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Trine 2 Trine 2 is the sequel to the 2009 downloadable PlayStation 3 and PC action platformer.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6508
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Frozenbyte, Inc. / Frozenbyte, Inc.

Trine 2 reviews ( 6 )

SenClayDavis, Feb 25, 2014

An incredible game. The original Trine was awesome, but Trine 2 managed to significantly improve what was already a fantastic game. The major improvements over the original in order of significance: (1) online co-op. Need I say more? (2) the ability to save mid-level (cannot stress enough how much I appreciate); (3) combat - while the mechanics are the same, enemies are much more challenging, compelling and aesthetically interesting. I enjoyed combat in the original, but repeatedly killing skeleton soldiers wasn't all that gratifying; (4) puzzles - after only a few levels I noted that the puzzles seemed slightly more challenging than those in the original. Perhaps this is a trade-off for the ability to save mid-level. Whatever the case, I found the overall difficulty to be about perfect. I also loved the new environmental additions, such as water that makes plants grow, etc. Great stuff.; (5) graphics/art design - the original Trine was a gorgeous game and yet the sequel is noticeably more visually stunning. Probably the single prettiest game I've ever played. I cannot recommend this game enough, particularly at the very low prices at which it can typically be had.

Miklas, Dec 14, 2011

The sequel absolutely improved on the original Trine. The storytelling is still lighthearted and gorgeous, just like the 3 characters. The graphics are amazing, even better than in the good looking first Trine. More variety in the puzzles and even in the landscape make this game one of the best experiences I had this year. And I've still got to play the cooperative mode.

Elenoe, Dec 7, 2011

Amazing graphics, perfect controls, improved physics puzzles and finally online co-op multiplayer. It is even better then the first Trine which was excellent. I miss inventory from original a little. This little cutie and good developer support is really worth more then release price.

not_good, Dec 12, 2011

For $15 you can't go wrong with this game. Solid game play, music and tight controls make it a blast to play with friends, like the first one except better because now you can play online! Also hey, some gorgeous graphics here. For only $15 how could I not give this a 10 when it provides so much? An instant classic, like Bastion, you need this in your collection.

lanm, Nov 26, 2012

The first games graphics were amazing, but the sequel actually makes them look bad. Not only does the game look great, it's full of imaginative encounters that will leave you smiling. My only issues with the game is the "endurance" areas where enemies attack in waves and you have to be very defensive to make it through, and also some of the physics puzzle. You can work out the solution to a problem, but the physics to accomplish the solution are so fiddly it can bring the entire game to a screeching halt for an extended duration.

huw12313212, Feb 17, 2013

Boring. 3 character just make this game complex. not depth. I had a hard time controlling the characters and getting used to them, so I gave up. The puzzles weren't that hard, and not feeling in control of the characters made me give up I may give it a shot later.