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Trackmania Turbo Trackmania offers and arcade racing universe in which everything is about reaching the perfect racing time. Test your skills in over two hundred tracks, challenge your friends at home (offline splitscreen) or online.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1451
Genre Racing, Arcade, Automobile
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Nadeo

Trackmania Turbo reviews ( 7 )

OskarnauT, Mar 24, 2016

I was arguing with myself if it it worth it. I even asked my friend if its good. SO, i launched it, jumped about 1 km in the air, went upside down on a magnetic track, and went crazily fast. And then I thought to myself: "Hell yeah this game is worth it!" The only thing worth mentioning (thats why not a full 10) is some lacking of controls, and input changes. otherwise TL;DR : CASUAL AWESOME...FUN

roguesaloon, Mar 26, 2016

The first big point to make is the glaringly obvious fact, that I mostly skipped over initially due to being new to the franchise, is the fact that TrackMania has been around for years as a PC game and has a huge following. This is not that game, this is a very mainlined and consolized version of that game. The core gameplay remains mostly the same from what I gather, but many of the things that long term fans of the series have come to expect (like dedicated servers, and crazy customization features) are not present here. The PC version is (disappointingly) fundamentally identical to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, with next to no additional features added for PC. It is also very locked down so there is little chance of it even being modded to include some features of the old games. So now that's out of the way lets talk about the game that actually is there. In a sentence It's Fantastic. The mechanics and controls are extremely tight, performance is solid, the graphics are beautiful, and the soundtrack stands out as exceptional. The core gameplay (albeit mostly unchanged from previous games in the series) manges to find the perfect balance between fun and challenge without causing a great deal of frustration, which is exactly what you would want from an arcade style action-racing game like this. There is a lengthy single player campaign, with a Trials-like medal system, with an appropriately stepped level of difficulty (Although the lack of a tutorial, throws you right in the deep end). The Bronze Medals are generally reasonably possible to get, often within the first couple of tries, Where Silver Medals require a decent amount of skill and effort, and Gold Medals are a step up again and require you to basically Master the track. As the campaign is gated by the number of medals in each category you have, If you want to see everything you will have to go for gold, however I think this should be achievable for most people who are dedicated to the Game. There is also a local multi-player mode (a rarity in games these days), with both competitive and co-operative modes. I have not had a chance to try these modes yet, however I'm sure it'll hold up, if the rest of the game is anything to go by. The online multi-player is also really fun. There are multiple modes, The ones I have tried are Race Mode, and Time Attack Mode. They are basically what they sound like, everything said above still holds mostly true for this mode, except this is competitive against other human players. I have been having great fun playing the Race Mode where you race with a group of others around selected user created tracks (see below). My biggest problem with the multi-player mode is the simple lack of fun (English Speaking) rooms to join, this could be a problem that'll fix itself as the game gains popularity, and it could also be very specific to the PC version. Now for the user created tracks, this is where the game really starts to fault, Ubisoft have somehow managed to mess up pretty much everything around the user generated tracks. There is no easy way of browsing them at all. There is no way of playing them single player, and no reliable way of even saving them for people to see. This can simply be described as a "Hot Mess", and there is really very little excuse. Something as good as the steam workshop may be a little much to ask, however at least something half competent would have been much appreciated, If Nintendo can manage it on WiiU with Mario Maker, I'm sure Ubisoft could have figured something out for PS4, and Xbox One. I really hope that Ubisoft fix this at some point, to at least a usable standard because this is my biggest problem with the game. In Summary, However, TrackMania Turbo is a great game all round and I recommend it to anyone at all interested in an Arcade like action-racing game, or even if you just like the visual aesthetic or concept of it. I understand the annoyed long term fans of the series, however this game has at least a couple of things that the older games don't, and that is much improved graphics and accessibility (even if it means some dumbing down). This was originally announced as a spin off, so lets hope that a PC only TrackMania 3 is also in the works somewhere, with much better graphics and all the features all the hardcore fans love. However until that day (that day may never come), We have this, which in my opinion is far from a "bad" Game. For The Complete review, live streams, and more. Visit my website

Hoerli, Nov 8, 2017

Ein gelungenes TrackMania, aber nicht perfekt. Turbo macht Spaß. Es ist kein neues Spiel, ehr ein Remake mit neuen Blöcken der alten Teile. Dennoch macht es Spaß und es fühlt sich wie ein TrackMania an. Grafik und Perfomance ist top. Die Steuerung ist eben typisch TM. Direkt und verzeiht keinen Fehler! Egal ob mit Tastatur, Gamepad, Lenkrad, Mikrowelle oder was auch immer. Minuspunkte gibt es aber leider auch einige. Das Menü ist etwas verunstaltet worden und einige Menüpunkte haben einen neuen Platz gefunden. Konsoleros dürfen nicht mit den PClern spielen und es gibt keine dedicated Server. Es wird jetzt auf ein Lobbysystem gesetzt. Sehr schlecht. Auch dürfen die PSler nicht mit den Xboxern spielen. Empfehlenswert? Ja! Wer noch nie ein TM angepasst hat, nutze deine Chance! Wer allerdings auf die Community Wert legt, fährt weiterhin seine Runden in TM². 8/10 ist ein faires Ergebnis.

