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Trine Trine is a physics-based action game where three characters allow clever solutions to challenges created by hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies. The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics - each character's different abilities and tactics can be used to invent new ways to overcome obstacles and save the kingdom! [Frozenbyte]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5365
Genre Action, Action Adventure, Fantasy, General, Platformer, 2D
Players 1-3
Company / Developer
SouthPeak Games , Frozenbyte, Inc. / Frozenbyte, Inc.

Trine reviews ( 6 )

cRIT, Sep 19, 2011

A full 10/10! Not many games are worthy of full marks....this one is. Side scrollers seem to have all but dissapered, well not anymore. I have always been a fan of these types of games so maybe my score is a little bias but i love it. 3 different characters with different skills, all well balanced. Good mixture of combat and puzzle solving. A masterpiece!

PhilP, Jul 4, 2009

Excellent game - fun and smooth with good action and fun physics. Beautiful graphics and atmosphere to it. Could be a little longer, but I very much enjoyed this game.

iamtheoneneo, Sep 30, 2011

great game, gorgeous graphics especially for a 2d platformer and some interesting puzzles. Its reasonably short though so don't go into this expecting more than a few decent hours worth of gameplay, the lack of an end boss or real end challenge was a bit of a disappointment but it is a great ride whilst it lasts.

AndyK, Sep 3, 2009

Awesome game! Amazing graphics and sound create a unique atmosphere! The gameplay is very easy to get into, the puzzles are relatively simple but the ability to solve them in multiple ways is excellent! On the other hand, I would have preferred more variety in the enemies and more abilities for the wizard, who is underused. Overall, I would say I used thief 65%, warrior 30% and wizard conclusion, it's just an extremely fun game, and isn't that the point? :D

KayVen17, Jan 4, 2017

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KoosKing, Jul 25, 2009

Trine is a beautiful looking game - the artists have really poured heart and soul into it. Unfortunately it's gameplay and programming where it falls flat. There's a few small issues that I'll mention first before I get to the real problem. There's no saving mid-way through a level. If you quit it's restart time. Controller configuration isn't saved so you'll need to reset that everytime too. You can't pick a resolution and aspect ratio. You must choose from the arbitrary ones offered. The voice acting ranges from good to really bad. Bad none of those are show stoppers. The problem is that using a physics engine to drive a character in a platform game is a BAD IDEA. There's a fair bit of precision jumping which you will fail time and again as your characters inertia slides them off the edge. Add to that that you're getting smacked around by heavy boxes etc... and you never really feel like you're controlling your character. The other issue with a physics based game is that it's a bit of a one trick pony. By the end of the second stage you'll have solved every puzzle varaint. The rest is tedium. Not even the enemies change.