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Train Simulator 2015
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1405
Genre Simulation, Vehicle, Train
Company / Developer / Dovetail Games
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Train Simulator 2015 reviews ( 7 )

Armslength777, Aug 19, 2017

Fabulous! Scenarios or free-roam are great. You can shunt and move trucks to your hearts content and all with a wonderful heavy diesel sound too, or steam, or electric!

maialover182, Aug 14, 2015

This Game Is Fab. It Has A Lot Of Third Party Routes And Locos. A Lot Of DTG Own ROUTES And Locos. A Lot Of Good Scenarios. Graphics Are Good If You Are Like Me And Have A High End Machine Are Excellent. A Lot Of High Quality Locomotives Especially The ICE T EMU Or Acela Express EMU Or JUSTTRAINS Class 153 DMU.

nijgreen, Mar 1, 2015

As with MadJaples not following the hate brigade here, I purchased TS 2014 and was automatically updated to TS 2015 with all the updates, purchased some good add on deals over Christmas personally I`ve had no problems at all, I may be 62 yrs old but my computer is no snail and handles everything with ease I have used TS since 2012 and you only have problems if you try to get something for nothing, very pleased with my Train Simulator 2015

MadJaples, Sep 23, 2014

Ok so I'm going to jump straight on the bandwagon of the hater brigade for this one. Graphically, I guess it's okay, but the controls, even the expert controls, are much easier to work around. There is that going for it. It's simple HUD is exactly that, simple. Expert controls should be a blast even for beginners with this one. The one thing I distinctly do not like about this one is the awareness alarm. At regular intervals, having to press a certain combination of keys to tell the computer you are still there, still know what's going on and still paying attention to the signals, the speed and the conditions the train is being controlled in is nothing short of immensely annoying. Yes, you can turn this off, but no, it's not immediately obvious when you HAVE turned it off. It's very limited in content, you just get a bare bones set-up, couple of trains, couple of tracks, a heap of scenarios for each of the tracks, which doesn't really add to the variety for me. It got a hefty slating on Steam for not being as good as the predecessors and despite having the delightful Sean Bean of Sharpe's fame (don't tell me he's always going to be more popular for GoT it just won't fly with me) doing the narrating for the intro video, it doesn't really do anything significant to improve the experience. It's a half decent attempt, but it's lack of content out of the box makes it as contemptible as the ultimate insult of Sims 4. All told, it is quite like Sims 4 in that you would need to buy a sizeable chunk of content to make it worth getting in the first place, and that's just a bit more than annoying. I think 5 out of 10 is lenient on this one. The missus says "It's borked, the end." Maybe I should just leave this **** to her instead.

heime2003, Nov 16, 2014

how long does it take for dev to listen to players opinions and delivers good on ever rising expectation? 3-4 years or a decade!!!! this does not apply to only this game but also to entire gaming industry people love their chosen franchise and expect something new and exciting in next a few years but rarely got what they wanted devs tend to use same stuffs until people (and fans) get tired of their products and leave their fandom since 2012, this game has played same and numerous DLC get train simmer hope down with no new mechanic to get excited about, the series feels like its moving back and waiting for people to get sick of it and throw up

Winterspark, Aug 9, 2015

Although it has occasional highlights, this game is really let down by sloppy execution and a very serious lack of attention to detail. Sure its fun to drive a train around but if you are forking out £25 for a route it should have mountains of content and not be full of bugs and errors.

Traindriver, Oct 17, 2014

Nachdem der Hersteller immer wieder Fehler in seinen Produkten hat, die nicht korrigiert werden, kann ich nur sagen ich kaufe nichts mehr.. Wir sollten eine Fehlerliste erstellen. Die zahlreichen Fehler / Mistakes wurden bis heute nicht korrigiert! No Mistakes will be fixt by DTG! Antwort war: Unsere Arbeit wird sehr geschätzt und wir in zukünftigen Produkten mit einfließen. Eine Korrektur der Fehler in den genannten Produkten ist aber nicht angedacht.