rez, Mar 24, 2016

[I've played about 8 hours at the time of writing. This review may be updated later, but I'm confident in all I've written here so far.] Trackmania Turbo is a game that knows exactly what it is, and relishes in it. Not much has changed mechanically since Trackmania 2 (something I'm sure many returning players will be glad to hear), which is to say that the core gameplay is still all about nailing the perfect line on short but wildly varying tracks - with instant restarts only ever a button press away. The visual style, on the other hand, has been completely overhauled with a vibrant new arcade/festival theme, and the game is looking better than ever. Thankfully it still runs great, too. The audio has gone through some big changes since previous entries in the series. Rather than a single music track playing throughout the duration of a level, the music restarts and shuffles every time the player restarts a race. The new audio is dynamic, transitioning to different sections of a song as the player passes through new checkpoints. The idea is interesting, but in a game in which you're actively encouraged to restart every time you make the smallest mistake, it can be quite irritating to hear only the first part of each song over and over again. Thankfully the game allows its music to be easily disabled, and there's nothing stopping you from playing your own music on the PC whilst the game is running. The game now features voiced presenters, which can be neatly divided into two types. First, you have an array of voices in different languages which the game randomly selects from for the "3, 2, 1, Go!" countdown at the start of a race. I thought this was really cool, fitting well in line with the international vibe of the series. Unfortunately the game also features a fairly generic 'dudebro' presenter who intelligently comments on your actions during each race, complaining each time you hit a bump, or happen to be even the smallest fraction of a second behind a checkpoint's target time - or responding as if you're some sort of god if you happen to be even the smallest fraction of a second ahead. It grated on me real fast. Unfortunately the game options only allow for all voices to be enabled/disabled together, so there's no way to keep the countdowns whilst disabling the bro. I remain hopeful that Nadeo might be able to patch in some more granular controls in the future. Aside from these niggles, the game has provided an utterly joyous experience and I have no hesitation recommending it to other fans of arcade racers, or those simply looking for a great party game for some couch multiplayer. I would recommend you BYO gamepad(s), though - keyboard controls just aren't as precise.

ExpertPL, Dec 11, 2016

As a fan of Trackmania I am really disappointed. There are many problems with the game but I am not sure what I should start with. First of all, if you never played Trackmania games before, you may actually enjoy Turbo. This game introduces absolutely nothing new that's worth checking out besides new environment called Lagoon, which is actually a mix of original environments of Island (super fast cars) and Alpine (or Snow, high maneuverability cars and wooden segments which force you to drift), the new thing is electromagnetic segments which prevent you from falling down and jumping, which is a fine addition. The rest of new things which Nadeo (probably being forced by publisher Ubisoft) is completely useless and was for sure time-consuming during development: The addition of starting the race by being detached from helicopter means absolutely nothing more in terms of gameplay than just animation. The new comments that you hear during race are ridiculous and frustrating. Trackmania always was easy to pick and hard to master, where playing hard tracks you had to replay them dozens of times. Now with every checkpoint or touching the barriers you hear that "you have to be better next time" and "You will never make it". Really? That's so much demotivating, it seems like the game just want to make sure I will never play it again. Trackmania 2 environments (Canyon, Valley and Stadium) received new car models that change absolutely nothing other than textures (btw. IMO, the old cars were better-looking) and some segments were remade (and by that I mean that they are not prettier or changed in terms of gameplay, but just textures, for example Poles in Stadium are now prisms instead of cylinders). The whole look of the arcade game played on game machine doesn't appeal to my, but maybe that's just me. The biggest issue IMO is the lack of players playing it online, and beside the fact that it is caused by the quality of game, it's also caused because of some sort of instability in the community of Nadeo games. What I mean is that first Trackmanias (Original, Sunrise and Nations) all were independent titles that couldn't be mixed in multiplayer server lists. Trackmania United changed it, now every server could jump between environments every map assuring diversity in gameplay. Then Trackmania 2 arrived (Canyon, Valley and Stadium) which came with ManiaPlanet launcher nad Steam integration, which caused a lot of problems, because you had to launch game through Steam and then through ManiaPlanet. ManiaPlanet allowed you to jump between games but the online servers were still separated, so in order to play different environments you had to quit one Trackmania (for example Canyon) and start new one (for example Valley) and search new servers. The idea was that in future ManiaPlanet would be more integrated system of Nadeo games, but then Ubisoft arrived and made Turbo, compilation of Trackmania 2, which wasn't using ManiaPlanet at all, but instead, it started running on Uplay (in addition to Steam, which Turbo is also sold on). This exact instability if what think killed Trackmania for good. The last thing I want to mention is that Turbo was released on 3 platforms (PC, Xbox One and PS4) where older Trackmania games were never released on consoles, so for the console gamers it's a perfect opportunity to try out the famous Trackmania. The problem is that the online community is incredibly small on all platforms and the game does not allow cross-platform servers. meaning that if you are looking for online competition, this game is not for you, as you'll find server with 20 players and nothing more than that.

Slsr, Mar 25, 2016

Mehh, it is much recycling the same expect worse. TMNF/united/united forever was totally awesome, tm2 was ok but it had its issues holding it back but for me personally stadium environment had still great gameplay with many different kind of tracks that made it super awesome (even if it was recycling also -.-). Sadly while I think game will eventually get some sick tracks by people from all over the world gameplay doesn't feel as good here. It is still fun game but ultimately value seems low considering previous games felt better, I don't think I can give it very high score as it falls short badly what it could have been

Ewinz87, Mar 30, 2016

This game is garbage. It's a console port, has tons of bugs at release with poor support. The game doesn't offer anything new other than a new environment and graphics. It lacks a lot of features from previous installments so if you're a hardcore player of the series, you'll be disappointed. The game is now split across 3 platforms (PC, Xbox and Playstation) and 4 environments meaning you'll have an even harder time finding players to play with. The only good thing about this release in my opinion is that it may be a simplistic version to approach a new player base. Anyways, I think this game series is dead, unfortunately.