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Tribes: Ascend Tribes: Ascend is a new generation of the online multiplayer shooter, incorporating classic Tribes elements such as fast-paced jetpack enabled combat, skiing, and vehicles, combined with teamwork and strategy.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5277
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
Hi-Rez Studios / Hi-Rez Studios

Tribes: Ascend reviews ( 7 )

Jumpmanjordan, Apr 12, 2012

Awesome game! Best free to player shooter I have ever played. Graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is mind bendingly fast, furious and fun. Just remember: You gotta go fast!!

MegWhiteley, Apr 18, 2012

This FPS is really amazing, Hi-Rez Studios do an amazing job, Tribes: Ascend is incredible, the graphics are awesome, the gameplay incredible. This game is fantastic.

omanra, May 17, 2012

A very creative and multifaceted take on the FPS. I recommend it to anyone who has grown tired of the genre. It is free after all, so you don't have much to lose...

Syntax, Apr 12, 2012

I started playing Tribes: Ascend during closed Beta, and it was good then, but I've watched as the game continued to get more polished, faster, and better. It's a challenging twitchy shooter that takes place at incredibly high speeds, but in today's pansy FPS market, this is the one game that really stands out as something different from the incredibly stale CoD/BF clones that get cranked out year after year. The challenge feeds my desire to keep playing and getting better, and like a great roller coaster, the high speed keeps me coming back for more. Highly addictive and well put together. The company (Hi-Rez Studios) also seems really laid back and good at listening to the community. I have high hopes for Tribes as it re-enters the gaming world with Ascend.

Qkumba, Apr 17, 2012

Aside from several overlookable latency issues that have hit-scan weapons and spinfusors dealing zero damage on direct hit, you gotta go fasterr as this is Sanic Hegehog world of shazbots.

moloh, Apr 29, 2012

Really fantastic team based FPS, personally have only problems with very long load times (it appears like game is just not responding), but it did not prevent me from enjoying the game. My only problem is the F2P model that developers use, weapons and upgrades are so expensive (either Gold or EXP) that spending 60$ on game will probably give you just about the half of content now. This is really disappointing.

aKtivE, Aug 24, 2013

another bad game from hirez, seems more a pay2win than a f2p i bought it for 25 euro before they understood it was a and changing it in f2p.... Worst sh never see.