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Trapped Dead Devise tactics to rid a small community of the living dead.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 52 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1615
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
Meridian4 / Headup Games, Crenetic Studios

Trapped Dead reviews ( 7 )

Vagrant, Jul 18, 2011

This game puts more emphasis on Tactics rather than mindless button mashing "just to kill as many as possible" unlike recent zombies games. 3 zombies at the same time can be a problem, hence, kiting and careful ammo distribution is critical to your survival. All of this coupled with a "Command & Conquer" interface where each of your survivors can be given an order. You can even move the camera to see the horrors that lies ahead and plan carefully.The atmosphere and the setting is highly detailed, especially the map props. Any fans of George A. Romero's zombies and movies will feel right at home. Heck, the first 2 playable characters are direct cameos of his movies. It's like a big party and everyone was invited.I haven't tried Multiplayer, but thinking about it makes me shiver... Having "mean" players on your side, hoarding all the guns and ammo, talking trash in the chat saying "he's the boss and he doesn't give a f because it's the zombie apocalypse", closing doors leaving you behind with a horde, shooting you to death because you're bleeding and bleeding in this game attracts zombies... stuff like that... :PLast note... This game is for hardcore zombie movie/game fanatics only. Only these people may appreciate the great value of this game. That includes me, which is why I'm giving it 10/10.

minahina, Jul 18, 2011

A good game that actually keeps you entertained, although it could have been made with improvements. The multiplayer is not all that fun from single player as you would have thought and expected... and I think it's what is lacking the most. And that's coming from a girl that dislikes multiplayer. The graphics are also nice and still enjoyable. People's claims of the game crashing is just because their computers can't handle it... so they put the blame on the game. It's stable, fun and good for those that enjoy on-top view. A very recommended game that is worth the current price. Don't compare or buy because of Left 4 Dead fandom. Out.

mi-go, Aug 15, 2012

This game have a lot of bad reviews because bugs when it was released, but now days these bugs are no longer. Is not a perfect game, but I like it a lot, simple strategy and the possibility to order character while game is paused. Just remember to use attack with left **** pressed to order "auto attack", really useful. Is a good game for people who want a simple stategy / adventure game, also it have simple but good plot and level design.

dajhorn, Jun 14, 2014

Trapped Dead is a game that initially seems like it has potential, but playing it ultimately feels like work. Something about it reminds me of Fallout Tactics.

Dougomite, Jul 19, 2011

The game's visuals and art style are where the positive experiences of the game ends. The controls are slow and sometimes unresponsive, even when they are responsive the in-game actions are just as slow. Many reviews spoke of bugs but I didn't get the chance to encounter many because a bug on the 2nd tutorial level made progress impossible. After re-trying the tutorial level I've already reached the point of never wanting to run the game again.I don't hate this game and appreciate the attempt at changing up the zombie genre with something that is less twitch shooter type of gameplay. Trapped Dead however fails in providing entertaining gameplay. I write this review to hopefully prevent anyone else from being convinced that the game is worth the cost to at least give it a try. As a zombie fan and a fan of tactical gameplay, I urge you to avoid spending time and money on Trapped Dead.

Todayshero, Apr 12, 2012

I bought this game hoping the reviews were just people who liked newer type games and couldn't handle the slow pace of a strategical game. I bought this game for me and a friend since I don't like playing many games in single player, especially if there is an option for multiple players. I had played a bit of the game before my friend and I played and then we connected and tried playing coop. This was one of the worst experiences I've had in a multiplayer game. In order to play a level coop you MUST first have played that level in single player. You choose your players then you choose your level, you play the level and it's done. There is no level progression with multiplayer. This game was poor planning, poor execution. The only thing they did good on was making it look good so that it would sell. After that they continually drop the ball for every other gaming aspect. This game had potential to be great and I'm sad to say they missed the mark by a long shot.

Rabid_Rabbit, Apr 11, 2012

Dont wast your money on this one people, the game doesn't even start up, that just cant be a good sign. And from what i can read about other reviews its full of bugs. Dont support the lazy and crappy developer. Enough said.