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Transport Fever 2 The classic transport simulation genre has a new gold standard with Transport Fever 2. Discover a whole new world by navigating transport routes through land, water and air. May progress and prosperity find their way.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 76
Genre Strategy, Management, Business / Tycoon
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Good Shepherd Entertainment / Urban Games
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Transport Fever 2 reviews ( 6 )

Chezidek, Dec 22, 2019

Pre-ordered the game about a month before the release as I was impressed with the trailer but the whole month I wanted to make a refund because I was afraid that the game would be too difficult to learn, that there will need to think a lot and will not be able to relax! When the game came out I did not regret that he left her! The gameplay is very pleasant and meditative! At an easy level of difficulty, you can relax and enjoy the process. For what is happening in the city is very exciting to watch! The graphics are amazing! The music is great, a couple of melodies are my favorite) Some of them complain about crashes, I have over 20+ hours there was absolutely no problems with the game! Developers, well done! The game is very pleased and was a discovery for me!

KayoKyrano1964, Dec 14, 2019

Transport Fever 2 Game is Bloody Brilliant best graphics Great visuals Best selling game Easy-to-use Great Quality Sound Simple UI and HUD Better than Transport Fever

bichout2, Dec 17, 2019

Je recommande ce jeu. C'est un jeu de gestions de transports et les graphismes sont bien. J'ai juste fait faillite dans le jeu libre mais ce n'est pas la faute du jeu. Et le jeu est plutôt facile.

MrWhiny, Dec 12, 2019

New Transport Fever game, is it better? Not really. There is some improvements here and there but this isn't feels like a new game it feels like something else, like patch for old transport fever. So let me make a list about the game; Good things: - New maps looking great, actually i like it. - Map editor, you can create your own maps. - Modular stations. - Planes now can be useful, rather than money sucking machine like in the old game. - Better terrain tools, yeah flatten terrain tool added in to game (at last). - Wild life, not much to do with your game play but it's a good addition. (Birds flying formation feels like copy/paste from Transport Giant) - Now you can stop date progress while playing to game. - One way roads can be build. - Traffic lights can be build. - You can build your own HQ. - Roundabouts, is this a good or bad thing i don't know actually, because seems like ai don't know how to use roundabouts! Anything else? Not much actually that's all the good things come to my mind... Bad things: - Typical unoptimized game, game using too much RAM especially on very large maps with 1:3 scale, you need to at least 16 GB RAM to play the damn game?! I'm not surprise why the most youtubers playing this game on medium or small tropical maps, because 4/2 tropical maps covered with water which means less assets can be use (less RAM usage), yeah I'm not buying that bull crap! - Replace vehicle feature removed! WHY??? - Vehicles no longer age up, another removed feature! Replaced by maintenance cost, ridiculous cost I mean! - It's nearly impossible to expand in early game without loan! Most of your early game play you're spending your time with taking loan repaying loan thing, boring and repetitive! - Ridiculous amount of costs! Jesus! Who is going to pay more than 2 million $ to steam engine in 1870? This is totally unrealistic! - Horses cause emission in city? Really?? How? So they eating carrot and farting too much?? Is there any logical explanation for this? - No real improvement in the game, nothing actually, it's still feels like train fever with some graphical improvements, nothing really changed! - No new transport mechanics in the game, like, monorail, subway, zeppelins, maglev like futuristic trains or flying vehicles etc. - No curved stations, come on modders did this while ago! - New interface is terrible, also line management window fixed on the bottom rather than draggable! - Vehicle depots less useful. - %90 of the vehicles copy/paste from previous game! Devs didn't even change the horse animations! They still move like robot rather than actual horse! - Key stuck bug on TF1 is still there?! Missing things: - No company creating screen at the start. Even old transport games have this feature like railroad tycoon 3, you choose your company logo/name even your logo appear in your vehicles but in this game nope! - No day/night cycles (RT3 have this feature) - No seasons, it's always sunny not even rain in the game! (At least rain in RT3, but TF2? Nope) - Vehicles don't use anything like fuel (In RT3 and Transport Giant vehicles use different type of fuels and they need to refill but in TF2 vehicles can run forever!) - No different biomes in the map, if it's tropical it's always tropical no different combinations. - Cities still producing the same thing which is passenger, no mail or anything else! Even in Transport Giant (which is very old game) cities can produce passenger, mail and garbage. - No complex signals like in the open ttd. - Your trucks and buses still can't do overtake, they stuck behind the slow moving ai cars. - You can't buy industries for extra profit like in the RT3! - No challenging gameplay, only challenge is costs! Nothing else! Too much casual sometime feels like mobile game. - No AI competitors! - No multiplayer! - No adjustable ticket prices, your ticket prices depends on the vehicle speed! I don't know why devs still using this ridiculous mechanic! - Even vehicles cost maintenance, they don't break, they just run that's it.. Why do we need to pay maintenance cost then? So unrealistic! - There is only one way to reduce emission in cities which is replace vehicles! No sound barriers not even trees effective against emission like in the cities skyline. - No decorative assets in the game, you still get lamp and bench that's it! Nothing new! - Cities only accept two type of different cargo, they don't request new type of cargo over time while they growing, it's always two type of cargo, boring! Even old TF much more better than this, because you need to transport six different cargo, instead of 'only' two! - No planing tool like in the 'Prison Architect', you build routes with trial and error (Which is cost ridiculous amount of money of course!) - Instant building instead of real time building. Casual game play mechanic in the so-called simulation game. - No undoing options. Once build it, it's done, happy or not!

JackooCZ22, Jul5, 2020

Alot of other reviews already mentioned it and I am going to mention it again, TPF2 is more like a DLC to most TPF1 players, apart from the new asia extension there and few improvements is NO new content. The price is extremely overkill and I strongly dont recommend it unless there is a sale. But if you really wish for cheaper Transport simulator like this, buy TPF1 instead of 2, they are mostly the same.

Satanski666, Mar 27, 2020

Yeah, i should do more research before buying, besides checking whether it has multiplayer or not, but how on earth they made transport tycoon game without AI competition? I mean, this kind of games had it a quarter of century ago. WTF?