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True Crime: Streets of LA True Crime: Streets of LA is the deepest combination of driving, fighting and shooting ever burned into one game. Take the role of rogue E.O.D. operative Nick Kang, assigned to the task of taking out the merciless Russian and Chinese crime syndicates plaguing the City of Angels. The action is non-stop and you can never repeat the same mission twice as you play through a branching storyline that takes place across 250 square miles of accurately recreated Los Angeles. [Activision]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1552
Genre Action Adventure, Modern
Players 1-4
Company / Developer
Activision / Luxoflux, Inc.

True Crime: Streets of LA reviews ( 4 )

DanielS., May 29, 2004

Neither as Good as the GTa 3 en Vice City ,but entertaining ! allthough the game has some flaws , low textures ,clipping ,camera angle, and the shooting controls are some that could be fixed, for an update or a new patch 'what so ever ! but the game has some good things,aswell , the models for the characthers are looking good ,aswell the acting in the cut scenes ,the diffrent outcomes of the game keeps you to replay missions ,just to see how it otherwise could end ,the fighting skills are fun , the soundtrack is awsome and there's a lot to do in the game , sure a game to pass by the time 'Till Driv3r and San Andreas are released !

Horus, May 27, 2004

Hmm there's something fishy about people who just come on and say "Perfect game!" I always assume they're one of the developers... Anyway, this is a LONG way short of the heights scaled by GTA:Vice City. Pretty much everything R.S. said above is true. The driving feels wrong, scenery pops up, and there's no "off-road" capability as there is in GTA, you can only really drive on roads. The physics are decidedly dodgy too. I don't expect to reverse into a wall at 20mph and have my car flip 30 foot into the air. Controls are also very poor. The camera angles are lethargic and unhelpful, the fighting is repetitive, and the shooting slow (the bullets all travel, very visibly, at about 50mph). I could go on, but this thing doesn't do paragraphs and I hate large blocks of text. To sum up, a very poor cousin to Vice City. Not worth it.

ArcAngel, Jun 2, 2004

As with best intents that could have been great, honestly when hailed as "a driving game." in which you will spend 240 square miles of LA's sun baked asphalt jungle, who was the snapper head who decided the PC version of this game will not support a driving wheel. Look ma, I am driving with two fingers...If you make a driving game, or that claim facilitate wheel support!!! I disgustedly threw this coaster back in the box and fired up GTA 3, and have hopes Driv3r will support the wheel

[Anonymous], Jan 12, 2005

No gamepad support kills all the enjoyment as the game is hell to play with kdb+mouse. you would need at east two hands on the keyboard to enjoy this. one of my worst buys.