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Trials Fusion Trials Fusion melds the classic, proven Trials formula of simple yet addictive competition with the social and visual breakthroughs of the next generation of gaming.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1839
Genre Driving, Racing, Arcade, Motorcycle, Automobile, Street
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / RedLynx
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Trials Fusion reviews ( 7 )

RyuuGP, Jun 14, 2014

truthfully this is a very addicting game. it's very easy to play, if you're using keyboard the 4 arrow buttons are the only things you need.. and restart button (except the fmx, and if you're using gamepad i think it will be more easier), but sometimes the track are very challenging. a perfect game for someone looking for challenge. the track environments are very colorful and beautiful too. i'm someone that value good story from a game, but i play this without expecting that.. i just want to have fun gaming all day with my brother (yes, we play together, if i'm stuck he will play it instead, and if he's stuck i will play). but the more you play it there is some kind of plot in it, and it's very good too.. i like the story telling, it's not direct but you will find it, so i suggest you turn on the subtitles if you play it (you can miss it because there are bike sound, or explosion, or your wtf moment) . i have some advice for some who want to play this game (other than turn on the subtitles). be sure to watch the end of each level because sometimes it will be nice to watch after your struggle (if you find it hard). if you find some levels are hard as hell, you can play it with your friend (because sometimes it will be more fun), and if you do so and finish it, you (and your friend) can watch the replay because sometimes it will be hilarious. if i have to say what i don't like, probably they should add more insane costumes and more advanced coloration. and as i remember there are some tricks that they show us in the practice level but Redlynx doesn't make a level that focus on those tricks. still this is still a very very fun game

Moth3rlov3r, Apr 23, 2014

I think it´s a big step for the developers, Trials Evolution was great but now i can´t wait to get access to the whole playable content! GET IT GUYS :)

Zzzlol94, Oct 6, 2014

If I were to pick between Evolution and Fusion, I would go with Evolution. Fusion is a solid game with many tracks and challenges making the time you need to complete it quite high if you're not the best at the game. But when you're ranked in the top 50 of the leaderboards (like me), there are other issues the game comes with. One of those are tyre glitches. Tyre glitches happens when the physics engine freaks out and does weird stuff with where the tyres are. Most common issue is that the tyre just bounces and loses grip for no reason at all while going very fast downhill. To take an example where this happens constantly, is the track Skyscraper Showdown. Most people, even inexperienced, will notice the tyre glitch if they're lifting off the throttle on the longest and fastest downslope of the track. You'll either lose all speed and not even getting over to the next checkpoint, or overshoot the checkpoint and landing on the next ramp. This issue is a lot more common in this game because of the slightly more advanced physics engine inside it. Evolution did have the glitch, but nowhere near as much as this. I managed on Rock of Rages to get stuck on an uphill ramp, where I could let off everything and the bike would just stay there. If I leaned backwards, the rear tyre was stuck in the same spot. This happened by just going slowly backwards on that ramp. This has only happened once, but it has only happened in Fusion. It seems like the more inputs you give the game, leaning back and forth, increases the chance of a tyre glitch to happen. The tyre glitch is a big issue if you want to put a lot of hours into this game, as it can ruin a perfect run on a track at any moment. Because every single attempt you do is different to each other, whether you get the tyre glitch or not feels completely random when it actually isn't. The FMX game type is a new addition, but is ridiculously random at times. I dislike FMX as it feels too luck based unless you put a lot of time in it, which is just not worth it for the quality and the few tracks that need it. I don't want to say anything more about it as some people find it good for some reason. Now to the better parts of the game. The regular trials tracks are well made, most got fairly good timesavers and optimizations to get better times (except for covert ops, i hate that track). The game comes into its best when you hit the Hard and Extreme tracks. The Hard tracks have better driving lines compared to those in Evolution and are fit a lot more for those who have mastered the techniques you need to conquer the Extreme tracks. They are very good for improving Extreme techniques when you're trying to speedrun them with 0 faults. When it comes to Extremes, they're noticeably more difficult than those in Evolution, but still not too hard. But if that's too easy, well, 0 fault one of the extremes, bail just before hitting the finish and try to hit a sphere which will then put you on a specially made ninja track of that same extreme. There's still no way that this game can't be too difficult, because the difficulty ranges from holding down one button, to doing the most ridiculous stuff and having the world record on a track with a time of over 20 minutes and 100s of faults. Or Ice Climb, where only 2-3 people have ever managed to get to the top. Adding challenges to the game is a really good way of increasing the difficulty and adding ridiculous things to each track. All the challenges where the controls are flipped, you have to play the track mirrored, upside down or without the rider and/or bike visible makes for a lot of interesting gameplay. There are some things I would want to have. Classic Tournaments from Evolution that are a part of the career should've been in it. They make for a different type of leaderboard that actually shows how good people are. But no one really knows what's coming next and that might be a thing that's coming soon.

MadJaples, Jun 13, 2014

A nice game, one that I'm glad I didn't pay for, because beyond a certain point when FMX courses are involved, I distinctly recall spending no less than 10 minutes and nearly 60 retries trying to finish one of the 'hard' courses. The 'hard' courses are, arguably, TOO damn hard. This is clearly a game I will never finish, so I've uninstalled it as a result. It's nicely presented, good quality graphics with some fairly decent music. A decent bunny hop button is the only thing this game would have needed to be a little easier. Again with the constantly online **** though? Seriously? That's my second pet hate, the first being controller settings that appear to only accommodate console controllers on a PC. It's very f**king annoying. Think I'll stick to my FPS/RTS games - at least I get to choose how often my games go online without asking me before hand. Buy it if you want, but if you're an impatient person, I would REALLY avoid this one. You'll smash your pc out of rage quit in less than an hour. Believe me.

dypsomaniart, Aug 12, 2016

This game would be awesome if the controls and physics were better. I'ver played Iphone trials games with better physics. Frustratingly unrealistic and painful after the first few levels. Not recommmended to anyone who has actually ever ridden a dirtbike, trials bike, or even a pushbike for that matter.

MAD_JIHAD, Apr 24, 2014

This game is another crappy console port. I loaded up this game and it was super laggy on my computer (2xGTX480) so I read in the forums that you have to disable SLI, fine. After disabling SLI I try again only to find that it is super laggy and stuttering, keep in mind my pc can run BF4 on max settings over 60fps. I have all the settings on the lowest and it still is unplayable. Then I find out on the official forums that if this game doesn't run at 60fps the physics engine just goes into slow motion... Seriously this is 2014 and they still haven't fixed the same issues that were in the previous trials game. This game also doesn't support any refresh rate over 60hz so if you have a 120hz monitor you can go back in time to the old 60hz days. I love the trials games and I want to play but I cant... :(

clarky, Aug 3, 2014

Trials was a good game (previous ones), not exactly amazing, but a good mini time burner. It is a 3D version of ELMA basically. However, Ubisoft being Ubisoft have made it bad. I do not want online features, I do not care about sharing tracks and any of that stuff. Despite blocking the game with my firewall, it takes 10 seconds to try to connect to the server..... Sometimes when I refuse to connect, a new window appears "downloading content" which can overlay the game forever. You need to restart. Then, most annoying of all, at the end of each level, it tells me to log in to share my time. If you press A (by mistake), you need to wait 10 seconds again...... The game is 5/10, but Ubisoft have irritated me into uninstalling it. As a paying customer, they annoyed me into quitting the game and a result of that. I give it 1/10