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TT Isle of Man For bikers, there are two types of speed races: the Isle of Man TT and the rest. No race is more difficult. Take up the challenge of the legendary Snaefell Mountain course: all 37.73 miles faithfully reproduced with the champions and their bikes.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1263
Genre Racing, Arcade, Automobile
Company / Developer
Bigben Interactive / Kylotonn
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TT Isle of Man reviews ( 4 )

lhmtgame, Apr 6, 2018

TT ISLE OF MAN is bad. Only one things interested, the sound of bike, brake, wind when you ride over 250km/h. - Graphics is a little bit good but old. - Bikes and riders are poor and non-customizable. - The game has an icon of NVIDIA Physx but it actually has no Physics Simulation. It's similar to playing GTA San Andreas. Making me feel not satisfy. - No mouse support on PC for easier to play at the game's Menu.

monjue, Mar 29, 2018

This has to be the worst bike game ever. The tracks etc are on point, but most importantly the physics are just awful. I had to buy this to find out what it was like. I tried so hard to like this game but eventually i had to admit defeat. Unfortunately i passed my 2 hours. Such a shame. devastated.

ProBiker, Mar 29, 2018

Having had multiple family members that have raced in the TT and been a huge fan of road racing in general since I was a kid, I had been looking forward to this game ever since it was announced. Unfortunately they haven't really delivered... The bike models are nice and the track is accurate and looks fantastic, but the important part, the physics and animations, are terrible. The bikes feel arcadey and very one-dimensional to control but are servicable to get you around the track. There doesn't seem to be any real suspension or tyre model, you won't see or feel the forks dive under heavy braking or feel the tyres start to lose traction under acceleration/braking and the rear brake doesn't seem to function as you'd expect so forget about trail braking. There is also no real sense of weight to the bikes and the self centering feels a little too slow to the point you will often over correct to the opposite direction. You can supposedly shift the riders weight forward and backwards however this seems to make no difference whatsoever to the handling of the bike, and there is no visual indication either which I'll get onto next... The animations of the riders are abysmal, zero effort has been put in here. They don't even sit up whilst braking - they're literally stuck in one fixed position whether you're in first or third person, which completely ruins your sense of immersion. The rider will be tucked down behind the screen going around Ramsey Hairpin in exactly the same position as if he was going flat out at the bottom of Bray Hill. I don't understand how a developer making a motorcycle game could overlook something as simple as this, other than they just couldn't be bothered. The Ride games have had this nailed for years so there really is no excuse. When you have so little content in your game (being focused around one track) you really need to nail all the small details like this to provide a complete experience. It feels as though they have tried to create a simulation but then thrown in some bike physics that you'd expect from a motorcycle game 10 years ago. If this game was running on Milestones engine/physics it'd be twice as good. It is also a very barebones game. The career mode is tacked on with no real thought - you name your rider, but the bike selection is limited to the licensed bikes that are already in the game and there is no level of customisation. You also cannot adjust your setup at all, no options for the suspension, braking or tyres - which I assume comes down to there being no real advanced physics engine at work. The game is also missing some basic features that you'd expect in any other racing title these days. There is no mechanical or cosmetic damage at all, which is bizzare as one of the biggest challenges of the TT is making the bike last for 6 laps without any failures. Some form of commentator, a decent server browser and some more real-world tracks (NW200 would have been great) etc. would have also been nice. In terms of the bike selection, there are only two classes present right now - 600's and 1000's. No minitwins/lightweights, no classics, no ebikes, no sidecars etc. In summary, it's all pretty dissapointing considering the development time and delays to "get the physics right". I could forgive most of the missing features and content, but the simplicity and jankyness of the physics and animations really kills the experience. I really wanted to love this game but I just can't recommend it unless the developers put in some serious work to the core engine and add some more content, or at least flesh out the career mode so that it doesn't feel pointless. VSYNC bugged = stuttering like WRC 7. SAME DEVELOPPERS =SAME BUGS

kolysion, Mar 27, 2018

Utterly unplayable. The bikes handle like... well... they simply don't, it is impossible to get around any single lap or anywhere without crashing multiple times. In a lot of corners where you have to change from left to right quickly the bike simply won't, for example after coming out of a sharp right hander and trying to turn left, the bike will attempt to turn left but still pointing right!! basically drifting in mid air into the wall. other times the rider will simply fall off the bike for no appearant reason at all! the physics on the bikes and rider is appaling. the bikes don't behave realistically and turning is wooden and in some cases totally unresponsive (see above). the riders are static and unrealistic too... in general this game is nice to look at, sounds great, etc..., but the core element, the bike and physics/animations - terrible. (PS - I race bikes) AAAND why does the rear brake act as a clutch ? Graphics at 4K max are awfull, like WRC 7, and VSYNC is totally bugged.