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Transformers: Devastation The TRANSFORMERS are in the hands of acclaimed developer PlatinumGames, who have combined their brawler action with comic book inspired art to create a TRANSFORMERS game.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1723
Genre Action, Beat-'Em-Up, 3D
Company / Developer
Activision / PlatinumGames
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Transformers: Devastation reviews ( 7 )

Stunami, Oct 6, 2015

A beautiful swan song to the Transformers of yesteryear that I and many others grew up with. Not a voice is out of place as many of the old voice actors are back to reprise their roles, then on top of that they brought back Vince DiCola, the man responsible for the music of the 1986 movie, to handle the combat tunes. The story is as cheesy as a classic episode, as Megatron plans to terraform the world to make it look a bit more like home while all humanity has to suffer for it. Optimus and the gang roll in to kick some metal butt and save the day like they always do. The gameplay is absurdly over the top, melee is at the forefront here and what a joy it is with tons of weapons and countless combos to juggle, smash and pulverize the Decepticons with. It's also handy in reminding you that all the most iconic battles in the classic Transformers show were fist fights. Highly recommended.

ComandanteCobra, Jun 26, 2016

You'll play as one of the g1 Autobot that looks identical to 80's cartoon. Activision did a splendid job with skins, animation, pose and voice to take you back 30 years...and combined It with a solid gameplay. Levels are short "quest" inside a big city-like map (map scenery is a little uninspired) where you'll fight groups of enemy and giant bosses. There are little puzzle element, platform events and driving sequence. Transformation is well integrated into the combat system (combat system that is fast and furious) and actually fun and useful to use. Lots of weapons that feels and plays differently (4 example: swords, blasters, twin swords, rocket launcher, flamers, grenade launcher, hammers ...that looks like the one from old toys and cartoons..) that you can collect (like Diablo game from Blizzard 4 example) and upgrade. Character have a lots of statistic to improve (grd like). Levels are short and mimic in some way a series of episode from the cartoon (but with an original story). The whole game is short but there is a good re-playability to try a level using a different class of character or farming 4 experience and money or try the challenge (a lot of them like 40) It really did take me back to childhood when me and my friends went out to play with robots toys that change into things! Cons: Short, simple plot, a little repetitive..and obviously for old Transformers fans only. Nowadays you'll find it for around half of it's release date pricing. PlatinumGames and Activision please make a sequel (hopefully a little more deep) or another game of a different 80's franchis

hassenpheffer, Oct 13, 2016

Radical! Take a trip back to the 80s with the most authentic version of the Transformers since the animated series. We've got all the original voice over actors reprising their original roles and some truly old school story telling! It was like I was watching a never before released season of the show before the movie came out. Visually it is IDENTICAL to the animated series' designs. Just beautiful. Aside from the original story we've got some totally gnarly gameplay. BASH EM UP! It's button-mashing fun with some killer moves in vehicle and robot modes! This game is truly one of THE most fun games I've ever played. It's super exciting and just plain nuts. Don't expect some crazy combos though as some of the actions are repetitive. The weapon upgrading is cool but isn't explained completely so I wasn't sure what I was doing synthesizing weapons together. The TECH upgrades are nifty as well as crafting new ones. Really big arsenal - all types of weapons. It's strange that they got Hasbro's permission to use all the characters from the show but DIDN'T get permission to use the original music. No theme. Bummer. The crazy hard rock / metal music was very cool during gameplay. I would've REALLY liked to play these characters in a coop mode online. I normally wouldn't be bothered without but it would work really well here. I truly enjoyed every minute of this game and I hope there's a next installment. Highly recommended

Armitas, Sep 23, 2017

I am blown away by this game. I loved the transformers as a kid and still have them in my attic. If you have ever seen Transformers the movie it's more like that then regular series. It's gritty and has the same type of heavy metal sound track as the movie. Vince Dicola wrote a full octane score for this and it fits because it is pedal down the whole way through. It's not a button masher, every deception has his own unique attacks and if you don't time your dodges and tactics you will lose...every time. The first chapter you fight freaking devastator, and each deception is developed like the deception they are. They didn't just slap on personality and build to a name, they brought the enemies to life. The trailer just doesn't give you a good impression of how this game feels as a fan. I'm telling you if you are a fan of the original series you will need a seat belt for you computer chair. Even if you have never watched the transformers I think you will like it for the intensity of combat. It's like Gran Turismo and street fight, if you aren't fighting your racing, taking 90degree turns at 90 miles an hour by "transforming" into a right turn. When you are fighting you are turning out combos, special moves and ultimates while making twitch based dodges that require you to dodge in the appropriate direction, then transforming into a car to speed away and close in for another attack. All while Vince Dicola is shredding a guitar in the back ground. It has difficulty settings if you need more or less of a challenge. It has rpg type stats to level up, it has loot that can be deconed and imbued, it has tech slots that enhance your character and all sorts of trivia files, sub challenges, combos to unlock, and collectables. It's also a full transformers episode in it's own right. There is already a DLC that will get you the Red Alert autobot but the standard game will still get you 5 autobots. I can't put it into words, it's just pure adrenaline and mountain dew. It's just really amazing, and I hope this becomes a regular thing for Activation and Vince Dicola as a way to release new Transformers episodes.

