying units, giants, trolls etc this game is really well designed which exceeds my expections. The game does tell a brilliant story from what i have seen so far. The develops hit a bullseye with this fantasy total war mix. Like any tw game it does have its typical total war issues. Nothing serious. The game performs great on my old gtx 780. I`m getting high/ultra settings and a lot of eye candy on. + huge unit numbers. Which is perfect for me. Keep in mind that installing the latest nvidia driver makes the game hang on the warhammer logo. Playing steam offline helps for now. Suppose this will get fixed soon as rtw2 had the same issue.

BioTofu, Jun 20, 2016

Played this for 108hrs, tried all 5 factions, and beat the long campaign with Empire, Chaos and Dwarf. Very fun varied play styles with all 5 factions. I wish theres a better item/equipment management system than drop boxes. I think CA did a good job with integrating the warhammer universe into the total war format. But that preoder for chaos deal was such BS. They need to stop that greedy business strategy. If you release a game with a paid DLC at launch, that means that DLC should be included in the the core game! Looking forward to expansions.

djnicey, May 24, 2016

I've played the game for about 5 hours now, and am enjoying it. The game takes a really long time to start but other than that performance is very good (i6700k & GTX970). The graphics are excellent and it really feels like a Warhammer game, you can tell a lot of effort has been put into the graphics and music to make it feel very much like a Games Workshop game. The perks you get for winning battles are all Warhammer themed and add nice boosts to your stats. Unfortunately the Total War part of the game, the core gameplay, has been dumbed down and simplified quite a lot from previous TW games. In some ways it makes the game easier but reduces the strategy involved and the overall satisfaction of completing a campaign. There are only 4 races, plus an included DLC race, and you can only go to war with certain factions, so it feels pretty barebones and restricted. I'm sure CA will be adding more races as DLC but I feel even with the Chaos as a pre-order inclusion there are not enough races. Not being able to play factions like the Skaven, Lizardmen or Tomb Kings is a shame and when you start the game just seeing 5 of the factions as playable is very disappointing (much more so than I was expecting, I knew there would be 5 factions before I bought the game) it feels very much like the game has been chopped down to sell to you in pieces. I don't think making the Chaos faction a pre-order hostage was a very good move either, it should be included free for everyone, without Chaos the game would feel even more limited than it does already. TLDR: What is in the game is very polished, but it feels like Mannfred von Carstein has rampaged through the game and only left the minimum bare bones that CA could get away with selling at full price.

Daigoust, Jun 18, 2016

É Razoável e levemente viciante (por um tempo) e como sou fã de Warhammer adorei a adaptação para Total War. Porém é naquelas néh, parece um Tema do Windows novo, mudando o icone do mouse, o papel de parede etc... tem novas animações e missões exclusivas para cada campanha. Mas ficou o gostinho de que poderia ter inovado, não só trocado o "tema" mas sim evoluído a engine, jogabilidade, etc.

BigJ69, Dec 29, 2016

It's **** garbage. I know CA is pumping up the Metascore with **** nonsense like most developers who aren't even worth their salt. Warscape is garbage.