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Tribes: Vengeance A family in conflict. A galaxy at war. The endless war has begun. The Empire and the Tribes now fight as much over resources as they do for revenge. But when a war spans generations, it becomes a mother's quest to discover the truth about the conflict, and an heir's duty to break free from the cycle of vengeance. Play as multiple characters across two generations of a family at war in the first ever TRIBES single player experience. Physics system seamlessly integrates jet-packing, running, skiing and piloting into one dynamic experience. New weapons and vehicles add to the classic TRIBES arsenal and guarantee a fight like no other. Powered by an enhanced Unreal (tm) engine, stunning visuals take you into a never before seen chapter of TRIBES history. Battle in vast locations from underground caverns and forgotten cities to acid wastelands and mighty coliseums. Join the war online with extensive multiplayer action for up to 32 players. [Sierra]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1716
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 32 Online
Company / Developer
VU Games / Irrational Games
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Tribes: Vengeance reviews ( 4 )

PY, Oct 10, 2004

Excellent game. While different from the previous two, it stands in its own light. Overall, I think it lives up to the Tribes name. I wouldn't be as satisfied if they just released a rehash of the same old game. The changes and additions made to T:V are welcome in my book.

[Anonymous], Sep 13, 2004

I think that the beta is great. Its just like T1 in a good way. All the T2 problems have been fixed. Unlike someone else said, i think T:V requires more teamplay and tactics than other Tribes games. And Heavies have been able to solo since Tribes 1. :P As a veteran t1/t2 player i think this game will simply rock. Single-Player is a nice bonus too. Must buy.

Scarchase, Mar 6, 2013

i think the game is great because i have played all of the tribes vengeance. The Beta is great it is also one of the best games i have ever played in my life in that case i give Tribes Vengeance a 10 out of 10

MoroseTroll, Aug 21, 2014

The game isn't perfect, but it has much more merits than shortcomings. Firstly, you can fly. Do you remember jet packs in Duke Nukem 3D? In Tribes: Vengeance, you can fly much higher, farther, longer, and often. This feature makes game play much more vertical, which is very fun. Secondly, the game has a good story, in past and today, with several different protagonists (including a very young girl without any weapon, a cyborg-assassin, etc). Thirdly, the game has a good, though short sound track. Plus, the game has a lots of free content (hundreds maps, skins, etc) via