JadeyJoestar, Oct 9, 2015

A love child of PlatinumGames and the original Transformers franchise (not the bastardized version of the Michael Bay movies). I'm not much of a Transformers fan, but I noticed the amount of faithfulness being put to the source material. The voice acting is well directed, the music gets you pumped up for the fight and enhance some cutscene moments. The beat-em-up gameplay itself is pretty fast paced and very enjoyable. You can also collect varying types of weapon, both ranged and melee, upgrade them, and bring them to your next playthrough to help you with the harder difficulties. TL;DR, if you're a fan of PlatinumGames (Bayonetta, Vanquish, MGR), get it. The gameplay is pure classic Platinum. Even the HUD is terrific. If you're a Transformers fan, no brainer, get it already. Its a faithful adaptation and you won't regret it.

plotlesviolence, Dec 30, 2015

OVERVIEW = 7 A 3D beat-em-up/hack-and-slash based on the 1980s Generation 1 Transformers cartoon. PRESENTATION = 9 The game is gorgeous. Its cel-shading captures exactly—I mean exactly—the look of the 1980s cartoon, right down to the exaggerated mirror sheens on the transformers’ metal. The last game representing a cartoon nearly this well was 2002’s “Robotech:Battlecry” on PS2 and Gamecube. A petty complaint is that Megatron transforms into a tank instead of a gun, an odd choice for a game that otherwise accepts all the ridiculousness of the cartoon, including size-changing. All characters are voiced by their original actors (or by facsimiles so accurate I didn’t notice). The effects look good. Environments could have used some more variety: it’s one city in earth, within Cybertronian-style technology, and space. There’s no ragdoll or gib physics, sadly. None of the original music score from the show was used, however, which is weird because they had to resolve licensing issues to begin with to publish this. The plot isn’t very good (which I suppose is also accurate to the tv show), but it’s not grating either and cutscenes are skippable. Also, Unicron never shows up, which was a personal disappointment. GAME MECHANICS = 5 The game controls decently. It wisely eschews the Batman:Arkham/Ubisoft system of pressing a button to automatically counter, but it’s hardly complex. The Right Shoulder button/bumper pulls triple duty by transforming you into a car, triggering a free vehicle-based hit during a combo whenever the screen flashes, or acting as a universal dodge button to avoid getting hit. There’s a third-person shooting system, but ammo is so restricted that it functions as a special attack before resorting to melee weapons. Basically the game is you hitting “X” for fast strikes (occasionally with “Y” for heavy to mix up a combo), holding the “R” button whenever it flashes, and tapping the “R” button every 2 seconds when you’re about to get hit. Just barely dodging will slow time, allowing you a free hit with a slower, heavier weapon. Despite the game’s assertion otherwise, there are only 4 melee weapon types: hammer, single sword, double swords, and fists. There are a few guns, but only the sniper rifle (lets you aim in 1st person) and hookshot (reels enemy in) are functionally different. You can only carry 4 weapons total, 1 of which must be a gun, so this means 3 functional weapons. You can play as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock. Disappointingly, this means just basic cars the entire game, and, as you’d imagine, essentially all characters play alike. Even Grimlock is just a slower car you will try once and then go back to Optimus because his unlimited flamethrower breath isn’t worth the loss of a weapons slot or the speed decrease. Most of the game is played with just two buttons, “R” and “X” and the left joystick to move. Different enemies, even the giants, don’t require changing tactics, they just have different attack patterns to dodge (except shielded enemies, who require a rushing charge). Flying enemies get really annoying because you have to wait for them to come close (they dodge the hookshot!). Only one level requires you to chase an enemy in vehicle form. Even in empty space, the physics and double-jumping are the same as on land. I wish they had gotten more creative with the possibilities for using the mechanics. There are short platforming sections but nothing challenging, and the jumping physics aren’t exactly noteworthy. There’s also a few brief turret sections and one cool 2D shooter level. It can be fun, especially in the more chaotic arenas where you’re dodging giant laser beams/balls and multiple enemies and a giant and all your robot allies are shooting back, but while it tests reflexes it’s never complex. Even on PC, Ninja Gaiden Z: Yaiba and Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance (heck, even The Matrix: Path of Neo) have better, more developed systems. DESIGN = 5 The game is effectively 5-6 linear hours. You don’t get lost. There are a few extra challenge missions here and there. The worst design element is the weapons crafting system, which really screws with the difficulty curve and with the slower-weapon-equals-more-damage design. You have to combine existing weapons to level up the 3 you actually like in order to keep the game reasonable. It’s just busywork, and worse, guesswork, since I was never sure which weapons to sacrifice or to level up. Each weapon has a few “element” variants (like fire for extra damage, ice to slow enemies, etc.), which, like the other random buffs (extra damage if you headshot etc.), look cool but barely affect gameplay. But since the gateways to the crafting menu are so far apart in the main game, if you want to try out a weapon on some real enemies, it will be a good long while before you get to the next gateway to switch it back out if you didn’t like it. Fun enough, if you’re into Transfomers or really into beat-em-ups.

Dunge, Oct 7, 2015

No 900p/1440p resolution support. Cap at 60hz. The port is this game is laughable. I'm really not a fan of the 80 style, but that's a personal taste. As far as the gameplay goes, it seems okay, but it is still a big step down from the High Moon Studios series.