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Turok Remastered The remaster of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter which was released in 1997.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1491
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Night Dive Studios / Night Dive Studios

Turok Remastered reviews ( 6 )

Unseenteeth, Jan 8, 2016

Looks like there are a few filthy casuals down voting this masterpiece, so I guess I should step in and level the playing field. This is the Turok you remember from your N64 days. It is brutally hard, insanely difficult, and optimized for PC. What exactly were you expecting? No It's not a full high definition 'remaster' , all of the old graphics are intact. If that bothers you , play any of the dozens of other modern shooter games with fancy graphics. 10/10

davidcartoons, Dec 26, 2015

este juego ya de por si es genial, pero si me tengo que enfocar en decir como lo remasterizaron, diria que con los pies, el juego tiene los graficos iguales que en la version original, una pena siendo que me gustaria ver como turok tuviera unos graficos renovados, pero igual, es recomendable para el que no jugo al turok original o simplemente al que quiere volver a jugar a turok.

Youmustdienow, Dec 22, 2015

Holds up well and the enhanced features go a long way to revitalize this classic. This game will make you miss Turok and 3D fps adventure games.This is worth getting for a number of reasons. This was one of the first evolutions to the fps genre. Before Turok, Doom's 3D Gauntlet style was the format the industry borrowed from. Turok added a more open ended adventure aspect to the genre much like Metroid and was the first console shooter to have fully 3d rendered models and worlds. The old visual style is still very appealing if you are not comparing it to today's hardware. It would be nice to see indy devs go with this updated hd n64 look. The controls here are better than modern games in many ways. The modern fps has simulated running, and reload animations. IMO Turok's auto run feature makes it more fun to explore large environments. It shows where modern design has gone wrong. If I wanted a simulation shooter I would shoot for absolute realism, and not half step it.This isn't the case with Turok, it is pure fantasy. This game should be viewed as a lesson for modern designers. Take most of what this game has to offer, streamline it a bit more, show the key locations on the map, reduce enemy respawns, add co-op, and give it a hardware makeover. personal notes-- There is really not much dated matterial here, just under used. Dated is really simplistic scripted events that give less interactivity, which equals to a lesser experience. Holding in a run button was outdated back in the Resident Evil days, yet to be hip, they think a wacky arcade shooter needs real world simulation feedback to engage players. Modern games are fun, but misguided.

Captain_Faramir, Apr 1, 2017

8.5 - Not sure why the review scores are so low, but I found it very enjoyable, just upgraded things like render distance and frame rate from the original. You can't really go wrong with this game.

SeanGamerDays, Jan 7, 2016

Turok was alright. I haven't played it in 16 years, before they remaster it, and makin something awesome, than Nintendo's 64. It's a full controller support, and you can play it with almost any supported controllers. The flaws was, the graphics was old-school s--t, but it was fine...

vgmkyle, Jan 8, 2016

I played the game in the 90s, and what sucked back then certainly is a lot worse now. This game looks dreadful, it's not a great remake of a great game. It will still give you a headache just because how the game is stylized. And to top it of, the game is so challenging for how bad it is. Don't pay money for this.