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Train Fever It is 1850. You are tasked with establishing a transport company and serving as its manager. Build infrastructure such as railways and stations, purchase transportation vehicles and manage lines. Fulfill the people’s needs and watch cities evolve dynamically. Train Fever runs on an engine specifically developed for this game.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1822
Genre Simulation, Vehicle, Train
Company / Developer
Gambitious / Urban Games

Train Fever reviews ( 7 )

Douglas, Sep 4, 2014

The game is nicely done. The devs care about details. Of course for a small company there are things missing, but modding is very easy and the community already solved one of the flaws of the game (4 industry chains), you have now 12. - Graphics are great. - Gameplay is good. Laying tracks could be better, but as its complex I don't know how it could improve since it allows a lot of combinations. - UI is good to me. Some people complain of being small. There is already a mod with bigger icons. You can mod yourself, as change the UI icons is as simple as replace an image in the folder of the game. Font, music, everything, simple replace it. The game give a nice environment and atmosphere of the old Locomotion, TTD and RT2. Its worth it for those who like this kind of game.

avnerse3, Nov 2, 2014

An underrated gem of a game - one of the very few sims to have a real sandbox engine with little in the bells and whistles department and a lot in the game engine department. This game just works really well and gives a solid simulation of real world mechanics giving a gamer one hell of a challenge (especially late in the game) along the way. This game can be hard to play well - and yest there are some minor bugs and annoyances in the initial release - the good news is that in spite of those issues - if you like this sort of game - TF is well worth your time and money. The game engine does a great job of simulating the running of trains but more importantly it does a great job of simulating the underling economics - to be really successful you have to combine your design, engineering and line connecting skills with the critical look of an investor or a bank loan manager. That's also where the real challenge comes from - making the lines not just run well but also be profitable. If you like answering question like where should a rail line go, how many trains should run on it and of which type - you should have lots of fun. Some reviewers here have really given this game far too little credit - probably because of some the annoyances - it's true tjat the line upgrading process is cumbersome for example - but if you do it right it becomes part of the challenge and the fun - how do I build lines with depots so that easy replacement can be achieved? Ultimately you need to break through the initial challenge and learning curve - especially if you have become accustomed to big money UI/UX driven games of the last few years - this game is more about the core engine driving the economy than about user interface (the latest simcity for example - while not as bad as some make it - falls under this category - too much bling not enough solid mechanics, I suspect the new Civ does too). Bottom line: If you like train and/or economy sims and enjoy a decent challenge - this is a true gem - a throwback to the old days of PC gaming when figuring out any game was a real learning experience and actually involved a good chunk of the fun.

Illanair, Sep 5, 2014

What's this? A game that can actually claim to be a worthy successor to the Transport Tycoon subgenre of tycoon games? Why yes! While the game is definitely a bit rough around the edges (as of release date) and the transport mechanics are a bit of an initial uphill struggle, it's definitely worth the sweat and tears. Once you grasp the basics a very robust sandbox "Transport building" game awaits you at the peak. Living and breathing cities that change as the years go by not only in size but also in style and complexity - Lots of challenges along the way to supply the ever increasing demand for goods and commuters force you rethink old strategies and adapt to the turn of the century. From simple horse carriages and early steam engines to modern Electric trams and trains, you'll be spending far too many hours playing this - if you give it a chance and live with the few annoyances it current has.

Sawt00th, Sep 22, 2014

It sounds far better than reality. The idea of the dynamically growing cities is interesting, but doesn't leave you needing to capitalise on the market as it grows around you. No tutorial, which is acceptable if the mechanics were not so shrouded in mystery. It is based on journey times, so there is little point in cross-city bus routes, trains are too expensive in the beginning so you are left with a couple of routes early in the game. Once you have progressed and can start in a later start date the towns are of the same size roughly as when you started in the previous time thereby not allowing you to turn a profit as the cost of infrastructure is increased but the demand remains as low as horse and cart. UI is disgusting, I have never experienced anything so micro managed and vomit inducing. The system of management of vehicles and trains is terrible, that by the time you have a large network you are left to sit and micromanage all your trains as they need to be returned to a depot to be decommissioned, which sounds fine in practice, but in reality it is just terrible. It has the scope to be quite interesting. If Cities in Motion and these guys got together it may create an interesting game. But on it's own it is nowhere near worth the price tag.

Qgal5kap, Sep 17, 2014

I am a long time fan of TTD, and I still play oTTD to this day. This game is at best a poor knock off, and in it's present state unfinished. Management of trains and tracks are a joke, and it is really impossible to make proper train networks. If I want to make something a bit advanced, I have to find ways to cheat the game to make things work realisticly. I'd say the game is a nice try of revamping the TTD feel, but as it stands, it lacks far too many features. I really wanted to enjoy it, but I just can't. Soundtrack is terrible, the game runs poorly on my very powerful gaming rig, and the UI leaves a lot to be desired.

memgrubb, Dec 24, 2014

Terrain alignment collision simulator 2014 Regret buying this game. The user interface is boring, confusing and misses simple features found in similar games. E.g upgrading tracks and stations. Constructing rails is infuriating and constantly receive errors such as: "not enough space" "terrain alignment collision" "slope is too steep" It should be fun to play simulators / games such as 'Train Fever', but this if far from it.

blackbird1, Sep 11, 2014

sorry but this game plays and feels like an alpha also the interface is to small besides the main hud i hope the devs patch this thing but i fear this willt ake months