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Traitors Gate 2 The world has seen all kinds of weapons of mass destruction: nuclear, chemical and biological. Now the threat is digital. A virus, simple in concept yet catastrophic in effect, has been developed. Its target is the communication systems of the world. It will shut down all digital entertainment, economic trade and cripple the military, causing breaches in all security systems and global mass chaos. There is only enough time to send one operative. His codename: Raven. His mission: to find the virus, copy it and then destroy the research lab where it is located. [DreamCatcher Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 39 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1399
Genre Adventure, 3D, Modern, Third-Person
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
The Adventure Company / 258 Productions AB
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Traitors Gate 2 reviews ( 3 )

DeeN., Nov 29, 2003

I had high hopes for this game...however, I'm stuck at the water elevator and can't progress. Why do companies release a game when one cannot finish it? I have again wasted good money on a bad game.

AshK., Apr 23, 2004

I'm normally really good at puzzles but these ones have gone past the fun-yet-challanging point and hit the holy-geeze-get-me-outta-here point. so overall i was not impressed...especially with Raven going throught the walls.

MikeM., Jan 19, 2004

The most exciting part of the game was throwing it at the bargain bin at a gamestore .... i cant believe this adventure game was a total pulverizing mess. I really thought this game was going to be good but boy was i wrong was i forsaken by this company?? man i was pissed off when i wasted my clean cash.