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Tropico Picture a city-building simulation, god game combination with a good splash of humor set in a third world, Caribbean island setting.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1397
Genre Strategy, Miscellaneous, Real-Time, Management, Compilation, Modern, Government
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Gathering / PopTop Software

Tropico reviews ( 5 )

MartinC, Sep 21, 2009

Excellent game if you like playing god. The music is great, gameplay is solid and even in 2009, 8 years after buying this game, I haven't gotten bored of it. I could not recommend this game more to anyone, and here's hoping the soon to be released Tropico 3 is as good as this one!

smijatov, Aug 21, 2011

Amazing, amazing, amazing, and simply amazing. Love playing this game so much. Beautiful graphics, stunning scenery and architecture, interesting story and great musical score. Definitely one of the best "build your city/society" type of tycoon-ish games I've played. Excellent!!

overkoell, Jan 13, 2015

Tropico is a fantastic city builder. It allows you to build and manage your island paradise. You control the fate of every single one of your citizens without being able to actually tell them what to do. However you can lead them in the direction you want. Every island you play can be a completely different city. The Cuban flare of the game can really carry you away. The game difficulty offers a wide range but most scenarios are very tough. Few games are as rewarding as Tropico - and the original is still the best in the series.

john114, Jun 21, 2014

Tropico 1 is, even 13 years after it's release, really fun to play. I loved this game as a child, and even now the graphic part of the game is still decent, while the gameplay is just epic! The newest version definitely has some more options, but if you buy Tropico 1, you'll still get tons of fun for just a few bucks.

carlosgtardon, Jun 10, 2014

Uno de los juegos más gamberros que se han creado. Da la vuelta a la idea de los típicos Sims y consiguen llevarte a controlar a un dictador. Vale la pena probar alguna de las nuevas versiones ya que las mecánicas y el espíritu sigue siendo el mismo desde 2001.