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TRISTOY Snap up a friend and try to escape from the dungeons of TRISTOY in this story-driven coop-platformer.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 51 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1188
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Merge Games / Uniworlds

TRISTOY reviews ( 6 )

TXing, Jan 15, 2015

This little indie game surprised me with easy and well balanced co-op game-play! Technically - The gameplay is easy, the controls are accessible and the two characters are well adjusted. It has a well implemented online-co-op mode and if you want to change your controls from keyboard to your smart-phone – you can do that with the uniplay app. It is actually not a metroid-vania game (which is a flaw in marketing) but a well designed game nevertheless.Artwise – The characters and backgrounds are simple and hand-drawn. The only drawbacks are the sound (which reminds me of the early 8-bit era, an actual orchestra would have been more appropriate). The dynamic splitscreen is really helpful and remembers me of the lego games. Storywise - I was disappointed at first, but then I realized that this is actually not a classic damsel-in-distress scenario. It is about two colliding world views concerning the concepts of responsibility and trust. Nevertheless, the dialogs are quite witty – also both players get to influence not only the outcome of future events but also past events, which creates kind of a role-play feeling. The characters are well adjusted and the pacing just hits my sweet spot. The pricing is generous: You get 2 keys, which means that 4 people can play 2 separate sessions of local co-op simultaneously (with only 1 copy of the game). That's what I call a fair deal.

Finster, Jan 27, 2015

Pro - First two player dialog system. - Interesting story with moral decisions. - You can use a smartphone as controller. - It actually got me to play with a friend again. - Thats some pretty artwork for an indie game. Contra - The music and sounddesign are simplistic (8bit style?). - We would have liked to spend more than 3-4 hours in Tristoy. - Not a metroidvania game (a poor advertisement decision). - We bought 2 keys for 15 bucks (we only needed one key to play). Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

Athener, Jun 12, 2015

I have a problem with this game. It's good. And it's bad. It's both. The problem is, we (my cousin and my brother) played it multiple times and had severely different experiences. One really awesome, one pretty terrible. But let me explain: My brother bought the game for 15 bucks and he got 2 keys (two full versions of the game), first he played it online co-op with my cousin. They had major problems (this may be the reason the developers openly recommend the local play function). The controls were delayed which made some passages of the game nearly unplayable. After that, I played the game with my brother local on my pc, I played on the keyboard and he connected his xbox controller on my pc. He insisted to play the wizard character (because he already played the game and he knew a few things that would help him later in the story, when the game suddenly SPOILER ALERT turns from full cooperative mode to competitive mode like in the last boss fight) SPOLER END. We had a good time, I loved the art and the narrative. So we hat two playthroughs with two completely different verdicts. I went with my impression (and subtracted a few points for the misleading metroidvania advertisement and the unstable online co-op) and give this game a solid 7. I think that's fair.

Grobi, Jun 5, 2015

NOT a metroidvania game, that must have been some hiccup in the marketing of the game. BUT a multiplayer coop game with story and cool dialogs. At the beginning of the game, players find themselves trapped on the island prison fortress of Tristoy; The Prince Freedan and a wizard named Stayn join together to free the Princess and escape the tower. The Princess can be your sister, your fiancee or just a damsel in distress, which is up to your choice (yes, you actually influence past events of the games story and setting!). While the art style is a little bland, the audio is well done across the board from music to voice acting and the co-op experience is one of the most fluid for a platforming title I've ever experienced!

CroWise, May 25, 2015

Uhm.. I'll just talk about the things that were exceptional. Exceptional good and exceptional bad. I got it quite cheap on steam, practically for a buck or less. Me and my friend had 2 hours of enjoyment (funny riddles with a sphinx) and having a dialog system in a multiplayer game were both players can choose the outcome of the dialog is pretty much mind-blowing. It also had this situation at the end, were you can *spoilers* betray your partner. Imagine my surprise as I got coldheartedly stabbed in the back. BUT on the downside, online multiplayer is dead, and I think it went dead just a week after launch. So I was forced to play like in ye olden days, together sitting next to my sparring partner. While we enjoyed the experience, the option to play with someone online is crucial. Also, the experience was way too short and everything in this game just shouted: Help me, I was cut short because I ran out of development time/money! In the end, I wanted to know what actually happened to the Iron King and all the other characters. But I guess I'll have to wait for the next installment of the game franchise, which will probably never see the day of light. Cheers.

Pokiki, Jun 2, 2015

I played it with my sister, and the game was fun with the dialogs and the gameplay but it had overall bad female stereotypes, the damsel in distress, who gets captured by the bad guy in the beginning. The two protagonists are two male characters, the antagonist witch is a crazy female frankenstein homunculus. Also the only other female in the game is a rape victim who wants to die. I want to like this game but this is a really bad example of how to use women in games. Also, I heard that the protagonist prince was originally supposed to be the sister of the princess and the kingdom was supposed to be an amazon kingdom, but all of this content was cut. I think more people should consider the female spectrum of gamers and try to appeal to us. This game could have been really good if they had stayed with some alternate concepts.