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Tryst Tryst is an RTS game set in the distant future where humans find themselves at war with a mechanical alien race known as the Zali. In Tryst, the player takes command of one of these two factions as they wage war on a distant world where their opponent won't be all that's vying for their attention! Tryst is a competitive RTS in which players experience reactive environmental dangers, a breadth of unique units and most importantly the A.R.M. - the Augmentation Research Mechanism. This last feature allows the player to equip units with specific load-outs to change their natural advantages and disadvantages.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 52 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1192
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General, Command
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
BlueGiant Interactive / BlueGiant Interactive
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Tryst reviews ( 6 )

DigitalPariah, Sep 19, 2012

BlueGiant Interactive have created a game which, while primarily a Real-Time Strategy title, introduces small elements of the RPG genre into the blend with its ARM unit skill tree. The campaign is obviously aimed at getting newcomers to the genre familiar with the basic commands and tactics required to participate in the online games at a competent level. Those people like myself, with even a basic level of experience with RTS games, can blow through the story in under two hours. That

shakal, Sep 18, 2012

as a avid RTS player i found this fun enough to play. if you have couple of friends then you can enjoy this. some polish are needed here and there. also there are only few multi-player maps hope they will release some more maps with DLC.

opy146, Nov 22, 2012

At first, i was actually exited about this game. it apparently had "customization", which was something i had always wanted in a RTS. so i was like " wow! this is awesome. maybe i can give my mechs railguns instead of miniguns!" or something like that. but i was wrong! the only thing you can really do is " i want my missile turret to fire 29 extra missiles a minute instead of the blast radius is 5% bigger! but that sucky customization is the strong point of the game play. you need to build the right to have more people? WHAT THE HECK!( and you only start at 10?) and you can only have 100 STUFF MAX! and some things take up more units spaces then others! the maps suck, but they did make it so there were capturable things on the map, so that kinda helped its rating. but as the humans, you can only build 12 units! that is the selection you get! and the buildings are way too small! so you build like a 30 foot mech from a 10 foot building! the building that makes the unit is actually smaller then the things it builds? What is up with that? and, the worst part is, THAT IT WASTED ITS POTENTIAL! i actually thought the story was pretty good. you know, how that valuable mineral was found, and they are using it to reboot the economy! that sounds cool! then they smack in the face with this awful game? how did it get past the testing? and it seems like a starcraft ripoff, and that game sucks too! so the found a bad game, and ripped it off by making it even worse! why did they do that? and they could have had a mode like maybe... mother load! there would be some mega mining machine in the middle that you want to capture it so you can get boatloads of resources and over produce your opponents! but noooooooooo, you get this bad game! so because the game has a good story line, and its customization is good (because there is nothing to compare it too) a i feel this game gets a 4 out of ten. it is a below average. if you want to buy this game, wait until tryst 2 comes out. maybe it will fix the problems it has. so for the money for this game, unless the price lowers to say, $7, the money would be better off getting something else. maybe like a BOOK

remenomen, Sep 17, 2012

Shoddy graphics, poor voice acting, and a russian accent on every character in the game (including the main one) spoil what could have been a good RTS. This game simply copies everything from Starcraft and makes it worse in the process. Cheesy dialogue, bad AI and bad animations are some of the things that make this game what it is. Even the mission remider bar is taken directly from Starcraft. "****** must survive"? BTW the ***** was a main characters name, not a rude word. Thanks a lot BlueGiant Interactive, for wasting fifteen minutes of my day. Do not buy this game.

iseeall, Jan 18, 2014

I downloaded the demo from Steam. Unfortunately the demo only lets you play in multiplayer and NOT a single level of a single-player campaign! This is plain idiotic because wtf can I do in multiplayer before I know what the game is at all about. OK, I decided to try multiplayer, started it and.. it seems I am the only person in the lobby. Uninstalled.

Doniazade, Sep 18, 2012

It's just a terrible Russian SC2 ripoff. Go replay SC2 instead of wasting your money on this turd... That is unless you happen to have a fetish for terrible graphics, gameplay, voice acting and writing.