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Traitor's Gate You'll need to learn lock picking, security-code deciphering, and computer hacking; it's like job training, albeit for what seems like a really, really fun job.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1360
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
DreamCatcher Interactive / Daydream Software
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Traitor's Gate reviews ( 3 )

WilliamW., Jan 3, 2004

This game is awesome! It has good graphics,doesn't have corny music like other games. What Ginger L. said isn't true, she obvioesly doesn't know how to save the game because when I die I load from the saved place. The manual told you to save alot. And what Paul M. is true it's hard but that doesn't mean it's a horrible game, he must be a bad video game player. Garry B. must have a horrible computer because it doesn't freeze on my computer. And you can place the DRU unit , you are probobly putting it in the wrong place. I think Paul M. , Ginger L. and Garry B. are complete quiters.

ToddB., Jun 28, 2004

This game is great! I dont know what you all are thinking when you say its bad. Its the only game hat has the cool environment and the endless pathways. Also, the puzles are actually realistic unlike Schizm and Myst. Overall, a great buy!

RichardN., Aug 2, 2004

This game is very challenging, ill give it that but if you dont have a walk through for it the game can take forever! There is way too much disk swapping and the graphics and music is pretty choppy. There are too many objects that you have to pick up and too many places to go. But with all of that aside its sort of an addictive game and it keeps you wanting to play some more.