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Turba Turba provides a gameplay experience unlike any you have encountered before. Load in music from your PC and combo blocks to your favorite tunes in this unique new twist on the "match-3" style game! The blocks on the game board generate and move to the beat of the song you choose.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1539
Genre Puzzle, Miscellaneous, General, Matching
Company / Developer
Binary Takeover / Binary Takeover
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Turba reviews ( 2 )

Pampl, Jun 26, 2013

Turba is a fun, but limited, match 3 game. I bought it on sale for $2 and consider that a great purchase, $5 might be a bit much unless you're really interested in it. It uses your music to set the pace of a level, so if you have a lot of music (especially uptempo music; slow music doesn't work too well imo) that's a pretty neat gimmick. You choose a special power to help you clear blocks during a song and try to set up multi-color combinations as your music plays. There are lots of unlocks to make you feel like you're progressing and keep you interested. I suspect after about 10 hours of gameplay I'll be done with this game. It does crash occasionally but so far only at menus so it's just a minor annoyance.

MusicJunkie, Jun 6, 2011

Turba is a fun little game on Steam that combines the puzzle gameplay of something similar to Bejeweled and the music of...well whatever music you have on your computer! Don't let the look of the game drive you away before you try it. The gameplay here is really super fun and can be addictive, and is as limitless as your music collection.There are 3 game modes. Freeplay which is a game mode you cant lose in. A row of blocks simply just disappear from the bottom and you continue until the song is over. Ascend is when the blocks are rising to the top of the screen and you have to score points while preventing the wall of blocks from reaching the top. The blocks in ascend mode appear one by one. Then there is descend which you also cant lose but the blocks come from the top to the bottom. What adds challenge to the game is that depending on the tempo of the song, the blocks will come fast or slow or in some cases just stop. How affected the blocks are by the song depends on the difficulty. There are several things to unlock and upgrade, as well as 20 Steam achievements, a load of stats that are tracked by the game, and online leaderboards for each song. For $10 you really do get quite a lot, but it all really boils down to if you like the base gameplay enough to stick around long enough to unlock everything.I would highly recommend Turba to any music game lover. There is a demo on Steam so you can try before you buy. I would rate this as my second favorite "use your music" game, right behind Audiosurf. This definitely ranks above games like Rhythm Zone (lol) and Beat Hazard though.